Mediterranean AI - Part: 13: 140 Turns of Fun and Flips

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Published: 2018-03-17, edited: 2018-05-13

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Mediterranean AI

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Mediterranean AI - Part: 12 Rumpstate Slaughter

Images: 79, author: porkpotpie, published: 2018-03-13, edited: 2018-04-04

Good day all, welcome back to the Mediterranean AI game. It's been a bit, and for that you have my apologies, but class has been tough.

Anyway, lets take a look at the votes: out of 29(!) votes cast Moldavia received 15, which is understandable. Israel received 6, while the Berbers received 4. Finally, Rome got 3 and France 1.

Since the last part about a month ago, we've sen the elimination of several nations: The Georgians, Hetmanate, Alans, Rashidun, Spartans, Asturians, and most of the Bosnians.
We start this part off with Israel building Angelnet, which doubles the abilities of late game defensive buildings called Utility Fogs, and gives them each 2 additional happiness.
In northern Africa, the Iberians have declared war on the Berbers again. They have a larger army in the region so its possible that they may actually make progress.
The Iberians capture Ubari, and we can see that the Berbers really have no military force in the region.
Unfortunately for the Berbers, the Bavarians have declared war on them. Too bad nothing will happen as a result of such an action.
Except for that possibly. The Moroccans, Israelis, and Bosnians join the war against the Berbers.
Israel leads in tech, unsurprisingly.
Apparently Bosnia is allies with the Berbers? Eh, whatever, the Bosnians declare war on Bavaria.
More importantly, France doeclares war against the Berbers as well. This should be interesting. Hopefully.
France takes Rijeka, and Nuremberg and Regensburg are at 0 health. Also, the Moldavians might join in on this war.
Nuremberg falls to the French next, and it looks like Regensburg will soon follow.
Yup, Regensburg fell and now Munich is at 0 health. That's three cities in 5 turns.
In Egypt most of Egypt's cities are wounded, with only 3 cities undamaged. Memphis is on the front line and the Berbers have the advantage in men and materiel.
Egypt is taking the offense in Anatolia, taking Tarhuntassa from the Hittites.
In Algeria the Iberians have taken Thugga, and a huge, if outdated, Moroccan army heads to the front.
Some of you probably noticed, but France captured Munich this turn as well. Bavaria's 4 cities have fallen within 6 turns, which is CBR 2.1 levels of quickness. Bavaria has enough forces to attempt to capture their capital, so we won't count them out just yet.
The Hittites lost then recaptured Berytos, but instead of keeping it they've revived the Phoenicians! This can only end in disaster.
Israel has the full power of the Nexus! Its like a land-based aircraft carrier that heals friendly units and damages enemy units. And it looks cool.
The Turks and Golden Horde (all 2 of their units in the Black Sea) have declared war on the Phoenicians. The Hittites should have kept that city instead of handing it to the Turks.
The Bavarians have used up the last of their military to retake their capital. Good for them, it shouldn't last though.
We look away for half a turn, Berytos has been captured by the Turks. Meanwhile, the Hittites have recaptured Tarhuntassa.
Out of nowhere Morocco captures Thugga, likely from a Berber counterattack.
The Berbers capture Memphis and flip Bilbais. The Egyptian core is up next on the chopping block.
Wow, the Iberians make a naval landing and capture Carthage. Impressive.
Too bad it doesn't stick, and the Berbers recapture both Carthage and nuke Thugga off of the map. The Moroccans capture Constantine in retribution. Israel and the Berbers make peace.
Military rankings, unsurprisingly Moldavia is in first. Israel is surprisingly low.
Egypt makes peace with the Berbers. Too bad it only cost them Luxor and Napata, as well as all of their holdings to the west of the Nile.
For some reason, Napoleon makes peace with Bavaria. What the hell?
Iberia makes peace with the Berbers after capturing Ubari. Overall, a net loss for the Berbers as they nuked Thugga off of the map and lost Ubari.
Return to Anatolia. The Hittites and Turks make peace, unfortunate that it cost the Hittites both Tarhuntassa and al-Quds.
Remember that the Bosnians and Bavarians were at war? Well Bosnia captured Bavaria's capital. Bavaria has no remaining military, and is thus eliminated.

Bavaria (Rank: Ranking System Likely Broken 13/58) was a successful turtle for most of the game. They went to war with a few neighbours, Luxembourg and Hungary, yet failed to accomplish anything. They captured one city from Luxembourg and proceeded to raze it, then founded their own city on the same spot. Overall, poor showing.
The Hittite-Egyptian peace deal didn't last very long, they're back at it again.
And 7 turns later, the deed is done. The Berbers and Morocco make peace.

The Hittites (Rank: 12/58) didn't expand much, getting into early conflicts with the eastern Umayyads. They gave away all of their cities except their capital for peace, but then managed to get them back somehow in some shrewd wars. Quite a confusing AI to say the least.
The Berbers and Egypt are at war again.
One turn later, Cairo and Bilbais fall.
Followed by Meroe.
And then Sana'a and Eboda.
Egypt makes peace with the Berbers, effectively becoming the Hittites. Karma is a pain, eh?
Militaries increase in size.
Iberia and the Berbers are back at it. Morocco looks set to join in as well.
Check out this bad boy. Its a Bio-Titan, one of the strongest late game melee units. It also spawns units when enemies are close.
Morocco, Israel, and Bosnia join in against the Berbers. Again.
Israel quickly captures Sana'a, and Eboda looks like it'll fall soon.
Tarhuntassa falls to Israel as well.
Napoleon declares war on the Berbers, but more importantly Moldavia declares war on him. The war between the first and second military powers begins.
The Berbers capture Aghat from Iberia.
As expected, Eboda falls to Israel, and all of Egypt's former core are in the red.
Rijeka falls to the Moldavians, and Regensburg looks like its in trouble.
The Berbers fight back, capturing Tel Aviv. The Sinai looks like it could be hotly contested, at least for the moment.
France recaptures Rijeka. Thrilling narration, eh?
The borders return to their prewar locations.
Oh, Moldavia pushes a bit and captures both Rijeka and Regensburg. 9 turns after France captures the area. Lots of turns are passing, just so you know.
Israel makes a push and captures Eboda, Sana'a, and Luxor.
Iberia makes a push as well, and captures Cirta and Constantine.
Israel solidifies their southern foothold and captures Meroe.
Ubari is nuked off of the map as the Berbers and Bosnia make peace.
Israel captures Napata, Cairo, and Bilbais.
France's original borders are back. The French army, however, looks thin in this sector.
Iberia pushes to take Thamugadi and Bulla Regia. They may be overstretched though.
They were, and lose Thamugadi, Bulla Regia, and Cirta in the peace deal.

Also, France will make peace with the Berbers next slide but nothing will change so I won't show it to you.
Memphis falls ot Israel, though the Berbers have a Genoswarm next to the city. Fun fact, Genoswarms are melee units that have high mobility but die at the end of the turn doing damage to surrounding enemy units.
Morocco cheekily settles Sale between the Berbers and Iberia. A good air force base for future attacks, if it stays Moroccan.
The Berbers and Israel make peace. Great gains for Israel in this war.
I forgot that Morocco and the Berbers were at war. Well, they aren't anymore.
Those are some happy empires.
And 25 turns later, we see a lot of tourism.
We'll end this part with Moldavia recapturing Rijeka. Not a lot of action this part, but two eliminations happened.

Here's a poll, vote if you want:
Stats. Here are the scores.
Israel dominates the population game with their new conquests.
Production as well, though that's not due so much to their new cities.
Militaries. France built up during their war. The Moldavians not so much.
We see that essentially everyone has completed the tech tree.
Moldavia leads the city race.
Israel has many wonders, dang.
And for shiggles, tourism stats.

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