Conquest of the Old World: Part One - Indigenous Imperialists

Author: archie0
Published: 2019-06-10, edited: 1970-01-01

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Conquest of the Old World

I'm u/carbon14, otherwise known as grant, and welcome to the Conquest of the Old World AI Game, where native americans, north and south, battle it out amongst themselves and against primitive tribes to become the mightiest imperialist.

Our first indigenous colonizer is the elusive Beothuk under Nonosbawsut, a spectre of mystery both in code and in history. Like the other natives, they begin with three cities, three pikemen, two workers and a couple of trebuchets. Their pioneers are currently deep into the Atlantic, wandering somewhere west of Scotland.
Next to them lie the Wabanaki under Henri Membertou, famous for their legendary leaders and mothlike triremes. Relatively isolated on the american stage, they should have no trouble wrestling control of the seas.
Deep into Appalachia and the mid-atlantic, we find the peaceful Iroquois and the bellicose Powhatan, wielding lancers and trebuchets. Although but a humble creation of MayorS, the Powhatan have a reputation for war, but could find difficulty navigating the thick forests and mountains.

To the north and west of them are the Cherokee, under chief Attakullakulla, and the Mississippi, under Tuskaloosa.
Further south lie the Calusa under Caalus; their mastery of the everglades might not be so useful against larger, warlike civs, but their naval agility could net them some early colonies in Africa.
The Taino under Agueybana control the Greater Antilles, with the cities of Boriken, Ayiti and Cubao, respectively. They may make for a slow start, but their Cacique points are nothing to laugh about.
Controlling much more territory than in history are the Kalinago, acting more as a representation of carib-derived tribes than Kairouane's domains. They should act as a buffer to the Taino and the Kuikuro to the south, and go for some important island settles.
Down to Brazil we find it evenly split between the Tupi and the Kuikuro, occupying roughly contrasting biomes. Being close to Africa, the Tupi and Kuikuro have a prime opportunity to settle, but war between the two is unlikely, given the terrain.
Now we head toward the pioneers and the native civilizations themselves. The Wabanaki fleet find themselves adrift in the Irish Sea, while the city-state of Dublin and the fertile lands of Henry VIII look on with distrust.
In Iberia and France, the Iroquois and the Powhatan straddle towards the respective civs of Tophat's France under Louis IX, and my Leon under Alfonso IX. The city-state of Tartessos also makes an appearance.
Towards the Canaries, the Cherokee sails about the cities of Adeje and Anfa (classical Casablanca). If you've noticed the odd colors, I'm using a mod that mixes them up a bit.
Down to Cape Verde we see three civilizations, the Calusa, the Taino and the Kalinago, vying it out while the Serer under Ama Joof watches below. A sparse but empty region, any settles will be a must-watch.
In west Africa we find the Tupi and Kuikuro, along with the city-state of Nyeni (capital of Mali).
Ngarzagamu, the Kanem-Bornu capital, and the Ashanti under Osei Tutu fill out the bottom of the African region.
Let's not forget Egypt under Akhenaten on the outskirts, isolated from any state but the city-state of Athens to the north.

An underused (and contraband) mod by JFD, should they come into contact with the colonizers expect a full-throated resistance.
Numidia under Massinissa with its unique ability of purchasing other civilization's units (combined with the ability of an as-yet-unshown civ) could prove to be a regional power, but the mountains may make that dream futile for now.
Ahead to the warm slopes of Italy and the Balkans, we find the Two Sicilies in enlightened isolation, save for the city-state of Syracuse and Ragusa (I would have had the real thing, but World-Builder has a limit of 22 civs)
Moving to central Europe, we find Hungary under Stephen I and the Jomsvikings, the civ that may prove critical to the game, for its abiltity that allows other civs, invader and native, to purchase its unique Longswordsman, the Malemann. The city-state of Milan populates the Alps, at least for now.
Scandanavia is barren of civilization, but two cities make themselves home: Oslo and Copenhagen.
Here's a shot of the BeoFleet straddling towards the Hebrides, a kind of reverse to the original Icelandic and Viking explorers who reached the Beothuk's home of Newfoundland.

Due to the size of the game and the quality of my pc new part won't post themselves overnigght, but expect a couple of parts every few weeks.

Will Beothuk subdue the English? Will the Cherokee crumble the walls of Casablanca? Find out in the next part!

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