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Civ AI Nations League Level D-Group 1

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Hello and welcome to the second game of the AI Nations League. This is my third time narrating this, by the way. Here we have Luxembourg, our first civ.
Here is Belarus, which is Kievan Rus with names changed.
Here is Moldova, which is the Goths with a changed name.
Here is San Marino, which is Ostrogoths with a changed name.
Luxembourg is first to a second city with Echternach, which Belarus should try to conquer.
Belarus found Barysaw in the north.
The Goths found Balti.
And San Marino founds Serravalle in the north.
Theodoric enters the Classical Era.
The Goths get the Plantation Pantheon
Luxembourg enters the Classical Era.
San Marino gets the desert pantheon.
Moldova enters the Classical Era.
Stonehenge is built in Luxembourg.
Luxembourg also gets the camp pantheon.
Tiraspol is built. Belarus is looking on interestedly.
Two new cities, Ribnita and Bender, are built in the south.
The Great Library is built in Minsk.
Ermesinde is the Mostest Literate Person.
The Pyramids are built in Echternach
Moldova founds Catholicism.
The Temple of Artemis is built in Luxembourg.
And the Terracotta Army is built in San Marino.
San Marino also founds Buddhism.
The Statue of Zeus is built in Minsk.
And Petra is built in Echternach.
Ermesinde is the World's Busiest Person, and San Marino is quite lazy.
Belarus enters the Medieval Era
The Colossus is built in Luxembourg.
Moldova enters the Medieval Era.
The Parthenon is built in Minsk.
And the Alhambra is built in Luxembourg.
In addition, they build Machu Picchu in Luxembourg.
Yaroslav builds the Mausoleum of Minsk.
Moldova has the Pointiest Stick, while Ermesinde is rather blunt.
Chichen Itza is built in Echternach.
And the Hanging Gardens are built in San Marino.
In addition, the Great Mosque of Balti is built.
Theodoric builds the Great Lighthouse in San Marino.
Moldova is finished building Borobudur in Chisinau.
Belarus founds Salihorsk, a new city.
The Oracle is built in Echternach.
Ermesinde is the World's Most Wonderful Person, while San Marino is very bland.
The Hagia Sophia is built in Balti.
And the Notre Dame is built in Echternach.
Arlon is founded by Luxembourg.
Moldova enters the Renaissance Era.
I get a spy, who I send to San Marino.
Belarus enters the Renaissance Era.
And Luxembourg does too.
Moldova attacks San Marino.
Angkor Wat is built in Echternach
San Marino enters the Renaissance Era
San Marino are the World's Busiest People, while Belarus is lazy.
Moldova builds Himeji Castle.
InfoAddict time! Luxembourg has the most population, while San Marino is tiny.
Moldova has the highest crop yield, while San Marino is starving.
Moldova also has the highest military, while San Marino is going to die.
San Marino and Moldova make peace, and Serravalle moves in the peace treaty.
The Globe Theater is built in Echternach.
And the Leaning tower of Echternach is built too.
Ermesinde likes to smile the most, while Moldova is depressed.
Ermesinde enters the Industrial Era.
Serravalle is razed to the ground.
Moldova enters the Industrial Era.
The San Marino-Moldova war heats up again.
Serravalle falls quite quickly.
Big Ben is built in Arlon.
Serravalle flips.
and flops.
Luxembourg goes Fascist.
The Red Fort is built in San Marino.
San Marino is brought down to yellow.
Belarus enters the Industrial Era.
The Sistine Chapel is built in Balti.
San Marino falls, eliminating San Marino in 4th place.
Luxembourg gets involved to punish Moldova.
The Taj Mahal is built it Ribnita
And the Uffizi is built in Arlon
Moldova also goes Fascist
Luxembourg is attacking Serravalle, and has brought it down to yellow.
Serravalle fals to Luxembourg.
But it flips.
And peace is made.
Moldova enters the Modern era
They also found Ungheni.
Ermesinde enters the Modern Era
She also begins colonization by founding Diekirch.
And Thionville
Prora is built in Ribitna
And the Louvre is built in Minsk
Belarus also enters the Modern Era
They also adopt Communism
The Eiffel Tower is built in Arlon
And Broadway is built in Echternach
Luxembourg attacks Belarus, and Belarus is doomed.
Belarus pulls a trick though, and starts attacking Thionville.
Salihorsk turns red.
And it falls to Luxembourg.
The Chisinau Gate is built
Minsk is down to yellow now.
Cristo Redentor is built in Luxembourg.
INFOADDICT TIME! Luxembourg has the most people, while Belarus has the least.
Moldova has the most food, while Belarus has the least.
Moldova also has the strongest military, while Belarus's is the weakest.
Minsk falls, but Belarus lives on in Barysaw
Which is being damaged by Luxembourg
And it falls, eliminating Belarus in 3rd place
Luxembourg enters the Atomic Era.
They also built the Luxembourg Project.
And Moldova enters the Atomic Era.
They also complete the Chisinau Project.
The International Games is held in Chisinau
So is the World's Fair.
Ermesinde enters the information era.
The Luxembourg Opera House is built.
And the LN Tower
Moldova entered the Information era.
And completes the Pentagon
In addition, they built the Great Firewall in Balti
Ermesinde builds the Hubble Space Telescope in Luxembourg.
The International Space Station is built with international cooperation
But Luxembourg gets to host it.
And they build the Porcelain Tower
After more than a hundred turns of nothing happening, I declare world war.
Here's a shot of the Moldovan Army
And here's on of Luxembourg's
Luxembourg brings the city of Cahul down to red.
But Moldova brings Arlon down to yellow.
Then Luxembourg brings Orhei down to red.
Arlon falls though.
Luxembourg has brought Tiraspol down to yellow.
While Moldova has brought Thionville down to yellow.
And they brought Salihorsk down to red.
And Salihorsk falls.
Now Minsk is down to yellow.
As is Echternach.
Thionville falls.
So does Echternach.
Luxembourg is brought down to yellow.
Minsk falls
So does Diekirch
And then Luxembourg does, making Moldova the winner of the Nations League AI game group 2.

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