CHG Mark Eleven Part 7: Oh Canada

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-12-01, edited: 2019-12-01

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CHG Mark Eleven

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CHG Mark Eleven Part 6: On time as usual

Images: 88, author: MrKlonam, published: 2019-11-21, edited: 1970-01-01

Welcome back to CivHybridGames Mk.11, I'm your host Leris, and here we see the Filipino core as well a a whole lot of rebels, plus some cute Taiwanese ships.
More of the Philippines core with a Sulu UU I think? The city of Pangasinan has also been settled.
Sulu time
The Sulu have settled the city of Vorvadoss north of Borneo.
The Sulu core, plus more rebels.
Canada in Borneo. Need I say more?
3 new Dutch cities chillin on Java and Bali.
Dutch core lookin thicc.
More of the Dutch core, Cape Town is looking decently strong.
Gross Khmer cities, more Dutch nonsense, and the beautiful Taiwanese cities of Victoriacum and Nanbu Shoudu.
More disgusting Khmer existences.
Some random Rebel civ has manifested in southwestern Burma, it's called Pyu.
Name appropriation in Khmer, I'd expect no less of those filthy imposters.
uh oh
Bay of Tonkin lookin pretty cute.
Aimeism is finally overtaking the heretic religions, praise Aime.
More of the Taiwanese core, we look a bit thin right now but that'll fix itself hopefully.
Rebels delenda est.
Rebels delenda est part 2.
More of the Khmerese-Burmese war front.
Hagia Sophia has been made in the Philippines.
The Dutch have recaptured West Berlin.
Yeah, those Rebels are as good as dead.
The lone Rebel swordsman stands outside Caloocan.
Oh shit, the Dutch got East Berlin too.
The Khmer have created a very large Buddha. Heathens.
Big ol' city.
i hate this
Punctual still exists somehow.
Not sure what this is.
List of civs with wonders, Taiwan needs some wonder-stealing helicopters right around now.
Canada has a settler.
Rew is not looking too good.
The Philippines have made yet another wonder.
Slow down please fuck's sake
Aimeism has been advanced, praise Aime.
Sulu-Philippines border.
Canadian-Sulu-Dutch borders.
Sulu core.
Rew is apparently safe for now.
oh my god fuck off with all the wonders
Hong Kong lookin thicque.
St. Leris is surrounded by Burmese ships.
Pula lookin thicckquek.
Prague lookin thigkaqeunckeque
The Dutch assault the Sulu city of void noises.
holy shit St. Leris is flipping
Burmese core, St. Leris might actually fall to Burma oh shit
Weduoliya Gang lookin pretty nice, but aside from that there's more Khmer core.
Taiwanese core in the gulf of Tonkin.
More Taiwan.
Filipino core.
More Filipino core.
Ormus is not lookin thicc.
Sulu has many boats.
The isle of Flores and its surrounding islands.
Sulu core.
South Borneo.
West Java and south Sumatra.
The rest of Sumatra.
Or not, this is the real rest of Sumatra.
Southern Thailand.
Burmese bois. Anyways, that'll do it for this part. I've been your host Leris, and remember that the Khmer aren't people.

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CHG Mark Eleven Part 8: The Dutch\'s Randy Adventures

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