Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 11

Published: 2017-01-31

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 10

Images: 43, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31

Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 11
A Finnish machine gunner scans the forests in front of him for enemy movement. It was just 3 months ago when the Soviets attacked his very position and killed half his unit. From the trees, hundreds of Soviets armed with Mosin Nagants begin to charge towards his lines. He steadies his Chauchat machine gun and unloads devastating volleys into the Russians. This is the Winter War.
Welcome back to Maantie on Kova Kävellä! Our story resumes with more foolish attacks by the Soviets along our front.
In the Far East, a standstill has been reached as Nepali and Bhutanese troops keep the Japanese at bay.
Our men reach the outskirts of Apatity and march to liberate it from the partisans that rose up in the province a month ago.
Our men are often ambushed by partisans all throughout this area, so it is no surprise when the partisans begin to target our supply depots.
More Soviet partisans rise up near Murmansk. Lack of supplies means that we cannot hope to retake these provinces immediately.
The Soviet partisans rise up to resist the "Derussofication" Campaign waged by Minister Jouko Itälä. Even if they are losing the war, they refuse to lose their culture.
We take a province from the rebels but have to retreat from it due to a shortage of food and fuel.
Iceland has been the home of many Allied bomber wings since Britain fell. Hitler has given the authorization to invade it once and for all with a corps of marines.
The quiet seaside towns of Iceland soon become battlefields, as German marines fight the British and American troops stationed there.
Eventually the port and main airfield fall to the Germans. The starved Allies fall back into the mountains to make a last stand.
The July elections finish, as our National Socialists take 63% of the vote. Our people are eager to win the war and very proud of our men's progress!
In Burma, the Japanese finally break through the British defenses. The British Empire is now on its last leg.
It appears the Imperial Japanese cannot be stopped by these foolish colonial troops fighting for their English overlords!
A landing of Japanese SNLF occurs outside Calcutta, the British capital. It is at this point, Hitler reluctantly agrees to divert some men to aid the Japanese in taking India.
The Allies continue to be pressed back into the Icelandic mountains by the German troops.
The Russian partisans in Finland begin to fortify their little villages. Bombing sorties are ordered on their positions to aid our infantry.
The Allied garrison in Iceland surrenders to the Axis. Over 8,000 men surrender to the Germans. Many of these are high ranking officers or pilots stationed to the island while they plan the retaking of Europe.
Our bombing runs prove to be very effective as the partisans disperse after only a week.
In the south, the Reds continue to throw themselves at our lines. They will bleed for every inch of soil!
In the Middle East, the Italians have taken the Suez Canal and now have pushed into Palestine.
The Italians are urged to march on Iraq by the German high command. They happily comply.
In Manchuria, the Japanese continue to push back the Soviets.
German marines arrive outside Calcutta to take the city. It is believed to be one of the last major cities needed before the British will surrender and thus is crucial that it is taken by German soldiers.
Like in London, only Danish infantry guards the capital. They will be slaughtered by the marines.
Calcutta falls and the British are pushed to the breaking point.
Their new capital is Bombay, but one more loss like Calcutta and the British may surrender entirely.
Back in Finland our men are ordered to march into the partisan provinces to clear them.
Over 550 men and women are executed in these villages for being suspected Soviet partisans.
The Derussofication will continue! No more will the reds control our people or our lands!
In Iberia, Portugal has been allowing the Americans and British to use their ports for repairs and planning. This cannot stand any longer so Hitler issues an ultimatum: Join the Axis or be forced into it. Portugal refuses.
War is declared and the Germans attempt a landing in Lisbon. Heavy naval bombardment cannot dislodge the Portuguese so a change of plans is needed to successfully invade.
On the day after, a mass revolt by Danish partisans occurs in Sjaelland. It is rumored that these men were armed by American spies.
These civilians will be crushed under the boot of the Reich just like the many others who have tried before them.
A change in plans is drawn up, as the Germans will land in Porto instead of Lisbon and march south.
The landing goes off without a hitch and the Germans massacre the Portuguese Army in the field.
In around 12 days, over half of Portugal has fallen.
The small and outdated Portuguese army can do little to prevent the German blitzkrieg.
Lisbon is shelled by the German battleships off the coast, giving support for the infantry to take the city.
Lisbon falls, and the rest of Portugal goes with it.
In the Middle East, the Italians have heeded to the Germans' advice and have taken all of Iraq.
Hitler was in Rome meeting Mussolini when the news broke. Great celebrations will be held all over Italy!
German ships, packed with men reach Bombay. They are ready to end the British Empire once and for all.
The veteran marines crack open the British defenses and march into the city.
The German marines are truly unstoppable!
All of Bombay falls and the British formally surrender to the Third Reich.
December 12th, V-E Day.
Massive celebrations are held all over Germany that put the Nuremberg Rallies of 1933 and 1938 to shame.
The German Reich has won a tremendous victory, but still Hitler is not satisfied. The Soviets must be dealt with. Hakkaa Päälle!

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