Map Maker's City Game P1.1

Author: Samppwli
Published: 2018-01-28, edited: 2018-01-29
Welcome to new AI only game. Introduction of the cities and their location comes first. Then the first part will contain the first 100 turns. Remember to post your lottery number for the next part!
Hey there, the battle starts with introducing every city's location on the map. You'll find the buffed cities with increased population and additional military units.
This part of the map is stacked. There might be plenty of action around here.
Redwood City with an unlucky spot, but the increased defense will protect greatly in early game attacks.
Introduction is over and after 30 turns actions has been very little.
Only buffed cities Pera-Perälä and Ebla looking strong with their militaries, but this is the beginning after all.
Redwood City looking good with their buffs, might be actions coming in here.
PERÄ-PERALA declares first war of the serie on Phoenix after 37 turns! Pera's army is probably too weak for having any chance of crushing Phoenix, even though Phoenix having no troops at the moment.
First charge from the Pera army!
Pera seem to have built a catapult for the raid, this is going to be interesting if Pera is going to build even more units.
Pera trying to still raid Phoenix. But with these units the winning percents are minimal.
Pera trying to corner Phoenix.....
Catapult unit's effort come by sea is a mistake, this Pera's attack seems to be a failure.
Phoenix's defense wins the battle! This seems to be a stalemate.
Pera still trying to be bully Phoenix but the peace have been made temporarily.
Maybe Ebla watching a place for a surprise attack?
In the SE side Redwood City might try for a raid?
Only the buffed cities seem to have good armies at the moment.
EBLA declared war on Phoenix! Another war including just recovered Phoenix. And against another buffed city.
Ebla still doesn't seem very active with their declaration.
PERA-PERÄLÄ joining the crusade for taking Phoenix down! The army this time doesn't even seem to be crucially better than in the last war between these two.
Armies growing in the Middle Lands.
Also Pawnee growing their army in the SW side.
In the NE also armies growing.
REDWOOD CITY declaring war on Dr. Teeth! Seems to be another defensive victory. Trireme's aren't made for a good raid.
Ebla seem to be unactive with the war declaration, but Pera coming with an attack.
Seems to be another victorious defense for the Phoenix's side.
Also Redwood's war declaration doesn't seem to be very active.
Toronto built a Catapult there might be war declaration coming.
Redwood City's trireme's still try to attack, it should be a easy defensive victory.
Pera's attack seem to be now only a robbery.
Ebla seem to not care about the war after all.
Crucial defeat for Redwood side, Dr. Teeth's defense going strong.
Pera's archers taking last resort to bully Phoenix even more.
Ebla making peace with Phoenix.
Redwood City also make peace with Dr. Teeth.
TORONTO declaring war to Jerusalem! Toronto still lacks good military power, this will probably end up as defensive victory.
Pera's units start to retreat. This war seem to be over, again. Another defensive victory for the Phoenix side.
Boatmurdered seem to have built a strong army, there might be action here soon.
Toronto's attack seem to have fallen apart after crucial failure, taking their units to the sea.
Another peace treaty with these two. I wonder when the next battle will come.
Jerusalem with a defensive victory over lacking Toronto army.

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