Rise of the Sun of May - Part 2: That Bastard Urquiza (1846-1851)

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Published: 2017-01-30

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Rise of the Sun of May - Part 1: Mr. Rosas Goes to Buenos Aires (1836-1846)

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The Argentinean Senate of 1846 is assembled. Unitario sentiment is clearly growing at this point but Rosas sees no threat yet.
As General Ángel makes way to the border to prepare for war, Rosas meets with his friend and former Uruguayan President Manuel Oribe to hash out a deal on what to do with Uruguay after the Colorados are defeated. Oribe wants the country to himself but Rosas insists on including it as a state in Argentina in order to secure both sides of the Río de la Plata. Oribe eventually agrees on a deal that would make him Governor of the future state until his death.
Meanwhile, war has broken out in the US! President James Polk has declared war on Mexico in an attempt to gain more territory for the burgeoning nation.
On May 14th 1846, Rosas declares war on the Colorados, led by 'President' Joaquín Suárez,
Ángel immediately moves into the province of Paysandú as Governor Urquiza of Entre Rios raises an army to capture the north.
News from Europe- a massive war has broken out between Prussia and Austria. Prussian King Frederick William IV clearly has the upperhand.
In December, a hilariously small group of Brazilian Reactionaries, called the 'White Army', rises only to meet the 26,000 man strong Brazilian Army.
Speaking of a 26,000 man strong Brazilian army, our own newspaper propagandas claim they are fearful of our own 12.000 man strong army.
Rosas throws more money to the money gods.
A messy situation in Europe now. Only 6 months after the start of the Prussia-Austria War, Austria already lost and was forced to free Hungary. Immediately after the treaty is signed, however, Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I declares war to reunite the country.
After fully sieging the north, Ángel moves in to assist Urquiza in the 2nd Argentinian occupation of Montevideo.
The Argentinean Senate of 1848 is assembled. Federal gains their seat back from Unitario due to the growing public support for Rosas' Uruguayan War.
Rosas orders his researchers to look in to a Stock Exchange. Rosas has heard of the successes of this system and enjoys money so he figured it was the best way to go.
Another $1,000 in; the debts will be gone in no time, right?
In March, Montevideo is finally captured once again!
As the new Governor Oribe takes his seat, Rosas names the new State of Uruguay yet another slave state- no reason not to. Meanwhile, all high administration members of the Colorados, including Joaquín Suárez, are rounded up in Montevideo and moved to the hills of the Andes where they mine iron in the name of Rosas for the rest of their disgusting lives- hopefully.
Our beautiful Confederation expands once more!
Now handling the aftermath of the war, Rosas meets with President Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera of Colombia to discuss a future alliance for mutual protection from Brazil.
More money towards the debt as Rosas also raises the Education budget and the Military Spending budget in the wake of the very successful war.
On July 3rd, Rosas and de Mosquera officially sign an alliance deal between their two nations. Thus is born a Triple Alliance of Colombia, Bolivia, and Argentina- all allied with one another.
In November, a new branch of ideology called the "Anarcho-Liberals" emerge across the world.
Coming in the form of the new "Partido Radical", the Anarcho-Liberals appear to simply be Atheist Unitarians- a group for Rosas to hate even more than Unitarios.
Further angering Rosas, a book written by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento "denounces the tyranny of Rosas". Rosas has no idea what this asshole is talking about, so he exiled him deep in the Andes.
An Uruguayan Nationalist movement has begun rumbling alongside a Suffrage movement and some bastard Anarcho-Liberals.
The Argentinean Senate of 1850 is assembled and sees the addition of Uruguay to the table. Worryingly, a combination of Sarmiento followers and former Colorados back Unitario, seeing their largest boost of seats ever. Rosas is advised not to intervene as it could spark a rebellion of everyone from Anarcho-Liberals (who didn't win a seat- yay!) to Uruguayan Nationalists against him.
On February 13th 1850, after sending his annual symbolic resignation letters to the Governors (symbolic because they are supposed to not accept them in support of him- it's a long story), Rosas receives word that Governor Urquiza, now a staunch backer of the Partido Unitario, has accepted the resignation. Rosas denies this and warns that any similar action taken against him would be a rebellion. Entre Rios stays under Rosas belt for now- but Urquiza has successfully stirred the pot.
Even our own propaganda papers warn of a possible Civil War.
By the way, Rosas at this point begins using his NF after being notified on how to successfully work them (thanks guys). Rosas decides to surround himself with smart guys in Buenos Aires for now.
Finally, some good news from science. New breakthroughs in medicine are now available to our armies, perhaps weakening the problem of attrition.
Taxes are lowered from 100% to 80% and more debt is paid as the economy seems to be settling in.
In January, Rosas orders the research of newfangled railroads, intent on building them and using them for the army.
Fuck yea- more breakthroughs to benefit Ángel's angels!
Opinion in South America of Rosas shows a stark divide between the Triple Alliance and the east.
Word from Entre Rios comes that Urquiza is building armies and gathering supplies in Paraná.
In August, suffrage rallies in support of an electable president begin to take place along the Andes provinces- possibly directed by the former Colorados there. Rosas orders the police to intervene.
The bastard backstabbers in Chile now ally with Paraguay along with Brazil, all while claiming to still like us. Well we don't like them.
On September 27th 1851, Urquiza declares war on Rosas, intent to replace him with a Unitario form of government. Luckily (although not really as you will see in the future), the Triple Alliance honors their deal and joins in.
Ángel immediately moves in to Paraná to seize Urquiza.
However, bad news strikes on October 8th. Brazil has declared war with Chile's backing in order to 'humiliate' Rosas regime. The Triple Alliance joins but things are not looking particularly well...

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