Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 3 "A World at War"

Author: Ballor_I
Published: 2018-03-07, edited: 2018-03-14

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Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 2: "Conflict and Consequences"

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Welcome back to Naval Supremacy! We resume with a shot of the war in the east.
The Japanese/Minoan border is again heavily militarised.
Champa have quite the military between their core cities.
Quick look in on the isolated Mann shows us nothing of note.
Fidel Castro has his pantheon up.
Buccs declare war on Minoa! Morgan you're crazy.
The Maori are once again growing a military. Another prelude to war?
Indonesia fiercely defends Medan from the forces opposing them
Hawaii had forward settled Tahiti, a move that surely will not provoke conflict.
The forces assailing Indonesia have melted away, for now.
Morgan orders his troops to begin.
Medan comes under attack again as Two Sicilies send a settler south to colonise the southern island.
An overview of the central theatre of war.
And a better look at the forces of the Pirates.
Faroe Isles are growing their cities like mad!
And surprising nobody, Tojo declares war on Minos, again.
We move now to look at the distant fortress of Cyprus.
Medan drops back to yellow.
Conflict erupts all over the shared Japanese/Minoa/Bucc border
And the Maori won't stay out of this for long.
The Tahiti cargo ship is pointedly avoiding the Hawaiians suggesting imminent war.
Medan is holding in the yellow.
Malia takes damage from the Japanese.
The buccs send in triremes to assist
Medan falls back to Two Sicilies!
Malia drops to the bottom end of yellow...
Two Sicilies has made a religion out of this! Right as Medan stays in the black, though Indonesia moves close to last.
Malia is in the Black...
And the Maori predictably launch their assault on Japan.
Minos and Tojo make peace as Malia recovers a bit.
Medan is desperately trying to hold.
Spot the difference.
Japan has already dealt with their southern attackers.
Tahiti. Chill. Thats quite the fleet you have there.
Malia has nearly recovered to yellow.
Medan is about to fall back to its founder.
Japan pushes the Maori away, as the Bucc forces start to melt back into the forests.
Corsica's core is nearly carpeted.
Indonesia recovers Medan.
The Buccs are in full retreat.
Two Sicilies found a southern outpost.
Japan and Maori have peaced out.
And the first War in Paradise has been declared! Tahiti immediately launches an assault.
And has total naval control over the local island chain.
Although Hawaii has quite the military in their core too.
Its the Faroe's turn to assail Indonesia, whose defensive forces are looking thin on the ground.
Kailua-Kona is already in the red.
And falls.
Kamehameha despatches his military to attempt to retake his aggressive settle.
Annd the Faroe Military has been sunk.
Theres still fighting, but Minos is nearly fully recovered.
Oh. And now a double DoW comes in against Japan from Corsica and Cyprus? I dont really see this going anywhere.
A look at the Cypriot core shows... not much build up.
Surabaya takes damage.
Hawaiian forces are moving towards Tahiti, but the first War in Paradise has probabaly already peaked.
Cyprus forward settles Iceland, will Ingolfur accept this?
Mann have grown formidably.
Another look at the Minoan/Bucc stalemate shows us no real military efforts in the Corsican gulf.
Champa have settled more cities in their core.
A few triremes are in the gulf, but it seems the war is destined to go nowhere.
The war in the East seems to have fizzled out.
The Hawaiian advance forces close in on the Tahitian defence fleet.
Cyprus is the one deploying their military to this war!
Some Bucc knights have made it to the gates of Malia.
Iceland hasnt yet responded to the city on their borders.
The Faroe again despatch a huge force to attack Gajah.
Battle is joined!
...and immediately called off as the Commanders declare peace.
Medan again takes damage as the war heats up...
Credit where its due, Cyprus has put effort into this fight.
A look at the progress of the different religions and their beliefs.
Medan drops to yellow...
Minos is the happiest!
And Mann, interestingly, are unhappy. Must be the isolation.
Medan drops to Red.
The Faroe Isles core is HUGE!
Infoaddict Time! Faroe leads in population!
Champa leads in Production.
Two Sicilies tops the manpower chart.
Faroe leads in Tech.
Mann leads in cities.

That concludes this part. As usual, I'm /u/Ballor_I and thank you for reading! Peace!

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