CHG Mark Eleven Part 8: The Dutch's Randy Adventures

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-12-08, edited: 2019-12-09

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CHG Mark Eleven Part 7: Oh Canada

Images: 115, author: MrKlonam, published: 2019-12-01

Hello, lovely people of the world! I'm LynnWinn, one of the few women here. I'll be narrating for the eighth installment of Civ Hybrid Games Mark eleven today! So without further delay, let's get started!
For our first two slides, we have shots of the VOC's core on Java and on the surrounding islands. A bit less dense on military units than one would expect. Also, we can see that Jan Pieterszoon Coen has completed Machu Picchu, yet another wonder in this rush for wonders.
Moving east, we see much of the uninhabited lands in the east of the map. Who will settle these rich spice islands first? Only time will tell. However, we can see that there have been two declarations of war!
Here we are on the island of Borneo, and we see the three major civilizations on the island. The VOC, after taking control of both East and West Berlin. They are currently at war with the Sulu, which may be the VOC's best chance at expansion. The Sulu are in a tricky spot. They could handle the VOC's expansion from going further north but are physically blocked by Canada. Not only that but with the war with the Philippines, it will be difficult to prevent permanent damage to the Sulu Kingdom. Canada is just there meming it seems. Sulu should attempt to invade Canada if given the opportunity, as a way to grow their core.
The northern core of the Sulu is not particularly impressive; however, they have a large amount of dense and populated cities and seem to grow quickly, such as the city of Vorvadoss. (Although a Filipino founded it) The sulu are encroaching on Philippine territory in Bauang and Pangasinan, and reinforcing the island of Birhen Isla, also known as Palawan.
The War of Sulu Containment has begun! As for some backstory, there has been tension between the Philippines and Sulu for a long time, however with the death of Isko Ocampo, the former mayor and recently ordained saint of the Philippines, and orders from the new mayor commanding action against Catholicism, the Philippines declared war to recapture their rightful territory.
Here we can see the state of the southern portion of the Philippine Core. Many of the tributaries-I mean city-state allies are here, and a large part of Philippine geopolitical strategy. These states secure territory, units, trade deals, and votes in the congress. They are an essential part of the game. However, we can also see that some cities are larger than others. Not the most developed but they are still growing.
The central and northern parts of the empire are the most developed sections of the empire. However, Manila and much the central portion are directly next to city-states and unsettled territory. If other nations claim this land, or influence the surrounding city-states, much of Philippine stability is lost. This is why the War of Sulu Containment is so important, to ensure the land around the developed core of the country.
Really, the only threat to the Philippines north is Taiwan, which isn't really. Keeping friendly relations with them, especially trade would be a good use of resources in order to ensure development and stability within each other's empires. Which they do have a declaration of friendship, so that is helpful.
Above we see the Northern Taiwanese core, which is in an interesting situation. Four cities very close to each other, and fairly developed, but isolated from much of the rest of the country. Taiwan settled mostly along the coast.
Again, Taiwan's core is separated into many dense but isolated cores. What they should focus on is connecting their cores and then expanding outwards.
Honestly, I couldn't think of a better city location if I tried. And Taiwan didn't at all. But seriously, Khmer has a strong influence in this region, with many dense cities and developed. Khmer has to keep the influence of city-states under their control in order to keep their left flank stable. It shouldn't be difficult however.
"Khmer" "Where" "Kh-oh." The Khmer core is very densely populated and has many wonders and improvements. In this screenshot alone, 32, 20, 20, 18, 17, 17, & 13 population. Not to mention the plentitude of wonders.
He is where the other war was declared, basically Burma reclaiming the rebel city before they run out of time. It's nearly certain that they will retake the city, and right on time. But the city below might not be.
Here we can see this strange transition zone between Taiwan, Khmer, and then the Dutch island of Sumatra. Again, it seems to repeat trends found up above.
More Dutch Core, as always, Sumatra is a huge part of the VOC's territory and economy. Its relative isolation to the rest of the map helps protect the island from invaders, and therefore more development and production of units. As the map fills up though, the influence from Taiwan and Khmer will encroach on that splendid isolation. How will Jan Pieterszoon react and counter this? Only time will tell again.
However, the influence of city-states is a key component of securing political and economic dominance in Sumatra and protecting Java. Losing these key areas would be disastrous for Dutch stability.
Somehow they made a settler in the time before they lost the city. It won't be long until the settler is snatched up for a snack.
Vorvadoss is taking damage; however, the Sulu hanging by a thread. Just a bit longer.
St. Leris is slowly recovering from the disaster of the war, and the surrounding region is back on track to become a prosperous region. Also sidenote, wonders are always so buggy in this game, like notice between the mountain range the great wall splits the mountains. For this oddity, I am naming this section of wall Nicole's Last Stand.
𝅘𝅥Oh Canada𝅘𝅥 Canada is basically a rump state. It will eventually be conquered by Sulu or the VOC.
Angkor Waaaaat? Of course, the perfect civ to complete the wonder has, in the absurdly large city of Angkor Tom. This city has many marvelous wonders; however, will they stand the test of time? One of the reasons for the decay of many Khmer cities in our world was the materials used, and another enemy invaders destroying the ruins.
Philippine reinforcements are and will be badly needed to secure Birhen Isla (Palawan). How long can Sulu last?
The Sulu, distracted from where they have the best chance of preserving their territory, are attacking the city of Bauang. This is unlikely to last long, as Philippine troops outnumber theirs by 3.
Make that 10. Good job Jamalul.
Oh hey, a Canadian great general! I'm sure the VOC is quite interested in that, nothing to worry about at the moment.
Oh wait, were they supposed to defend that? Ah well.
As Philippine archers surround the city, they are taking heavy damage, but there are few troops to defeat the Philippine army. Unless Sulu can move their ships towards the city proper, it's likely they will lose this battle.
Oh wait, were we supposed to watch that? Maybe it's a bad idea to fight on two fronts, just get so distracted!
Now Sulu ships are moving south to take Bauang, which is a bad idea. Allow me to extrapolate how bad of an idea this is. The Sulu was already in a bad situation with the VOC, which is a much larger entity and was losing a few cities. Now they are fighting not on two, but three fronts, split up by the Sulu sea. With their limited manpower, there really was no way to accomplish this. The Sulu should just take the L and focus on the VOC, or even attempt to peace and attempt to rebuild.
The Sulu core is readying up to retake the city of Taupao, The Sulu could easily retake the city; however, this war is really a warning. The Sulu need to develop and expand. And while they were pushed back due to the Philippine reconquest, they need to continue this if they wish to survive.
Because if they don't develop, this will happen again and again. The city is now surrounded by VOC ships.
The ships have redirected themselves, either to move towards Birhen Isla (Palawan), or to reclaim the city of Taupao.
Another meeting of the Millard Fillmore Literature Club, where all the books are on the wanton subject of the creativity and degradation of human morality. However, we see that Millard is insulted by the proposal at the First Congress of Moscow. Let's just hope that their manifest destiny does not include the Philippines this time.
The French, in their cowardice, dare insult the honorable nation of the Philippines? How disgusting. Also, as a way to please the brilliant Fillmore, they designate a city after Washington. It will be built, eventually, like how the US party system will dissolve. Any day now.
Obviously this list by Pliny is inaccurate, as Rizal is a glorious leader and is beat by none. Khmer and say that to my face! Jokes aside, this list nearly follows Zipf's Law, and it is surprising how low approval is in some of these countries. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate their leadership methods.
After finally making peace for a war that stretched generations, Burma will be able to develop further and claim land further north-that is if Khmer and Taiwan don't surround their current territory. Punctual is late, rather than appearing on time. Quite ironic.
Nice picture of some land right off the coast of mainland Taiwan. Imagine what it must be like living there. It must be gorgeous. Ships going by, fields for miles and miles, a large developed city, and a secure, isolated location. Life must be fast in the city, but in the countryside, it must be beautiful. It's something I always like to do in videogames like this. Imagine what the life of everyday people is like. I just wonder what it must be like and the sights and the feelings of every individual.
Come on Philippines, this is your city, don't let the Sulu prevent you from your rightful claim! These archers won't throw away their... shot! They will reclaim the city of Vorvadoss.
The VOC has captured the city of Vautao, and seem to be moving north. Something that fascinates me about this map is how sea-based warfare becomes.
The VOC is coming. Fear. I have heard tales of what they do the Chinese.
Well... That was quick.
Finally, the glorious Philippine Army has taken the holy city of Vorvadoss! With few Sulu reinforcements in the area, it is unlikely for the Sulu to recover the island. The Philippines may be able to push south if they wish; however, it seems unlikely at this point that the war would be good for either to continue. There is a greater opportunity in settling islands in the spice islands for both parties before the VOC takes a chance.
Woah Philippines! I support you conquering but don't burn it down to the ground! You can't even see the city anymore!
Now is a good time to mention that the Sulu have made peace with the Philippines. Which in my opinion, was the best choice. The Sulu's best chances to expand is in the spice islands, and invading Canada. They need to double down on recapturing their lost territory and restructure their state.
The Philippines have the most science per turn out of any civ, and it shows. Already they have developed technology and employed musketmen, musketwomen, and musketpeople.
Well, at least this couldn't get any worse for the Sulu...
Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't say anything because I seem to only hurt their chances,
The Dutch have started the race to claim as much of the spice islands as possible. Their ships are protecting any Sulu warfare from the region.
The Sulu may yet lose another city to the VOC, Sandakan is under threat, and is moving far up the north of Borneo.
The situation is not lost yet for the Sulu, the it is safe to say the VOC is a growing influence on the island of Borneo, the main island of the Sulu and Canada. Befriending the VOC or forming alliances against them is the safest bet for many of the empires on this map.
Disgusting Cthulhuists... Lovecraft was a racist anyway. Jokes aside, there are still places to settle and expand on this island. Just need time to develop and expand, which Canada is taking advantage of.
Here we get a better picture of Sulawesi, which is a battleground of opportunity, quite literally. It is some of the last obtainable lands for island empires to claim, and we can see the Sulu and VOC are fighting for the chance to.
Here is another overview of the Philippine Empire, now more complete and just than ever.
Now the northern areas and core are secured from the Sulu in the south, from here, the Philippines need to focus on their strengths to win this game. They will have trouble expanding to new islands and it will be difficult to go on the mainland without upsetting the other empires.
Taiwan is not weak at all; however, they have some work to do connecting their territory if they want to win this game. They also need to foster strong relationships.
Of course, the mountains may cause some issues with some movement. One of the best moves Taiwan could make would be a coalition war against the Khmer, if attacked from three fronts, it would be difficult for them to be able to withstand the forces of all the nations.
Likely that city would be temporarily lost. The Khmer are in a great position, claiming Taiwan's city would nice, but really maintaining their current position is the best call.
Honestly, further developments, trade deals, and minor wars would be the best step in ensuring victory for the Khmer. The war with Burma was quite costly.
Speaking of Burma, They need to ensure political stability, and find a way out of being cornered by the Khmer. Joining Taiwan in a coalition war would be a wise decision for them, as they could not defeat them on their own.
Sidenote: CANAL CITY! (Sorry, they are just really satisfying)
How Taiwan, Khmer, and the VOC interact will he one of the largest factors in this game. I personally doubt they will all remain friendly with each other. I think tension will arise between the VOC and Khmer, but I can't predict the future.
The VOC is in a very strong position. If they can control Borneo, then they have a fantastic chance to win this game.
The VOC has islands right off the bottom of the map and really has only one direction that can be attacked from, north.
Developing their economy, technology, and expanding are the keys to the VOS's future success. Really, there isn't much you can do to combat them if they develop and grow from here.
And with that, this edition of Civ Hybrid Games is over! Thank you for reading through this, I hope you enjoyed. This is my first time ever narrating for a civ game, so it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed it overall and would love to do it again. Especially if I could plan for it next time a bit more thoroughly. Have a wonderful day!

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