Civ AI Nations League Level D-Group 1

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Civ AI Nations League Level D-Group

Hello and welcome to the first game of the UEFA Nations League AI games. In this game we have the civs from Level D Group 1. Our first civ is Georgia lead by Tamar.
In Andorra la Vella, we have the similarly named civ of Andorra, led by Roger-Bernard III.
In Turkistan, we have the Kazakhs led by Ablai Khan, representing Kazakhstan.
And in Riga, we have our last civ, Latvia led by Janis Cakste.
And they're the first to a second city, forward settling Kazakhstan with Daugavpils.
Georgia makes a much safer settle with Kutaisi, which is apparently where the Georgian Parliament is based.
Andorra settles Escaldes towards the north. According to Wikipedia, This city is known for its traditional dance, the Santa Anna.
Kazakhstan is last to a second city with Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.
Andorra gets the generic AI pantheon, and they already have 6 citizens.
Georgia gets the pasture pantheon, despite only having one pasture.
Latvia is first to the classical era, creating new art and music.
"Me too, please", says Ablai Khan, beginning to trade and war.
Andorra enters the classical era too, and receives trade from Latvia.
Ablai gets the pantheon of shiny things, even though they only have one gem.
Georgia is the last to enter the classical era, probably due to their isolation.
The Kazakhs are the first civ to a third city, building Astana.
Tamar builds a little special pasture out of bigger stones.
Ablai builds a temple to archers, but he doesn't know what they are.
Tamar builds the parthenon for that sweet Great Work of Art.
Roger Bernard is the first to enter the medieval era, and he also founded Catholicism.
Tbilisi is the world's only tourist trap, complete with Stonehenge and the Parthenon.
And now, it has holy sites, with the founding of Eastern Orthodoxy.
Janis builds the Colossus of Riga to get rich, probably to buy potatoes.
Tamar is second to the medieval era, even with a primitive army.
Ablai enters the medieval era, and has his UU, the Tolu-Batyr, which is a stronger horseman.
The Mausoleum of Andorra la Vella is completed, to thunderous applause from the Latvian scouts.
Janis begins to feel a love for large cities, and orders his population to worship accordingly.
He also doubles his army size. Is he planning to attack the Kazakhs?
Petra is built in Almaty, but it doesn't have a lot of desert.
Tamar is a rich folk,while Janis is a poor soul, unable to buy even a single potato.
Ablai builds the Statue of Zeus, the second major early military wonder.
Tamar builds the Pyramids in Tbilisi, while the Latvian scouts watch ominously.
Roger builds the Great Mosque of Andorra la Vella, because he likes long wonder names.
Here we can see the religions. Eastern Orthodoxy is mostly culture based.
Catholicism, meanwhile, is more war-based.
Speaking of war, Ablai attacks the Latvians, and should probably take Daugavpils.
In only 4 turns, it's knocked down to yellow.
Chichen Itza is built in the frosty Georgian north, while the last Latvian scout rushes home to defend his nation
And Daugavpils is the first city fall of the game, leaving the Latvians as a city-state.
Khan builds the Great Lighthouse instead of focusing on the war.
Roger builds Borobudur at the same time as the Great Wall.
Georgia finally builds a third city, constructing Batumi, which is where Stalin was held as a prisoner.
Latvia gets a second second city, with Jelgava. It was once the capital of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia.
Tamar is a wonder whore, and Janis is boring. In the background, the Kazakhs move towards Riga.
Ablai is a true renaissance man, and I get my spy. He also appears to have adopted Catholicism.
I send Oshadagea to Turkistan, to see the Khan plotting.
Tamar builds the Hagia Sophia, increasing her religious power.
Roger enters the Renaissance era, and it looks like they're planning an attack on Latvia.
Tamar follows, and seems to be moving her army. Maybe to attack Andorra?
Roger can now see the future. He sees a vision of Ablai Khan constructing Alhambra
Tamar has built Angkor Wat, and a pair of catapults. Trebuchets are better.
Khan has become richer then Tamar. Janis is still poor.
Tamar beat Khan to the Alhambra. What will he do with his money now?
Janis enters the Renaissance, and it looks like he's moving to take back Daugavpils
The Himeji Castle is built in Astana, next to the Barringer Crater.
Roger is attacking Latvia, and Jelgava doesn't stand a chance.
Khan is first to industrialize, and should get an ideology soon.
Tamar is wonder whoring harder then before, while Janis hasn't changed.
Now for the Infoaddict stats. Ablai leads in population, while Janis trails behind.
The same thing happens in crop yield, but Georgia has more than andorra this time.
In approval, Roger is the only slightly unpopular one, besides me.
Once again, the Kazakhs are first and Latvia is last, this time in literacy.
In terms of policies, Andorra is in front, while Latvia is once again last.
Ablai builds a theater, and has become Eastern Orthodox.
He also builds a cathedral, with the name in a mythical language he calls "French"
Tamar has the pointiest stick. Janis has less then even me.
Tamar is second to industrialize, and is watched by a Kazakh scout.
Soon, she joins the war on Latvia. Good luck with that, Tamar.
Ablai is definitely going for an Italian theme with wonders this turn.
The Hanging Gardens are built in frigid Escalades. Probably not the best location.
Khan builds a porcelain tower in Astana, and is citadelling what little land Latvia has left.
Riga's been knocked down to yellow, and Georgia helped damage it.
Andorra also enters the industrial era, and looks to be backing away from Latvia.
The Red Fort is built in Almaty, and Georgia has lots of trade with the Kazakhs.
And then, Riga falls to the Kazakhs! Latvia is a city state once more.
The Andorrans have knocked Latvia's last city down to yellow.
The Kazakhs are first to an ideology with Fascism, which is always a good choice in a domination game.
They also build the Uffizi, continuing the Italian them from earlier.
The Taj Mahal is built in Kutaisi, while a Kazakh scout watches.
This was a very bad photo, but Andorra captured Jelgava, eliminating Latvia in 4th.
Georgia goes communist, thanks to an influential young man from Batumi named Joseph Stalin.
Suddenly, the Kazakhs turn on Andorra, looking to capture Jelgava.
Also, Georgia begins colonialism with Rustavi, which is apparently home to a Metallurgy Plant in real life.
They also build Zugdidi, which hosts the religious festival of Vlakernoba.
Jelgava falls, but looks like it might flip, setting the stage for awkward commentary.
Indeed it does flip. So, uh, how's the weather today? It's sunny here.
Tamar modernizes. Also, I think that Kazakh scout is stuck there.
Flip. Please tell me that boat won't flip the city. It's gonna flip the city, isn't it?
In the middle of the war, Roger modernizes. You can see his UU, the Sometent.
He goes fascist and flips the city. Interesting that he chose the same ideology as the person he's fighting.
Flip. If that boat flips the city again, I will stop narrating this game.
Georgia clearly wants what's left of Andorra, avoiding the mountains by going through Kazakh land.
Ablai builds Broadway, and appears to have learned flight.
The world's fair is held in Tbilisi, and Roger is the only one who shows up.
Cristo Redentor is built in Turkistan, a fittingly Catholic city.
The Kazakh navy has pushed Andorra la Vella down to yellow.
In only two turns, it falls, leaving Andorra stuck in Escaldes.
Tamar builds the Eiffel tower in Kutaisi, near Stonehenge.
The Brandenburg Gate is built in Escalades, instead of, you know, military.
The city is soon knocked down to yellow. I told you so, Roger.
And it falls to the Kazakhs, eliminating Andorra in 3rd place
Infoaddict time! The Kazakhs have almost twice the population.
Georgia, meanwhile leads in manufactured goods, but not by a lot.
Tamar atomizes, and has built planes. These will be vital in the inevitable war against Khan.
Tamar builds the bomb! I'm pretty sure Khan did this too, I just don't have a screen shot.
The bomb will be useful now, as Ablai declares war on her!
Right away, the forward settle of Poti falls, in literally one turn.
But it flips, only to probably fall again. Uh... did you see the sport game last night?
Zugdidi is knocked to nothingness by the Kazakh air force.
The Kazakhs also informationize, and they look doomed when you zoom out.
Poti flips once more, and it should stay Kazakh this time.
Zugdidi falls, and the island is split. There a lot of troops north of it too
Rustavi is also black, and will probably fall next turn. Is that a lancer guarding it?
Instead of the war effort, Ablai Khan builds a opera house.
Rustavi falls, and the Kazakhs rule the island, which I have named Isle And.
Batumi is knocked down to yellow, and the Kazakhs build the KN tower.
The Kremlin is built in Tbilisi, Comrades! Also, why is there a cannon guarding their capital?
Tamar has information. It says "The Kazakhs are attacking"
Out of nowhere, Tbilisi is knocked down to yellow. Is this the end for Tamar?
We interrupt these questions to tell you that Prora has built in Riga.
The Pentagon is built in Turkistan, as Ablai want's all the P wonders.
He also builds the Hubble Space Telescope, instead of a ACTUAL ARMY.
Oh, actual non-wonders. Tamar is going to die, and there's nothing we can do to change it.
That was quicker then I thought. I expected at least one wonder from Khan. Well then, Kazakhstan wins, and will participate in next year's Level C, because this is a continuing game. They'll replace one of the worst teams in League C, which will play in Level D.

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