The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 18, Atlantikschlacht

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 17, Operation Eisenstrum & Wiking

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The continuous rebellions in northern Spain are being suppressed by a very multinational force. Omani troops travelling across desert and sea have come to aid the Spaniards. The cooperation of the Axis is remarkable.
The taking of Greenland secures our northern flank but the range from it to any large port facilities makes it unfeasible as an invasion port.
The Caribbean meanwhile is promising. It will also allow us to squish many of the smaller countries who dare oppose us. Nobody is safe from German vengeance!
And nothing will be feared like our jet bombers. These planes can go nearly 1300km/h and are capable of carrying a large and devastating bomb load, including a new very special bomb...
After the large scale victories in East Africa Mussolini sends much of the Italian army, nearly 25% according to Abwehr reports from Albania. What they are to do surrounded by allies in a pretty calm sector is beyond our knowledge. Bulgaria has however become worried by their placement and begun shuffling troops to the border.
In a not so surprising move the Brazilians land yet again in Africa. Driving away the small German garrison that had just begun fortifying the port. Panzer divisions are on their way.
Operation Bismarck, the codename for the invasion of America has had the ground work laid for it. A long front will be established during the summer with strong defensive lines allowing our troops to rest during the autumn and winter period depending on weather conditions. It will however require a long setup period and the problem of getting good naval bases with supplies close by is still being worked on.
The Brazilians have still not understood the value of anti-tank guns much to their own peril.
The cooperation of the Axis continues as Vichy French troops controlled by Croatia are sent to reinforce German Turkey. While Hitler is confused by the absurdness of the situation the Advisor is unmoved. “Happens every time.” Hitler assumes the root cause of evil lies in the “game mechanics” the Advisor always goes on about, which in turn is probably another Jewish conspiracy.
India is called into the war against our enemies. They join willingly especially to drive the last British out of their country, with the help of the SS.
More elite troops for The Reich!
The construction of our first nuclear bomb has finished and the second one is rapidly being finished. Now all we need is an airfield within range…
Omani and South African close air support protecting Greenland. Axis cooperation at its finest.
Since the marines and Fallschirmjäger will be needed on other fronts a Heer and SS garrison has been set up for Greenland.
The Hood is sunk in a freak incident during a battle with the Japanese fleet. A single shell penetrated the magazine and the Hood exploded. Only three survivors were taken out of the water by the Japanese.
The Japanese have made a impressive display of their strength in taking southern Hawaii from America after the invasion of the Japanese home land. How far will the Divine Wind carry them?
The Air Cavalry, infantry transported by Helicopters are undergoing field trials and training outside of Düsseldorf. It is hoped that they can be used in less reliable terrain where the boots of the infantryman cannot reach.
Portugal has begged the Führer for help against the large scale bombing campaign inflicted on Lisboa by the Americans. While he offered BF-109 cover the Advisor went one step further.
Attack is the best defense! The Azores will fall and be used as a German military base. The islands were forcibly occupied by British troops at the threat of war during 1942. We will take them back!
Just barely within range the FW-190’s rain down death upon the island defenses.
If there is one thing Germany needs it is Jet planes. As such production is switched from a focus on the Navy to the Luftwaffe. Göring is especially pleased.
The Americans have gathered a large Air force on the island, and with it a large Air field we can use.
The Fallschirmjäger are readied yet again, these are the newest and have still not seen combat. They are however equipped with light armor to help them reach their objectives.
In addition German marines storm the beaches under the cover of the chaos inflicted by the Fallschirmjäger.
The mountains terrain proved tough going for the Fallschirmjäger but they prevailed as they always do. Marines would often storm a mountain to save the Fallschirmjäger holding the top against the Americans.
Nearly 25% loss ratios are standard among the Fallschirmjäger. They take pride in the vital role they play for Germany and their Führer.
The Kriegsmarine now sets out from the Azores.
Meanwhile spies report that the USA is building their own nuclear reactor in Harrisburg. This “Manhattan project” is still in early stages but if what our scientists say about the Atom Bomb is true then it is vital we take this plant from them.
A look at the distribution of the Heeresgruppe Amerika. In the north the Freiwilligen Armee, which has a large amount of Gebirgsjäger will move into Canada while Manstein takes the center, his invaluable experience being key to the operation. In the south the Waffen SS will be deployed to crush all resistance expected from the gun ho southerners and their large population of negro Americans who need to be dealt with.
All this requires a base within range and Bermuda is the perfect island. 900 km from the coast of America it is a perfect airbase while also providing a port for our navy and an Island to gather our troops on. The primary issue is the lack of long range fighters to support this attack. The Kriegsmarine only has bombers in support, a first for the Kriegsmarine.
Yet the British seem to have left the Island without a garrison! The confusion after the loss of London still weighs heavily on the British it would seem.
And so the Island is taken without incident. German troops greet the locals and go about beginning construction of larger everything for the Island. The range of the Jet bombers now reign supreme. Being able to reach far into the United States.
The deadly payload is brought to the Island aboard a HE-343 and refueled and sent on to America. Completely alone, the first hostile plane above American shores it flies at constant 1200km/h across the land. It has only one target, the industrial heart of Detroit which produces much of the dreaded American tank hordes.
And so at 05:33 AM, on the 5 of February 1947 “Kleiner Junge” is dropped on Detroit. The promised chain reaction takes place and produces the largest blast ever seen, at 20 kilotons of TNT. In the blink of an eye nearly a million people are wiped out. Even worse is the nuclear fallout that leads to all various diseases on the affected.

Goebbels announces to the German people the existence of our great new weapon. America’s unconditional surrender is now demanded. Every rifle, every soldier, every traitor to the Reich, everything is to be handed over. Complete military occupation is to be accepted. Truman gives no response, just the bitter determination of a lost cause dragging millions to their death.
And soon another million will die.
Yet bombs cannot replace the goose step of German boots. Our troops gather in Brest to head out to our great crusade. To displace those who though they could dominate the world. Who though they could control Europe, control GERMANY. We will show America and the Jews who dominate them who truly controls the world.
Raeder sets out with his fleet to initiate Operation Pirat. We will plunder and burn the Caribbean like the pirates of old. Nowhere is safe for our enemies.
The Marines begin their work of collecting POW’s. The response of most British troops is simply to surrender on sight of German troops. The German promise of being sent home to Britain is the last hope for many and for most it is reality. For some, a far worse fate awaits at the hand of the SS.
Canada is the first to try and resist Germany. Their fleet is annihilated outside of Bermuda and hunted by the Luftwaffe all the way back to their port at Halifax.
In Puerto Rico American troops put up a show of resistance.
Yet they are massacred. The mostly local Puerto Rican garrison proved unable to even kill a German between every 10 of them which even the Russians managed in their worst of times.
A similar story plays out in Santo Domingo.
As another nuke is readied Houston is elected as the second target for the German Wunderwaffe. The oil industry of the city and the crazed and gun owning citizens will feel the wrath of German science!
Yet the Americans seem undisturbed. Hitler is outraged by the American complete lack of understanding for the annihilation they face. The Advisor suggests that the Jewishness of the state must have deeply corrupted the American people by now. Hitler unsurprisingly agrees.
Outside of Haiti America tries in desperation to drive away the German fleet. While we lose cruisers they lose battleships.
In Curacao the last of the free Netherlands is hunted down. These misguided Germans will be brought to heel, eventually.
Brazil tries to resist us and loses their pride of the fleet.
And 4 days later the new pride of the fleet is sunk.
The invasion of Haiti, one of the last few “neutral” nations is over within hours of war being declared. Haitian troops are hopeless in battle against German troops. A Haitian diplomat is outraged at the violation of their neutrality. The German commander was unfazed and told him that in a war between races there are no neutrals. Only those who are with the world or the Jews and their supporters.
Guantanamo is taken in a short battle. The Caribbean nations are proving their lack of martial prowess over and over.
More losses for America.
And the surrender of Cuba comes shortly after the seizing of their capital. A particularly fierce fight was put on by the communists. Led by a young man named Fidel Castro in his early twenties they resisted a German advance for two hours, record time for Caribbean troops. Fidel Castro was not captured and his body has yet to be identified. A manhunt has been put on for this rabid communist, men like him are a plague that must be wiped from this earth.
With the Caribbean secured we have plenty of naval bases with large stores of fuel and supplies in them to supply our invasion of America. The task of actually transporting our troops is still underway and it is questionable if an invasion can be made this year. Yet the Führer is insistent. He will wait no longer.
In another desperate attempt America tries to repel our fleet yet again. The loss in cruisers is being felt and Raeder has been sent reinforcements by Dönitz Schlachtflotte.
The Kriegsmarine has done its job perfectly. It has cleared the seas for the supplying of an invasion force, the battles across the Atlantic and the great victories has made it clear. The Kriegsmarine is a veteran formation like any other in the Reich. It has performed greatly in the battles against the supposedly great American navy. Smashing it and any other fleet who dared to oppose it.
The Führer has ordered the immediate invasion of America. The recommendation to wait until 1948 refused, the Advisor argued for hours upon hours with Hitler to change him mind but he was unrelenting.
“You have never failed before; you turned around the winter of 1941, the spring of 1942 the great victories against the allies in the west. Now with the best of the best you will bring victory to Germany yet again.”

And so with a force of a million men, half armored or mechanized Germany prepared to attack America. The Abwehr reports an American strength of 12 million men in arms with an additional 1 million from Canada, Mexico and The United Kingdom. 13-1 German troops will face their greatest odds ever as they embark on one last great crusade.

The Advisor and his closest generals have their doubts. The trip from Brest to America takes two weeks and as such after all troops available have been disembarked reinforcements will be a month away. It is estimated that a Panzer Armee can be transported at a time. Giving about half a million men a month in reinforcements, the strength of the German fighting spirit is about to be tested to the extreme.

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