A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 2

Published: 2017-01-31, edited: 1970-01-01

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

Images: 15, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31, edited: 1970-01-01

Hello and welcome back to the second installment of my Brazil AAR, A Cobra Vai Fumar. We last left off in a very peaceful South America, slowly building up our military.
The 2o Exército is created under Lt. General Kroner. These men will man the border with Uruguay.
We send some "Soldiers on vacation" to Montevideo to disrupt national unity.
The first technology of 1937 is researched, as news of Franco's victory is announced in Madrid. We must contain these fascist pigs.
More technology. Marines will come in handy soon.
Our army now numbers 115,000 men!
Herr Hitlers contains to violate the Treaty of Versailles.
The first of many Marines divisions are raised.
A marine unit on patrol. (1938)
Our cavalry is outdated and not of much use in combat but will be useful for putting down rebels.
We continue to research new technologies as a workers strike is organized in Rio. We arrest the ringleaders which upsets some of the proletariat.
The 2o Exército is fully manned now and given orders to prepare for movement.
The British guarantee the Poles sovereignty as the Axis continues to expand.
The western allies mobilize as Mussolini and Hitler sign a pact.
Germany mobilizes and many recruiting stations in Brazil are swarmed with young men eager to defend their homelands. These fascists will be contained!
War erupts once again in Europe.
We do not expect the Polish to hold out for very long.
A war to end all wars.
The Poles fall.
Our 3o Exército is completed and sent to man the border with Paraguay.
The British decide they don't need our help.
The Low Countries fall.
France falls.
Somehow the French managed to annex Ethiopia.
We notice a spike in Pro-German sentiment in the public.
The Bolivians request access to our blueprints but we decline, for Brazil shall rule the skies of South America. We also dispel the German propaganda machines from our country.
Finland joinds the axis and Yugoslovia falls. Poland rises up in rebellion but is quickly crushed. The axis is now unopposed in Europe.
North Africa has gone back and forth but fallen into a stalemate.
The Japanese and German Armies launch attacks on the USA and USSR respectively. They hope to use surprise to their advantage and knock these two countries out of the war quickly. Has the Axis bitten off more than they can chew?
The United Kingdom now decides they would like our help. We gladly accept.
New laws will aid our country in this war.
Our fleets are merged and prepared to sail.
Operación Libertad will be the invasion and conquest of Uruguay. We expect this to be a quick war over by Christmas.
We will strike them hard and choke their capital into surrender.
We win a number of quick border fights and spill over into their lands.
An infantry platoon at The Battle of Treinta y Tres. (1941)
We trade a loss for two victories and continue the advance.
The front begins to stalemate now as they dig in.
We declare war on Paraguay as well. Our western border will be secured!
Operación Justicia will be a swift strike to the Paraguayan capital to force their surrender. We expect this to be over in a matter of days.
We win two battles on two fronts.
We fail to break through the lines.
A massive blunder as one division attacks before the rest of the corps is ready. This costs us 847 brave young men for nothing.
We attack Asuncion with our marines.
We suffer 2:1 casualties and are forced back to our positions.
An artillery team shelling Asuncion. (1942)
We are forced to give up some land in Paraguay.
We will dig in until reinforcements can arrive.
A victory traded for a loss.
A Brazilian patrol near La Cruz Florida. (1942)
The 1o Exército will be loaded onto our fleet and landed at Montevideo.
An invasion is ordered.
We win in Paraguay but our invasion is pushed back.
We will disembark in our own territory and attack by land instead.
We crush all Uruguayan resistance.
Victory is near!
Brazilian riflemen in Montevideo (1942)
One country down, one to go.
Our 1o Exército is ordered onto our ships.
They will be sent to Brighton.
These men will liberate Europe from the fascists.
Our Generals meet with the Allied High Command to discuss the invasion.
Our air squadron will also be sent to England after the war with Paraguay is won.
The 2o Exercito will assist in the taking of Paraguay.
The Soviets have turned back the Nazi tides.
The motherland is prepared to invade the German homeland.
The Battle for Paraguay has begun.
The bloodiest battle in South American history. The men who died here will always be remembered as heroes of Brazil.
Paraguay could not simply keep up with these losses and we have accepted their unconditional surrender.
A Brazilian Unit - Somewhere in Paraguay - 1942.
Brazil after the wars. Our army is now 250,000 strong and we have proven ourselves as the most powerful in South America.

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 3

Images: 63, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31, edited: 1970-01-01

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