A Communist Germany AAR: Part 2

Published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR

Images: 42, author: Bluntforce9001, published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

Germany in 1934
We resume our attempt to build German Socialism and liberate the International working class.
Germany 1934
The start of a new year in Germany. Last year we successfully stopped Germany falling into civil war, expelled the Stalinists from the country and established Europe’s first democratic Socialist state. We have torn up most of Versailles and begun arming ourselves against the Soviets and the Capitalists. There are still many threats to our existence, both from inside Germany and abroad. We must remain vigilant.
Last year we began “make-work” programs to employ the masses. These have been immensely popular with the German proletariat and given us world class infrastructure.
Political support
Our regime benefits from unparalleled support from the German worker. Regular pro-Government rallies are held outside the Reichstag and attract thousands of supporters.
Unemployment reaches 5%
In late January we finally bring unemployment down to just 5%. Our economic miracle has brought us bountiful praise from the German proletariat who will soon be given full control over the means of production. This has brought Socialism a great deal of respect both at home and abroad.
World Revolution
Using this new legitimacy we begin funding other revolutionaries in minor European states. Hopefully this will wake up the slumbering proletarian masses across Europe and cause a revolutionary wave.
The International
We make an official announcement of the inevitable world revolution. Crowds gather across Germany celebrating this revelation.
Western opposition
The Western powers don’t react well to this attempt at a world revolution and break diplomatic relations with our state. We doubt this will lead to war too soon however as the people of France and Britain are still recovering from the Great War and the Great depression. Not to mention the significant support socialists have in both countries who would be opposed to war with our Worker’s Republic.
We decide to promote the use of national flags in the Fourth International. While red flags would be preferred, we don’t want to cause unnecessary antagonism by forcing members to scrap their national flags. We are realists as well as idealists; we are visionary as well as practical. This is the key to our success.
2nd member of the International
To our complete surprise Poland falls to revolutionaries and becomes the second member of the International just weeks after we began funding them. It appears our aid just gave the Polish communists the edge they needed to overthrow the government. This has however given our International a border with the degenerate Stalinists to the East leading to increased Soviet hostility and a probable military build up against us. This will do wonders for Stalin’s infamous paranoia.
Prussian quest
Continuing our policy of scrapping Versailles we demand Prussia from our Polish comrades. This is a regretful decision but we need to unite Eastern Prussia with the rest of Germany to boost our party’s support among the population and acquire Prussia’s resources. We need everything we can get to defeat the Stalinists and the Capitalists. We will of course compensate the Poles financially for the land plus without our help, the Poles would not have even had a revolution!
Poles submit
The Poles submit to our demands, damaging our relations with the new government despite our compensation, though they don’t withdraw from the International. We will make it up to them at some point, somehow.
New borders
New borders in Prussia. We compromise with the Poles to allow them to maintain a port on the Baltic at Gdynia. Hopefully in some time we might be able to return some predominantly Polish land back to Poland once we secure our position in Europe but that will have to wait for now. Parades break out in Danzig to celebrate reunification with Germany.
Unholy alliance?
It appears that the Soviet Union is attempting to improve relations with the Capitalist powers. Hopefully this won’t lead to an unholy alliance against our Worker’s Republic, that would be the end of us.
Austrian Civil War
In response to our funding of foreign Communists, exiled Nazis in alliance with the Austrian reactionaries have begun killing our brothers in Austria. We will not stand for this and secretly send volunteers to overthrow the regime.
Revolution in Austria
Our volunteers surprise the Austrians and quickly defeat the remnants of the SA and loyal government forces. With Austria under socialist control we decide to incorporate Austria in the German Worker’s Republic as its newest state, in the name of internationalism of course.
Versailles scrapped
The Allies don’t take kindly to our latest breach of Versailles. It is obvious by this point that Versailles no longer applies to us, not that it ever did since we are a completely different state to Weimar Germany.
Hitler captured
The Nazis attempt one last counter revolution but fail to gain any support. Hitler and some other leading Nazis are captured and will be executed after we make a spectacle of them, thus ending the Nazi party as a credible organisation. Good riddance.
Counter revolution
The counterrevolution begins! The Fascists across our new south border declare war on the Republic, calling us a "Red menace" and a threat to Italy. It seems that the Fascists are seeking vengeance for our annexation of their ally Austria.
Unprepared army
Our army is still in a pitiful state and we are forced to accelerate plans to create a national people’s army. Hopefully our armies on the border with Italy can hold out long enough.
The People's Army
After a few days we have a new people’s army assembled, made up primarily of Great War veterans and general conscripts. While unpopular, this is necessary to defend the revolution from the counter-revolutionaries. All men are made to pledge loyalty to the republic and the international working class.
Organising the men
56 new infantry divisions are assembled in Berlin. While poorly trained and armed, we hope that they can defeat the Fascists through sheer numbers and ideological devotion. These divisions shall be divided into Corps of 3 divisions each and then moved to the Italian border.
Worker control acheived
In spite of the chaos caused by the war, we decide to finally transition into giving the working class control over the means of production. Capitalists are given the choice of either voluntarily joining the working class, or leaving the country. Regardless of their choice, their wealth shall be seized and re-distributed. Red flags adorn factories across Germany as the workers finally liberate themselves from the shackles of Capitalism.
First defeat
Our forces on the border are finally forced to retreat; giving the Italians their first major victory and leaving the path open for them to advance towards Vienna. Luckily for us, our Polish comrades send some divisions to help defend Innsbruck, securing Bavaria from attack.
The National People’s army arrives in Salzburg a few days later, though in its current state it is more of a mass of rabble than the army of the working class. The army is too disorganised and lacks leadership, meaning we'll have to wait a few more days before issuing orders.
We begin to mobilise the rest of the population. This will reinforce our divisions to maximum strength.
Defence at Graz
Our forces are too disorganised to effectively hold Graz and a general rout looks likely, despite them being under the direct control of our Chief of Staff Hans Marchwitza who had distinguished himself fighting the SA last year.
We begin a propaganda campaign to hopefully boost our population’s support for the war. The last thing we need are sympathisers with the Fascists.
Second defeat
Graz falls and it looks more likely that the Italians will be able to march straight into Vienna. We cannot let this happen as it would jeopardise the validity of the entire International. We are luckily having some success in attacking into Bolzano to the west which should draw Italian divisions away.
Assault at Klagenfurt
The People’s army is finally fit for combat and we begin by assaulting Klagenfurt to cut off Italians in Graz.
Breach in the Alps
Our cavalry makes it into Bolzano and immediately begins attacking unsuspecting Italians behind the front line
Our commanders report our first victory at Klagenfurt where we successfully expel the Italians from the province. 43,000 Italians are killed to our 17,000 which is a surprise as we were the ones attacking Italians in the mountains. In response to this victory, Italians in Graz begin retreating back into Italy, meaning Vienna is safe for now.
Revolution in Yugoslavia
With the best possible timing successful revolution occurs in Yugoslavia bringing the revolutionary Josip Broz or “Tito” to government. He has promised to immediately have Yugoslavian forces attack Italy to prove his country as a valuable member of the International.
Italians surrender en masse
Suffering from low morale, almost 8,000 Italians in Belluno surrender to our cavalry after being attacked for days. We quickly advance to try and encircle Italians still in Austria
Reaching Belluno we attack the lightly defended Venice to cut off Istria. Trent to the west is similarly attacked and Mussolini in recognition of the danger Italy has found itself in begins an emergency draft.
Trapped Italians
Venice is captured and we begin attacking the trapped Italians in Udine
Loan repaid
In April we repay the remainder of the loan that we took out to pay for our economic recovery. Hopefully we will never have to do this again.
Assault down Italy
The Italians retreat into Trieste but are immediately attacked again. We also begin assaulting neighbouring provinces south of Venice which are lightly defended.
Trapped Italians
Trieste is captured leaving the Italians trapped in Northern Istria.
Italy finally requests a ceasefire and offer to allow us to occupy northern Italy. Naturally we reject this as we want to liberate the entire Italian working class from the shackles of Fascism.
Reallocation of Industry
The three of our industrial research teams; Porsche, Mercedes and Opel have overlapping responsibilities and needlessly compete with one another. With all three of these companies now under worker control, we decide to merge them into one single organisation to reduce needless waste.
Retreat into Croatia
The Italians in northern Italy are defeated yet manage to retreat into Croatia. Rumours of Italian atrocities reach our men filling them with contempt for the Fascists.
Rome is attacked
Our other forces advance unopposed through central and northern Italy facing only emergency conscripts. Our cavalry begins attacking Rome itself as the bourgeois flee the city.
Fascist refugees
Italians in north-western Italy are being overrun but they are successfully delaying our armies allowing many to flee across the border into France. The Fascists will be France’s problem now.
Rome falls
The capital of Fascism falls to the German worker! The defence of Rome finally fails, with the Italians losing more than ten times the amount of men that we did. Mussolini and King Emmanuel III of Italy had already fled the city in fear of our red terror along with the entire Papacy which has relocated to Avignon in France. Despite our opposition to organised religion, we try to prevent excessive damage to the church as we don’t want to unnecessarily antagonise the entire Christian world.
Italian collapse
Italy a few days later. All of Northern Italy is occupied and the Italian army in Yugoslavia is on its last legs. Government is collapsing throughout the country and the Italian leadership has not been heard from in days...
The Italians finally surrender roughly 3 months after they declared war on us. Mussolini has been captured and hung by Italian communists and the last remnants of the Nazis are captured including high ranking members like Himmler and Goring. Unfortunately Italy has been devastated both by the war and capitalists fleeing the country. Many loyal Fascists have joined the armies of capitalist countries in hope that they will one day reclaim Italy and King Emmanuel III successfully fled to the United Kingdom. Despite these minor issues, this is a great triumph of Socialism over Fascism and there is no doubt that this first victory will inspire workers across the world to overthrow the capitalist system.
Peace terms
For the peace terms we decide to bring Italy into the International and seize her African colonies. We believe colonialism is exploitation and a tool of the capitalists so Italy’s former colonies will be given independence; once Socialism has been rooted into them. We are all brothers in the International!
Mobilisation is ended and conscripts are allowed to go home.
Type of Socialism
Leninist Market Socialism is imposed in Italy as we doubt the Italian workers are in any state to run industry in the German style of local cooperatives. We also send advisors into Italy to stamp out any remnants of Fascism in the country.
Land transfer
As thanks for the Yugoslavians help, we decide to transfer Istria to them from the Italians due to the large population of Croatians and Slovenes living there. Along similar lines, we annex the German speaking region of Trent, in the name of internationalism obviously. The Italians have oppressed these regions for long enough.
FIFA Tournament
Despite the destruction caused by the war, Italy still wants to hold the scheduled FIFA tournament. This could be useful for promoting Socialism both in Italy and abroad.
Deal with Abyssinia
Abyssinia is a beacon of anti-colonialism in Africa and thus a great staging ground from which we can spread Socialism across the continent. We will offer the Ethiopians Eritrea in return for appointing German Socialist Hermann Duncker as Prime Minister. In this position Hermann should be able to promote social reform in Ethiopia and industrialise the nation making it ripe for revolution and a starting point from which we’ll liberate the rest of Africa from the imperialists.
Socialism in the Muslim World
Along similar lines, the Italian Libyan colonies could be springboard for spreading Socialism throughout the Muslim world. To begin the promotion of Socialism and anti-colonialism in North Africa and the Middle East, we grant Libya partial independence and appoint German ministers to oversee the new country. They will be removed in time obviously; otherwise we’d be no better than the imperialists.
Communism in Africa
Both plans go ahead smoothly. The Republic of Libya is given independence and Abyssinia is given Eritrea in return for Hermann’s appointment as Prime Minister. This marks the beginning of Socialism in Africa and hopefully the end of colonialism. In just a few months the International gained several new members and proved itself as a credible political force. Our plan following this is to continue to promote revolution across Europe and prepare for the inevitable war with the Soviet Union. For the 4th International!

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 3

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