A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

Brazil, 1936
We begin in a Brazil very different to that of modern times. It is ruled by His Excellency Getúlio Vargas as a single-party totalitarian dictatorship. The Armed Forces of Brazil (Exército Brasileiro) number roughly 15,000 men, divided into two corps. General Gaspar Dutra announces a series of military reforms to strengthen Brazil. These reforms include merging the two corps into one central corps, upgrading our militia units to infantry and researching new technologies.
Revolutionary Troops near São Paulo
Our country is still reeling from the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 in Sao Paulo. This was a 4 month rebellion against Vargas' government which was a military success for our nation, but many demands of the rebellion were achieved.
General Mascarenhas de Morais
Mascarenhas de Morais is appointed to command the 1st Corps. His men will form the backbone of the Brazilian Military. Morais himself has fought in two conflicts, the 1930 revolution and 1932 war. Both times against His Excellency and both times arrested. He is one of the best military minds in Brazil so his questionable loyalty is pushed aside for the good of the nation.
Our nation begins to align to the United Kingdom. We hope strengthening our relations will lead to a prosperous alliance.
Expansion of the army
With massive amounts of unused manpower, General Dutra has authorized the creation of many more infatry divisions. These men will form a second corps and sent to man our borders with Uruguay and Paraguay.
We pass a series of laws meant to support our armed forces.
Officers of the 1o Exército de Brasil
With the expansion of our army, many officers are young men not yet tested in the flames of battle. This will soon change.
1o Exército de Brasil
Morais' Corps now begins to upgrade its militia units and expand. In other news, 16 companies are now under the control of the Ministry of Relations. These factories will give us a much needed industrial boost.
The first series of military technologies are researched, bolstering our men's spirits as they no longer are stuck with aging Great War weapons.
The American Ambassador to Brazil "misplaces" some blueprints sent to him from D.C. While we cannot figure out what these are for, I'm sure they'll be of use later.
1st Corps
Morais' Corps is now at full strength and ordered to march to Rio. Our armed forces have doubled in size since January.
Our small navy, made up of 2 battleships and 2 light crusiers is sent to Rio as well to merge with our transport fleet.
Research 2
More research is always good.
Brazil, 1937
And with that, 1936 comes to a close. In Europe, the Spanish Civil War rages on as Germany begins to get antsy. The motto of our government fits well here: Ordem e Progresso!
Brazil, 1936
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