Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 9

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 8

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The Great War Advances!
Welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR. In the last episode, Chavchuveny took a brave and daring stand against Manchu aggression by pre-emptively declaring war on our hated rivals. Yes, the only way to ensure our security is by seizing clay from the Manchu. Our morally righteous war has drawn support from across the nation and news of our victories was met with jubilation and outpourings of mass enthusiasm. God is with Chavchuveny! Glorious Chavchuveny Palace spits on pathetic Manchu Yurt!

We begin the next part of this saga by upgrading our diplomatic technology. Given our limited diplomacy with the outside world we put our diplomats to work designing better boats, because that totally makes sense. Anyhow their research has allowed our navy to get another leg up on the backwards Japanese. We're coming for you Japan! Cower in fear at mighty Chavchuveny reindeer! Remove Sake!
Republican ideals or mercantile greed? Why, I'll take the money!
Chavchuveny furthers her mercantile interests by suppressing the majority will of parliament for the umpteenth time. Debates over the future of the republic have intensified as more people become increasingly aware that Chavchuveny has never held a single free or fair election in her history. Erkin Gudeikon would have stepped on this dissent in short order but our current leader is not cut from the same cloth...
Another step towards victory! Advance!
Having dispatched the Manchu armies, we begin the process of liberating the Manchu people from their cruel, despotic oppressors. Historically, the Great Manchu War was painted as a liberation, designed to introduce democratic ideals and principles of freedom to an oppressed dictatorial society. Complaints that the war was actually about securing lucrative fur supplies and not at all about democracy were quickly hushed up.
Chavchuveny secures the borderlands
Chavchuveny had long argued that Manchu had set up a network of giant trebuchets on our border, ready to launch plague-ridden carcasses into our population centres in under 40 minutes. It was of critical importance to Chavchuveny to dispossess Manchu of their border possessions to stop these atrocities from happening!
Unbelievable! Timir loses an election!
In an unprecedented and unexpected turn of events, our leader Timir Ka-cheda LOSES an election! To the minds of many this cemented Timir's reputation as an utterly incompetent individual, any *capable* leader should be able to rig an election or two at the very least! One of the great mercantile houses, the Garpanchas, had been secretly accruing wealth for over a generation and used the distraction of the war to cover for massive and lavish spending to bribe key sectors of the electorate, particularly the sectors involved with counting the votes.

Only time will tell if the Garpanchas can keep their grip on the levers of power in our fair lands.

(I didn't re-elect Timir because I'm still debating whether to kill the republic and switch to a government with autonomy reduction, I decided to preserve republican tradition, for now...)
Distracted Russia is best Russia
Russia gets involved in yet another pointless European endeavour. What threats do Luxembourg, Wuttemberg and Austria pose to Russia's vital interests? None, that's what! We laugh at the ineptitude of Russia's leadership and go back to beating Manchu into a bloody pulp.
The Last Bastion of Manchu Resistance!
Manchu, in her desperation, manages to scrape together enough peasants and degenerates to form an army. We dispatch troops to crush this rabble.
Unfulfilling victory...
For the first time in this war, Chavchuveny fails to stack-wipe her opponent! Shock! Outrage! Aiaan Ka-cheda is recalled to parliament to account for his dismal performance.
Russia? What's wrong? Why can't we be friends!
A minor diplomatic dispute erupted after a Chavchuveny theatre put on a production titled 'The Depravations of Tsar Nicholas I'. To add insult to injury the title role was played by a donkey. Look, mate, Chavchuveny values freedom of expression and freedom of speech! We couldn't possibly censor our own artists, that would be barbaric!

Anyway, I'm not afraid of you! We can beat Manchu and we can beat you too! To show how completely not afraid of Russia we are, we upgrade the forts on the border.
Ready or not, here we come!
Manchu and Chavchuveny play a quick game of hide and seek to break up the monotony of continuous victories on the battlefield.
Boom! Thank you and goodnight!
In the final act of this glorious adventure, we annihilate the last vestiges of Manchu opposition to Chavchuveny hegemony. Victory will be ours! The time has come for Chavchuveny to write its name into the annals of history!
More cannons!
If there's one thing Chavchuveny values as much as money, it's guns. We advance our military technology and in doing so, approach parity with the most advanced nations in Europe. In our part of the world our tech is bleeding edge, which greatly profits our weapons manufactories. From Saigon to Beiging, Chavchuveny weapons are prized above all others and fetch a high price.
Manchu, are you growing a beard?
With no army and half of their territory occupied, Manchu are utterly defeated. Their government dispatches emissaries to our capital to secure peace. We make them grovel before our prime minister on their hands and knees. Manchu will recognize Chavchuveny supremacy!
Glorious Victory! Chavchuveny! Chavchuveny! Chavchuveny!
We negotiate a just and lasting peace by securing vast possessions from our hated enemy. This new territory will gaurantee Chavchuveny's security and provide a hefty income boost. Finally, we have some real clay that doesn't have that wretched 50% autonomy! It will take time to bring this land up to Chavchuveny standards, these savage hordes don't value investments in infrastructure, but mark my words this land will make us rich! Filthy rich! I only took my claims and one connecting province because we're really short on admin power and I don't want to waste points coring unclaimed land. Besides, this territory will suit our purposes well enough.

The glorious Chavchuveny reindeer has launched herself onto the world stage and shaken the whole world with her furious bellows! Glory to Chavchuveny!
Money money money! Chavchuveny can into capitalism!
At 60 ducats a month, we've grown our income by 20% since our last budget overview. Our economy goes from strength to strength! We start stockpiling money because building manufactories in our new fur provinces is a priority.
Oh Manchu, I suspect your woes are just beginning...
Sensing weakness, Nearby nations pounce on Manchu's carcass. Is this the beginning of the end for Manchu? Why yes, yes it is. The world's too small for both of us and I'll be damned if Chavchuveny is going to fade out of history! I can't even imagine a world where everybody isn't familiar with the glorious exploits of Chavchuveny!
France? Um, you want what exactly?
A long, long time ago Chavchuveny had personally guaranteed France's security in order to try and reforge our alliance. The alliance never materialised and Chavchuveny had long forgotten about the guarantee. France, apparently, had not and has called us to arms in her hour of need! What will Chavchuveny do?

We honour our 'obligations' because none of France's adversaries threaten us and besides, this might be the start of a re-awakening of our old alliance!
Election time! Glory to house Garpancha!
Kencheeri proves more competent than his predecessor and secures a second term as leader of our glorious nation. However, with republican traditions at an all time low this has provoked fierce debate about the direction our nation is taking. Whatever will happen to our fair republic?
Tragedy! The Republic falters!
Outraged at the lack of a transparent election, students in the capital riot and mass outside of prominent public buildings. They demand fresh elections alongside of other grievances including limitations on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and complaints against the levels of corruption and corporate cronyism in the government.

With the capital paralysed for almost a week, hopes began to soar of a republican re-awakening, that Kencheeri would be forced to negotiate with the protesters and bolder the power of republican institutions.

However, fatefully, Kencheeri favoured a different approach. On the foggy morning of January 13, 1691, the students were woken by the sounds of drums and rhythmic marching. The army, freshly returned from the Great Manchu War, had entered the capital and on the orders of Kencheeri, opened fire into the unarmed crowds.
God save the king?
The Old Republic has fallen. A dark and terrible shadow has been cast over the future of Chavchuveny. Will our nation fall into despotism? Can the new order protect us against the Russian bear? Find out next time in Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR!

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