Map Maker's City Game P1.2

Author: Samppwli
Published: 2018-01-28, edited: 2018-01-29
PART 1 CONTINUES HERE, watch the 1.1 part before this.

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Map Maker's City Game P1

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Map Maker\'s City Game P1.1

Images: 49, author: Samppwli, published: 2018-01-28, edited: 2018-01-29

Toronto units retreating.
Sri Jaywarden seem to looking for attack to Phoenix?
Utje in the NW starting their invetigation.
BOATMURDERED declares war to Zabrze! This might be interesting one, but if the defensive side plays their cards well their should not be no worries for Zabrze's citizen's.
Boatmurdered starting their raid.
Effingham also growing their army in the NE
ANTIOCH joins the war vs. Zabrze! This looking bad for Zabrze.
Boatmurdered getting heavy losses, but Antioch has the chance to raid.
Toronto makes peace with Jerusalem.
Zabrze looking to fall, only a miracle will keep them alive.
Sri Jaywarden probably seeking for war against Phoenix.
PERA-PERÄLÄ and SRI JAYWARDEN declares war on Phoenix! Phoenix could fall now.
Also EFFINGHAM declares war on Saint-Louis!
Zabrze looking to fall but it's going to be close.
Phoenix looking to fall. Third time is going to fall for the Phoenix state.
Saint-Louis is greatly protected by mountains. Defensive victory will probably happen.
This probably a good bye for Phoenix.
Boatmurdered retreating, Zabrze still alive after this raid?
Antioch starting their major attack against Zabrze.
Armies growing in the SE side.
No action still in the NE war zone.
Phoenix taking last breaths.
Antioch coming for the attack. (The colors seem to be the same so only unit for Zabrze is their archer inside the city)
PAWNEE declaring war on Jerusalem! (Again cities with same color, Jerusalem's only units are inside their borders)
Zabrze taking major losses, could this be the end?
PHOENIX FALLS! Pera-Perälä takes the city!
Zabrze survives for now, Antioch lacks melee units.
Dunkirk being alone in the island the whole part.
Utje also enjoying with no interaction to others.
Antioch retreats, Zabrze survives another attack.
No major attacks coming in the NE.
EBLA declaring war on Pera-Perälä!
Is Ebla this time gonna make a major move?
Jerusalem gathering more units, the defense seem to be too strong for Pawnee.
No major losses for Saint-Louis side.

This is the end of part 1. Remember to choose your lottery number and post strategies to the comments!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Map Maker\'s City Game P2

Images: 37, author: Samppwli, published: 2018-02-04, edited: 2018-02-06

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