The Bad Shitpost AI Game

Author: restinpizzas
Published: 2018-04-14, edited: 1970-01-01
A shitpost by scissor_fingers that I made into an AI game because why not.

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Welcome to The Bad Shitpost AI Game!

This game is inspired by a shitpost made on the CBR discord by scissor_fingers where he said all civs should just fight with their starting warrior. So yeah... this is just that :P. Enjoy!
Immediately we have multiple eliminations: Shoshone and Siam. Probably the earliest eliminations in an "AI game".
Turn 2 and new eliminations come in: Arabia, Assyria and Poland. The Netherlands' warrior is in the black.
Turn 3 and more eliminations: The Netherlands, Zulu and China. Ottomans and Venice are in the red.
Ottomans are the only elimination this turn. Several warriors are low health, Venice and India are in the red.
New turn new eliminations. India and Greece are eliminated. Mongolia and Carthage drop to the red meanwhile Venice gets a self-heal promotion.
Despite that Venice still dies alongside Mongolia. Germany is in trouble now.
Germany somehow lives while the neighbouring Huns die. Maya joins them in death. England is the only one not in the red.
Spain is the next to hit the dust. Everyone is in the red now.
Carthage dies next and its now England v Germany. Warrior v Warrior. May the best man win.
And the winner is the mighty strong English warrior! Thanks for reading and i'm sorry for wasting your time with this.

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