Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 2: "Conflict and Consequences"

Author: Ballor_I
Published: 2018-03-07, edited: 2018-03-14
Hello hello everybody, I am /u/Ballor_I and I will be your host for my first attempt at an AI Game!
There are 15 contenders battling for glory on the seas of this world, which is a randomly generated Archipelago map, and everybody is starting in the Classical era to avoid the boredom of no expansion being possible during the Ancient times.
Game speed is set to Historic, so expect this to drag out for a while as these 15 battle to take every other capital on the map.

In addition to the Civs I am about to introduce you to, there is a small shortlist of mods I am running for your enjoyment:
-Future Worlds
-Historical Religions Complete
-More Luxuries
-Aggressive & Expansive AI
-Bigger Empires

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Naval Supremacy

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 1: The First 50 Turns

Images: 27, author: Ballor_I, published: 2018-03-07

Welcome back to Naval Supremacy! We start with a look at Two Sicilies and the Faroe Isles.
Japan and Minoa have an uneasy peace.
Iceland's core is growing well.
And the Champa already have an impressive foothold.
Tojo is moving a fleet towards the Maori, is he planning something?
He is! Japan declares war.
Kaiapoi is taking damage but the Maori are aggressively defending.
Already Tojo's fleet has disintegrated.
And by the looks of it, the war will just stalemate to nothing.
Though Japan have moved a significant force to attempt to capture the city.
Quick glance at the Corsican core shows a strong growth with four cities.
Meanwhile Two Sicilies is beginning to heavily militarise.
The Maori continue to aggressively defend and it looks like they'll hold.
And the war fizzles out with no exchange of territory.
Quick glance at Hawaii now and we see comfortable growth.
And then there's the Buccs, do you have enough cities yet Morgan?
Corsica have quite the military built, are they planning to attack somebody?
Two Sicilies declares war on Indonesia! It doesnt look like either of them have a significant force on the front lines, though Two Sicilies have a few Triremes, but its a war in this part of the world.
Medan takes some damage but the opposing force has been obliterated.
Two turns later, Indonesia founds a religion and the Faroe Isles declare war!
Quick look at Japan suggests another war is brewing.
Morgan settles even more aggressively.
Aquila takes some damage from Indonesia.
A look in everyone's treasuries shows this is a war in the richest part of the world.
That's quite the army there, Japan...
A new attack fleet is slowly heading towards Medan.
And two turns later the city has taken damage, and the Faroe Isles have a fleet around it.
Iceland have a carpet.
Medan falls to yellow, but the faroe fleet is dying.
Tojo has Knights!
Medan drops to red,
And the city falls to Two Scilies!
Finally Tojo declares war on Minos again.
Indonesia attempts to reclaim their city.
Minos' army is beaten backwards by the Japanese.
One turn later Medan falls back to Indonesia!
Tojo starts to surround the city of Phaistos.
The Maori have a significant force in the water, are they planning an assault?
Phaistos is nearly surrounded yet takes no damage.
The coalition against Indonesia mounts another assault.
The Maori declare war on Japan, squeezing Tojo on both sides.
Medan falls back to Two Sicilies, and Gajah's forces are starting to look thin on the ground!
Phaistos finally takes some damage.
Medan does not look strongly defended by the Two Scilies military...
And peace again comes to Minoa and Japan, Tojo why.
Indonesia mounts an assault to reclaim their territory.
Tahiti have a large fleet around their core.
The Maori and Japan peace out having sent each other's fleets to a watery grave.
Medan holds, though it looks like not for long.
Gajah surrounds his former city.
The Buccs have a large, well established core with a significant military. Quite the power to watch.
Medan drops back to red.
Another check in on Corsica.
Castro's Cuba built the great wall off screen, it seems.
And Medan falls back to Indonesian hands.
However the Faroe Isles are mounting an assault of their own.
And as you can see the war is starting to cost the Indonesians their infrastructure.
Checking in on Cyprus and Iceland.
All three civilisations in this shot have militarised.
Medan drops back to yellow from the Faroe fleet.
However it seems the attack has been repelled.
Tojo again seems to want to mount an assault on Minos.
And a look East shows the Buccs preparing a force. What are you planning, Morgan?
And with this part coming to a close, a look at the Wonders table shows Champa leading.
Infoaddict time! Faroe dominate on population.
The Buccs lead in production.
And GNP.
And in Military Power!
Faroe leads the way in Tech.
Meanwhile Minos is the happiest. (Also you can finally see that the Soviet Union is my observer civ of choice.)
Faroe Isles and Two Scilies are super rich, Indonesia has been having to spend a lot...

Once again, I have been /u/Ballor_I and I will see you next time for Part 3!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 3 "A World at War"

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