CivHybridGames Mk. X Part 1 (Take 3)

Author: Leris
Published: 2019-04-21, edited: 2019-04-21

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C Campaign by Leris

hello and welcome to take three of part one of mark x of the grand civ hybrid games i am /u/endlessvoid0 and i bear full responsibility for the deletion of my shift key

i'd say more but we've all been waiting for this off and on for fourteen hours so let's just get on with it, for leris' sake. america went for the big expansion in their actions for part one, getting called names such as "min-maxers", "metagamers", and "capitalists". whatever the case, they've now secured one of two key canals, and added a south american city name to boot.

brazil is miffed about this, and for good reason. though, they might be slightly more in a position to due stuff if their settler wasn't thieved and if they hadn't spent their ap on military. their fault for that, really.
nahodka is founded by primaryue, and is an early frontrunner for the most middle-of-nowhere city. primaryue itself is in an interesting position - plenty of land to expand, a favorable set of uniques, but still a near-total unknown and not much talked-of. they could make or break themselves these next few parts.
australian madlads. the ozzies went big part one, colonizing their neck of the woods with a few precision city strikes, and look set to be a power for a time to come with no nearby enemies. add in a good ai in hawke, and only question now is who they direct their fiery gaze upon.
sibir and parthia both went for cities in the same spot, awkwardly, putting them in the same position as a warrior rolling a natural one to smite an orc and taking him into his arms. the two may as well be playing the same game so far, what with what would have been a similar city placement if not for a dubiously successful antiplot. that game, as it turns out, is reneging on promises and half-forward settling. only one of these two will be around by part five.
uez! the pridelands-ashanti union smeared their fingers all over egypt, and are within striking distance of constantinople/istanbul/byzantium and a canal city twofer. good on them, i say, simba's never been the same since mufasa fell asleep.
the dutch accidentally reconstructed the iron curtain, but in western europe.
lord have mercy, the pau have two more settlers. brazil needs to act fast.
can't help but think the parthians would have an easier go of this whole forward-settling thing were siberian units not milling about in their way.
uhuru, they got uluru.
if at first you don't succeed, invade ukraine. it worked for russia!
bali is totally an integral part of australia's master plan. at least they get another settler to expand with.
not even going to try pronouncing the name of primaryue-controlled korea.
pridelands-ashanti doing real well to start, with north africa on lockdown. would behoove them to look to the middle east, now: nobody's got the tech level to challenge them for the rest of africa.
o canada!
well, at least brazil has plenty of melee units for their inevitable takeover of south america.

speaking of which, what's even going on with brazil? they still don't have a settler, and they needed to make a move to secure the continent, like, yesterday.
just add another city onto it, why don't you.
sydney in indonesia? looks about right.
and now, watch as siberia completely ignores the random overextended parthian outpost on their borders. who even runs that nation? whoever they are, they must be really punchable.
okay, brazil, it's time to start expanding.
primaryue has another settler! and once again, the fates flip a coin to determine whether it will be a sensible settle or a locking down of kamchatka.
siberia has a settler! don't have much of a choice but to go north, though.
what the hell kinda wars are they going to fight with that guy anyways?
dutch finally decide to do something and get a settler. both south and east are good destinations right now, as overtures are being made to both by others.
ok brasil, que porra é essa? que porra é essa? Brasil, desculpe, que porra é essa? onde está seu colono? foi consumido pela porra da selva? Não, não, não pode ser isso, vocês são incompetentes demais para sequer pensar em fazer um colono, evidentemente. goddamn, brasil. Reggie está morto e é isso que estamos fazendo. maldita.
the aussies have evidently spent so much time protesting they made a religion out of it. wonder if it'll be mentioned as anything other than waifuism in aussie rp?
coin came up tails, primaryue settled the city of many furs to forward settle imaginary russian white walkers.
wait what he was a GENERAL hold up a second i got some history to re-learn.
ozzie! ozzie! oi oi oi!
i was thinking, "man, it's weird that america's so western." then it hit me.

this isn't america. it can't be. america isn't that westerly focused, doesn't have their capital in the west, isn't close to canada, doesn't think about annexing vancouver, isn't willfully ignoring a half-central american populace. this ain't america, don glover.

this is california.
and here we see the grand kangaroo empire, triggering unavoidable flashbacks to chg mark one. wonder who'll be the indonesia this game.
still a ways away from interacting with anybody of note, though. parthia's going to have to settle two south east-asian cities to be on their border.
parthia! they'll do fine once they've dispatched sibir.
sibir! they'll do fine once they've dispatched parthia.
remember the kazakhs?
the dutch will almost certainly become a regional power, get dragged into a war kicking and screaming, do well, and suddenly be hyped up beyond belief before not doing much of anything.

utrecht is specifically close to where s-h was. probably just a coincidence.
you know it's the ashanti when they pull out the scout armada.
brazil. honey. please. i swear to all that is holy in this world, please, just DO. SOMETHING. please.
there's more pop in those two throwaway central american cities than there is in all brazil.
a look at greater california. shouldn't look too long, though, else your bedroom walls might start bleeding red, white, and blue.

i've been /u/endlessvoid0, and this has been part one of the tenth mark of chg. trust me, it only gets better from here, 'cause it's hard to go below the marianas trench. peace.
oh also protestantism

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