Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 12

Published: 2017-01-31

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 11

Images: 49, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31

With Western Europe defeated only one nation stands in the way of Hitler's New Order. The Soviet Union must fall!
South Africa is one of 5 remaining allied countries and remains a thorn in the side of the Axis. A small operation involving two corps is drawn up to knock them out of the war for good.
Along the Eastern Front, neither German nor Soviet make a move. A frontal assault by either side would result in senseless slaughter and sure defeat.
Some anti-war sentiment lingers in the Reich due to the lack of progress in the East and longevity of the war. This is swiftly dealt with by the Gestapo.
The Pentagon is finally finished in D.C. It is a massive building giving testament to the hard work and labor ideals of American society. It is here that the Marshals of the Soviet Union will meet the American High Command to discuss grand battle plans. It is reported that Stalin will visit the city some time this year.
The Japanese continue to route the Soviet soldiers in Siberia. Tannu Tuva is the latest country to fall to the Axis war machine.
The first landing in South Africa occurs in early February. The "Afrika Korps" are the title given to the men in these divisions.
The Afrika Korps is made up of hardened Wehrmacht veterans from all over Germany. They will make short work of the Boers and not stop until they reach Cape Town!
May 12th is set as the invasion date for Operation Serpent. If successful, this will be the first step to liberating Eastern Europe!
We begin to recruit two Military Police divisions with the purpose of suppressing dissent in our country. Most of the men are veterans of the Leningrad front, sent home on leave, and all of them have been handpicked due to their unyielding loyalty to our country. They will be sent to East Prussia to train under the guidance of the Gestapo and SS.
Soviet partisans continue to wreak havoc behind our lines, so it is imperative these police divisions can properly combat them.
We receive word from the Japanese Ambassador that Sydney has fallen to the IJA. We send our congratulations to Hideki Tojo on this accomplishment.
In Sweden, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers prepare for Operation Serpent.
Extensive bombing in Northern Finland has finally cleared out the partisans once again. With the police being deployed in May, our division we have here can be sent to the front where it is needed.
American paratroops of the 82nd Airborne have landed on the island of Gotland. These men are under Soviet command and have jumped with a number of Soviet political officers.
Some town halls and city buildings are taken by the paratroops. A corps meant to take part in Operation Serpent is diverted to deal with this.
The Kola peninsula is once again in our hands.
Scouts from the Svir River divisions report a massive retreat of Soviet divisions. A general advance is ordered by Mannerheim to take this free land.
River boats are used to transport our men across the Svir and further into Soviet territory.
Mongolia falls and the Japanese continue to push back the tired Soviet defenders.
We launch a series of small attacks near the Svir to give us more room on the Southern banks.
The front as of May 1943.
Some last minute changes are made to Operation Serpent due to a lack of divisions in East Prussia. This delays the operation 5 more days.
The German High Command are now some of the finest in the world after their many victories in Britain and France.
The Kriegsmarine arrives in position and begins to land its men. The Bismarck and Tirpitz fire their massive guns to destroy any enemy shore fortifications.
The marines land in the north as the infantry lands in the south. The far southern landing led by the SS is called off after proving to be too difficult to take.
The Wehrmacht will liberate the Baltic States from their Communist oppressors!
Mannerheim orders a series of attacks west of Leningrad. It is our hope to link up with the German Marines and relieve some pressure from them.
In East Prussia, the Germans are forced to retreat but quickly solidify their lines to hold back the Soviet hordes.
We win a very bloody victory, in part mostly to our aerial support. Our German allies are now only 4 provinces away.
More attacks are launched on the unsuspecting Soviets.
We suffer one of our largest defeats just south of Leningrad, however some fresh divisions are sent in to delay the Soviets from exploiting this victory.
The German advance is slow but steady, as city after city falls to them.
The urban combat of Riga and Tallinn is some of the most brutal ever seen in modern history, as German and Soviet soldiers fight hand to hand with whatever weapons they can find in the war torn cities.
More reports of victory pour into Mannerheim's headquarters. The victories of '39 seem to be repeating themselves.
We finally break the Soviet divisions outside Narva and rush to link our lines up with our German comrades.
German units under Finnish command since 1939 link up with their countrymen in Kingisepp. Joyous celebrations are held throughout the night which include much drinking and singing. Horst-Wessel-Lied can even be heard all the way in the Soviet trenches.
Our lines are stronger than ever and morale has reached an all time high!
The advance of the Germans continues!
We win a strong victory in Gatcina, with the Soviets taking 9 to 1 casualties.
Our bombers grind the Soviet resolve to dust leaving our men with only the cleanup.
A minor encirclement sees one German Division crushed but they are now less than 150 Kilometers from reaching East Prussia. Sacrifices must be made for the good of the Reich.
To Kaunas, To Memel, To Moscow! Sieg Heil!
We begin to launch coordinated attacks with our allies which work very well against the Reds.
Our police are finally deployed and quickly begin to crack down on the Soviet resistance. Weapons caches are destroyed and hundreds are arrested.
Front wide assaults are launched to drive the Soviets far away from the gates of Leningrad.
The Soviets put up a valiant fight, bloodying our divisions, but our men always prevail!
Victory after victory is achieved by our heroic soldiers! The time is now and victory is ours for the taking!
Our men are veterans of Leningrad, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Their loyalty and love for their country is unparalleled.
A German attack is finally launched from East Prussia, spearheaded by a Panzer division. Only a small corridor exists for the retreating Soviets who are now being encircled.
The trap slams shut and hundreds of thousands of Soviets are forced to surrender.
Citizens attempt to hide or disguise the soldiers, leading the SS to raze entire village of suspected sympathizers.
Our men reach Lake Ilmen after winning a series of victories. Leningrad is now safely 100 Kilometers behind the lines!
A continuous front now exists between Königsberg and Arkhangelsk. The front stretches around 2000 Kilometers in total and hundreds of thousands have died since the start of this war.
Our order of battle is slightly rearranged as some divisions have strayed too far from their corps headquarters. We also begin to launch the final attacks around Lake Onega to fully secure it.
With the last Soviet defenders surrendering on the island of Saaremaa, the Gulf of Finland is now entirely in Axis hands.
The remaining American paratroopers held up in Gotland finally surrender after extensive bombings by the Luftwaffe.
The Afrika Korps continues to storm across South Africa, with only Cape Town remaining.
In the Far East, American Marines storm the beaches of Indonesia. They hope to have much better success than their Soviet allies.
Communist China formally surrenders to the Japanese on the 18th of September. Another country has fallen.
German troops finally take Cape Town and defeat the local garrison stationed there. With all its major cities gone, and the British Isles formally in German hands, the South Africans surrender.
Operation Serpent has been a resounding success despite heavy losses on both sides. The Baltic States have been liberated.
The Swastika flies high over Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius but the war is far from over. For a much larger offensive will have to be planned to take Moscow and defeat the Soviets. Hakkaa Päälle!

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