Germanic legacy: EU:ROME AAR Part 1: Celtic disapproval

Author: Romanclay
Published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

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Germanic legacy: EU:ROME AAR

Hello everybody and welcome to my first AAR! I would like to thank all the people reading this. I am gonna be straightforward: my English isn't perfect and i am a total noob at this game. With a few restarts i finally got a good start. (Meaning that i survived and expanded.) I am playing with the Epigoni mod on normal difficulty. With that out of the way, lets get started!
Our story starts in the year 448 AVC (308 BC) as the Military tribe of the Eburones. In our history the Eburones were defeated and destroyed by a certain roman general who was called by the name: Gaius Julius Ceasar. Will this story end the same? Will Theodoric Amandid fail his people? Will the germanic people end as a minority in their own land? Well i hope not. Lets find out!
This tribe has a rather interesting start. You border 2 germanic tribes to the east (Treveri and Sciambri) and 2 celtic tribes (Nevii and Remi), you also border a barbarian province (The gray one). Eburones are also poorer than their neighbour Treveri who have acces to powerfull cavalry, while you are stuck with warbands and archers. Luckily trade exists, for the people who have never played Eu:Rome, Every province has a trade good that provides a bonus. Iron lets you train heavy infantry and papyrus increases your technology. With trading you can get both the bonusses of your own good and the good you are trading for in your province. If we trade our wood for calvary for example, we can build archers and calvary in our province!
An overview of our tribe. At this moment the Amandid clan is in power, but if our chief T.A. doesn't produce an heir an other clan will rise to power. Luckily, this isn;t CKII if our dynasty dies it dies. We'll just continue with another dynasty.
Our ruler T.A. isn't that great of a ruler. He is a bad general, a medicore diplomat and his fitnesse isn't that great either. He chooses his own opinion above the law. He is popular though but that is all there really is. Although T.A. himself wants war with Sicambri, the clans oppose this issue.
As a protection against potential agressors, A.T. allies himself with the germanic tribes of Chatti and Semnoni. And with pressure of the clans he sends the Sicambri an alliance offer.
For some unknown reasons (Plans of war according to T.A.) the Sicambri refuses to ally us. Allthough they will trade with us and have a high relation of us. (But really can anybody explain this to me? This was verry irritating >_
For some reason our citizens refuse to eat wood. A.T. tried to promote this to combat the starvation in the tribe, but the population wasn't really on board with this idea. A.T. dismissed them as traitors. But the army wasn't big enough to imprison the entire population of the Eburones.
To save the the population (and the taxes!). We started trading with the Sicambri. They gave us food and we gave them wood. T.A. locked himself up in his room for the next few days. He still believed the Sicambri to be his mortal enemy and he dismissed anybody who ate from the grain as traitors, but again the army wasn't big enough to imprison the entire population.
T.A. chooses to honor his ancestors, he knows he needs the morale and loyalty of his people. He can't afford to lose a war. Or to lose his followers. (Note: later in the game i am going to spam 'Adapt or Perish!' simply because i need the civilisation)
To expand Eburone influence (and to defeat A.T. natural enemy Sicambria). Eburone needed to expand.
The celtic tribe of Nervii was the perfect candidate to conquer. We only need a cb, but we don't want to wait for an event or a mission that gives us one. So we'll resort to 'different' methods.
Ta-da! Assassination is the solution to our problem. If we fail our assassination attempt we'll get a cb to attack them. Why? I don't know, maybe they laughed at us or something.
The economy fools!
A war is nothing whitout an army, an army is nothing whitout leaders. A.T. wanted to lead the army himself, but he was so bad at leading troops that he fell of a horse and broke his leg. Ballomir Geraldid was chosen to lead the Eburones to victory. He was a smart commander but a coward. This pleased A.T. his troops wouldn't look up to a coward, meaning they would still be loyal to him and not to Ballomir.
T.A. asked the gods for help, the gods said no, T.A. didn't care. ( he should though)
After all the preparations were done war was declared. T.A. gave a speech from his chair to his troops. But nobody listened. He called them traitors, but nobody listened again. When Ballomir showed himself the crowd went wild. It was then when Ballomir said his famous words: 'Celtic or germanic, all will fall to me!' The war was officially started when Ballomir crossed the border on 21 March 449 AVC.
Back at home A.T. managed to secure an alliance with the Treveri. Thanks to their horselords and Ballomirs leadership (From the safest position ofcourse) was the first battle a big victory for the germanic tribes. But Nervii also had some tricks up his sleeve. Thanks to their charismatic they secured alliances with half gaul. After winning the siege of Nervi, Ballomir decided to march to their ally Parisii while the Treveri returned home. The peace negotiations were a task for A.T. back at home.
Thanks to A.T's glorious leadership Nervi was annexed. But the war was far from over. Thanks to all those pesky alliances we were at war with half of Gaul. It was time for some more allies back at home.
Damn those Semnoni let all the people in the world know what they are! Dogs! Filthy lying dishonorable dogss! And those Chatti guys, they look alright.
It was only a matter of days before Parisii would fall to our armies. In the mean time there were also a few problems back at home....
While sons of our tribe were risking their lifes A.T. still had not conceived a child, while Ballomir had son and wanted to become ruler! T.A. wanted to imprison him but realised that the war would be lost whitout his leadership. He kept his eyes on him though just in case...
After Parisii fell and was annexed Ballomir started returning home, thinkinh the war was over. After the fall of 2 celtic tribes the alliance of Gaul was demoralised. But the largest celtic nation Arveni led the other nations to the forests of Parisii were they ambushed Ballomirs men. A lot of young Eburons died in that battle and all hope seemed lost. Ballomir retreated with his men back to Nervii where they could regroup. But the army was split in 2, one part was defendig Parivii from the alliance of Gaul and the other part laid broken and demoralised in Nervii. It seemed the alliance of Gaul was succesfull and the Arveni started celebrating.
Eburon was in chaos. A.T. Hasn't come with an official statement about the battle in Parivii yet, so alot of rumors were circulating the town. 'The Arveni are coming!' screamed an old man. 'I heard they kill all the men and take the women and children as slaves!' came from the bakers wife. 'We need to get out of here!' Said the high priest. But A.T. came out of his office right at the moment people started to flee. He had news, news from the front.

I want to thank everybody from reading my attempt at an AAR. Thanks for reading and i hope to have an other part up soon.

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