The Tide has Turned: Chapter 7, The Führer Awakens

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Tide has Turned

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The Tide has Turned : Chapter 7, The Führer Awakens
Not my best work (God I wish Hitler had a jawline) But hey better than nothing.
Germany has come far from the awful year of 1943. Europe has been secured, The Soviets beaten and the Allies are being routed in Africa. But all is not well for the Axis.
In Asia things look well, India has been liberated from the grasp of the Allies and will soon be set free under a more German leaning government.
In northern Africa the Axis are doing well. German troops lead the charge into Tunisia under the command of Rundstedt. Italian forces are oddly enough concentrated on the border of Egypt.
German troops routing the Allied forces, since the loss of the British Isles much of the allied forces are demoralized and lacking in supplies. The question of ‘What are we even fighting for’ is on the lips of every soldier we capture.
Brazil has launched an invasion of Persia. Without support from the American fleet our panzer divisions will drive them back into the ocean.
But in Japan the news are far worse. The Japanese lack troops to hold their own homeland and their fighting spirit will only take them so far.
Another 12.000 Brazilians are hanging out in southern Spain. A German infantry division is sent to collect them.
The Americans seem desperate to keep the spirit of the European nations up and attempt to support the Norwegian rebels.
The Brazilians surrender quickly to the German forces. Only some 100 men were lost in retaking the city.
The Fallschirmjäger just recently back from the bloody battle of Liverpool are gathered up in Norwich. We will save the Japanese like we saved the Italians! We cannot allow our allies to fall! Initiate Operation Falling Sun!
As the Fallschirmjäger prepare to board the thousands of transport planes ready to carry them to Manchuria the loudspeakers are turned on.
‘In accordance with the 48th Führer directive issued today all plans for aid to the Japanese government is cancelled. All units involved in Operation Falling Sun are to await further orders.’ The most important messenger ever sent a fateful moment for the future of the world.
The Führer continues his work. A German diplomat informed the Italian government that all land outside of Libya is hereby claimed by the German Reich.
New borders are drawn up all over Europe. Yugoslavia will be completely partitioned between Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. While there was some talk about creating a new Serbia the though was quickly dismissed by the Führer ‘The state that brought ruin to the world 30 years ago will never return.’
Finland is to be rewarded with the creation of Greater Finland. While they were offered Kola they declined. It would seem they do not wish to police over Russians. I got to say I don’t blame them.
The new borders.
The Poles are at it again, this time holding onto Calcutta.
Nepal is ‘convinced’ into the Axis.
Kyoto has fallen. The lack of the Fallschirmjäger dooming the Japanese to defeat, let us just pray that Japan is the only one to fall.
The new border, drawn personally by the Führer will claim some of the western countries land. Leaving the rest to be governed by a semi-independent government as The Reich has no use for puppets. (Save file editing to remove the puppet status)
Norway goes first.
Then Denmark.
The battle in Africa continues. The British and French troops are in a constant retreat. The Americans refusing to provide aid to their already dead allies.
Sweden was sent an ultimatum. Joins the Axis, or feel the wrath of Germany.
After the 24 hour period was up Fallschirmjäger dropped all over vital points in Sweden, along with the support of the Luftwaffe it should be a short war.
The fighting for Stockholm proved quite brutal. While neither the King nor the Government was evacuated in time the placed troops fought hard to defend the Stockholm Palace. But in the end the Fallschirmjäger was triumphant.
Danish troops were quick to join the German offensive. Those two just won’t quit will they.
It took a total of 12 days to convince Sweden that their neutrality was ill advised.
The borders are to be rearranged today.
The Italians were very upset about the loss of their small piece of land demanding something in return, The Führer however was not interested in appeasing the Italians.
Croatia? More like Semi Yugoslavia.
An Italian diplomat came with a very shocking demand today. A complete redrawing of the borders around The Mediterranean and much more, or Italy would leave the Axis.
Much of Africa was also in their demands. Land which Germany had bled for over and over! Is this the thanks we get after all the time we bailed them out? Needless to say the demands were rejected immediately. The threat of leaving the Axis seen as baseless.
In other news Persia is being secured by the 1. Panzer Korps. The Brazillian troops being unable to hold back these grizzled veterans.
The 49th Führer directive came in today, ordering the establishment of an ‘Ostwall’. This will consume much of the production of the Reich. But allow us to leave a very small force to protect our eastern border.

It has been a relatively quiet few months for Germany. A lack of news from Japan is worrying however. Will Hirohito setup a government in exile and continue the war from aboard or does he have something else planned? The Chinese and Germans are not overly close since the 'Betrayal' by breaking the Sino-German relations in 1937. The Italians seem discontent over the readjusted borders but the Führer has assured us that is is just Mussolini talking big.

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