The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 17, Operation Eisenstrum & Wiking

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 16, Futile Invasions

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After the heroic battles of the Mediterranean the Super Heavy Battleship Großdeutschland is designated the pride of the fleet. It has sunk several battleships, a carrier and vast amounts of cruisers. The guns on this beast of a ship have proved effective in crushing the idea that carriers are the only way forward. In the Mediterranean the battleship proved supreme.
An American reinforcement wave that came to relieve the troops trapped in northern Scotland is doomed on the islands of Scotland. They will be crushed and sent to join their brothers in captivity.
The new self-governing Danish government is quick to ask for help in constructing BF-109’s. Cheap to produce and highly effective they are sure to serve them well. Producing jet aircraft is still too expensive to justify for such a small country.
On the 12 of April 1945 Roosevelt dies. With him dead the Advisor is quick to push for new peace offers. With promises of returning all the prisoners of war taken by Germany, which is now in the millions with the only demands being an agreement on the position of German dominance in Europe and Africa. The peace offer is broadcasted by a submarine sent out with strong radio equipment. Millions of people on the east coast hear the generous offer but Truman is quick to turn it down. If they wish for total war Germany will show them the true brutality of war.

When German boots land on their shores they will learn the price of their resistance.
In Africa Brazil is yet again doing more fighting than the USA. Before garrisons could take over for the panzer divisions the Brazilians moved in.
In Wolgast, Northern Germany, progress is finally being made. The production towards an atomic bomb has finally begun.
A clerical issue was discovered in the naming of the Middle East. A quick investigation into his family revealed a 1/16 Jewish heritage. He has been sent east with his family to work on a small farm. The cold of Russia is sure to remind him every day of his mistake.
Operation Eisenstrum is finally to be initiated as the Italian advance is stalling yet again. The reason why is still unclear and Mussolini has been unwilling to provide answers, the Abwehr is investigating.
Going along with it the last “free” nation of Europe is going to come to an end. The legacy of Atatürk made the Turks unwilling to back an old ally when we asked during the invasion of Russia. For it they will have their nation destroyed.
The Division of Turkey is similar to what the Allies had planned after World War 1. We will seize the Sea of Marmara to secure our path out of the Black Sea. Depending on how well the Greeks act in the upcoming years they might see the ancient city of Constantinople returned to them. France will expand the colony of Syria even further while Italy will govern another zone in the south-west. The Greek minorities are to moved back after the population transfers.
Greece is granted self-rule. They have proven more loyal towards occupation and as such deserve to be rewarded. The new nationalistic government is headed by military leaders who have been of great aid in destroying the large communist presence in the country. An invitation has been extended to the King of Greece to return to his country from his current exile in Canada.
The latest and greatest development within German armor designs calls for super heavy tank. Production for some 50 tanks has been ordered to put them to the test.
Operation Eisenstrum is in full fury. The Fallschirmjäger have dropped all over the country with total surprise. Within the first hour the government has been trapped with no way out. The country is sure to fall.
Johannesburg is taken after heavy fighting.
The bleeding of the Fallschirmjäger weighs heavily on our training. They have the highest losses in the Wehrmacht yet they are vital to our success all over the world.
The capture of the government quickly flips the country around. The promise land gains and the clear defeat of the United Kingdom makes it all the much easier to join us. In addition some 37.000 POW taken by Axis forces are promised to be returned when the fighting ends.
They are quickly called into the war trapping the British between German, Italian, Portuguese, and South African troops.
The production of atomic weapons requires a much larger investment than first thought yet Germany has the power to see the project through. We must be first to produce an atomic bomb!
The Brazilians are cleaned out of West Africa.
More Brandenburgers for the Fallschirmjäger.
The Fallschirmjäger are quickly sent to bolster the SAF troops fighting the British.
While the panzer divisions clear out the last “free French” troops.
India is granted self-rule. While the British held back the promise to after the war after such a long time of dominating Germany is quick to let them rule themselves. The split between the Hindu and Muslim communities is sure to prove challenging and we have offered our full aid in whichever way the government leans.
Technology continues at a remarkable pace in Germany. After the development of our first helicopter capable of carrying up to 10 troops the logical next step is a doctrine to use the troops. A concept has emerged similar to the Fallschirmjäger. Instead of being dropped by plane helicopters will carry troops and supplies into combat allowing both medical evacuation and rapid reinforcement. Training has begun for some 50.000 troops in this concept who are currently training in Russia.
The Abwehr finally returns with their report on Italy. It would seem the fighting in Africa has claimed a untold amount of lives. The incompetence of Mussolini is becoming all the more apparent.
Development continues.
German Panzer divisions are quickly destroying the resistance in the Congo that has held back the Italians for years.
Fighting is tough in the jungle yet our troops persevere.
And the final surrender in Africa takes place in Demba. Africa is now completely controlled by the Axis.
The V-1 and V-2 missiles that have seen some use have proven the strength of rockets. A smaller rocket capable of locking onto heat signals of an airplane has gone into production and is sure to be far more effective than the ancient system of filling the air with lead.
The Indian government is dominated by the Azad Hind who fought so hard to liberate Germany. The Leader Subhas Chandra Bose was the primary Indian commander of the Indian troops and is now leading the country. A Hindu, the Muslim population is sure to face suppression.
The first Super Heavy brigade is deployed to begin trials in Northern Germany.
News reaches us that the Americans have landed in Japan. Bold beyond all reason the Japanese are in a state of panic but calls for heroic sacrifice for the Emperor has triggered frenzy in the country.
Japanese men, old and young alike rush to the aid of their home country. In the air the kamikaze strikes hit American ships hard. The Americans meanwhile have landed a huge amount of tanks and as such it will be Japanese spirit against the technology of the Americans.
The news of the American invasion of Japan triggers a large Chinese uprising.
Meanwhile back in Europe a large scale recruitment program has created The Freiwilligen Armee Europa. Composed of troops all over Europe they are equipped with German arms and uniforms with their national insignia on their uniforms. The majority of the recruitment was undertaken by the SS except for in France where the SS have an infamous reputation.
Italian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and even British. They will be a large part of the invasion of America which is to be a crusade by Europe to show our dominance over the rogue continent.
The Super heavy armor proved sufficient depending on bridge strength but with lots of engineers with heavy bridging equipment it is hoped that the new Maus tank can prove effective. Hitler took the opportunity to name the division after the Advisor. The troops in the division are still confused by the seemingly random name.
The final division of Turkey leaves a small government to control the north central part of the country. Turks are moved en masse out of the new zones while minorities are moved out. Personal belongings are seized en masse as the Turks are forced to move into the small zone allowed for them. Just payback for what they did to the Armenians during the last war.
Operation Wiking
The Invasion plan for America calls for an island hopping campaign similar to that embarked on by the Japanese and American troops in the Pacific. Our lack of carriers makes this even more important as our ships need to be under the cover of the Luftwaffe.
In the south the Acores must be taken back from the Americans who seized the islands many years ago.
While resistance was expected to be heavy in Iceland the small garrison was quickly destroyed by overwhelming force. A total of three men died in the assault as the garrison was bombarded to hell and back by the Jet bomber He-343.

A back line force it was both inexperienced and lacking in weaponry. The fraternization between them and Icelandic women has been a problem of much anger in Iceland. We have however prepared a garrison brigade made out of Scandinavians to try and appease the government.
Using the American airfields constructed on the Island the HE-343’s fly towards Godthab in Greenland which has become an important naval base for American troops. The port facilities have been expanded heavily since 1941 and will be of great use to us although the arctic climate is sure to pose large problems.
The garrison includes the American 4. Marine Division, a tough battle is sure to follow for the Fallschirmjäger.
Bombing continues but the large distance between Iceland and Greenland means only the HE-343 and heavily modified double engine piston aircraft can reach it.
On the 10th of June the first wave of Fallschirmjäger dropped out of the beastly FW-200 transport plane. As the Luftwaffe is unable to provide heavy support the Kreigsmarine is called in to use their naval bombardment against the Americans.
The British volunteer division is the first unit at hand to react to the need for more troops and is quickly transported to aid the Fallschirmjäger.
More Fallschirmjäger are dropped to aid the all but broken first wave who is pulling towards the coast as the volunteers push forward.
Even in late July the weather is at a freezing -27 Celsius.
The American Navy finally appears to contest our invasion.
The battle without any air support still turns into a victory.
Raeder is not one to let the enemy get away and chases them sinking an American carrier.
The arrival of the German Marine Strum Korps is sure to end this long and costly battle.
Another engagement leads to a “victory” in that the American troops were seen of but our damaged navy suffered losses with nothing returned on the Americans.
On the 16th of August Hirohito announces the defeat of the American invasion force. The Divine Wind has protected the nation yet again. On the beaches of Tsu the American troops were subjected to a large Banzai Charge by the Japanese. As nearly 100.000 men became cramped into the port to try to escape to the small ships that still dared to approach under the Kamikaze plane strikes. In the end some 70.000 troops were captured with many more dying. Japanese losses have not yet been disclosed but are expected to be in the several hundreds of thousands.
The battle for Greenland finally ends and with it the end of Operation Wiking. 27.000 men lay dead in the snow and ice of Greenland. They share their snowy graves with 10.000 Americans but many more Americans enter captivity for their sacrifice. The north-east of Greenland is quickly secured by small patrols destroying the last weather stations held by the Allies. Greenland has become a tomb for the Fallschirmjäger and it is clear that their use independently without sufficient air support is near suicidal. Yet like always they persevered,

The survivors get to work burying the dead during the heavy snowfalls. Digging into the frozen ground is near impossible and whenever they take a break the snow covers the grave, the helmets barely sticking above the snow. Their deaths shall not be in vain as work is started on increasing the ports and airfields on Greenland. Yet no victory is great enough to a mother for the loss of a son. A well earned break is given to the fallschirmjäger as they reequip but soon they will be back in action.

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