Germanic legacy: EU:ROME AAR part2&3: the alliance of Gaul

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Germanic legacy: EU:ROME AAR

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Germanic legacy: EU:ROME AAR Part 1: Celtic disapproval

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Hello guys and welcome back to my AAR! Today i'll be reuploading part 2 because imgur messed that one up. I am also uploading part 3!
Last time we left of the Eburones were in a dire situation, after losing an important battle to the Gaul alliance. As the army was shatterd and demoralised, the capital of the tribe was in chaos. When it looked like there was no hope, the great leader of the tribe Theodoric Amandid (T.A. for short) showed himself and announced he had new, news from the front. What is this news you might ask? Well this is your lucky day! Because today you're gonna find out!

 -I also want to thank everbody for their replies and support! This really motivates me to write this AAR.
While the capital was in chaos Ballomir looked around. The once great army the Eburones amassed was no more. The once that survived and weren't wounded had no morale. Ballomir knew that a lot of mothers would never see their sons again. Old tales say Ballomir lost a piece of himself and that he never was the same again. Ballomir needed a plan, Ballomir and his men needed hope. And hope came in the form a gamble. After the army had recovered (sort of/not really) Ballomir had a plan. the fortress in Parivii was still in Germanic hands when the ambush happened. What if the fortress was still in Germanic hands? What if the siege of the Celts failed? How badly damaged would the Celtic army be if the siege failed? Damaged enough they would have a chance? Ballomir made a decision, if they did nothing they would lose the war anyway. If they lost now all the deaths would be in vain.
On 8 may Ballomir crossed the border, passing the forest where they were ambushed. The soldiers were nervous, Ballomir was too, but he didn't show it. When they reached the river they saw that the fortress was captured, but the army was weakened. They stood a chance! Ballomir knew that even if they were weakened that it wwould still be a hard battle. A battle they must win, A battle to end the war.
Soon after they crossed the river the battle began. Ballomir took the alliance of Gaul by surpirse. They didn't expect the Germanics to attack after their defeat at the forest. With the infantry at the front and the archers at the back the Germanics dealt a big blow to the Celtic forces. But the Celtics were experienced in battle too. With their infantry using big shields to shake the Eburones off they slowley won ground. With the river behind them being pushed back meaned death.
But then a miracle happend. Ballomir born a coward, being afraid of everything that is pointy started to charge. Charging to the celtic wall of shields. Seeing their general losing his cowardice and giving everything for his tribe, motivated the soldiers. With this new morale the soldiers destroyed the wall of shields, pushing the celtic soldiers back. Legends even say that Ballomir killed the enemy general himself throwing his spear. With their general dead and the battle lost the alliance of Gaul retreated. But they didn't retreat as a group. soldiers feeling allegiance to their tribes and not to the alliance retreated home.
(The celtic army was larger than mine until they failed assauilting parivii, they did win the siege though.)
With the battle won and Parivii under siege the soldiers celebrated. Drinking ale to the Eburones, to the gods and most important of all their general Ballomir, who founded braveness when it was most needed.
'Citizens of Eburon! I got news from the front, the soldiers succeeded in defeating the celtic forces and they are now focusing on retaking Parivii!' Let this day be known to the whole world, as a day of victory! Let it be known that the Eburones are the mightiest of the tribes! When other people bite the dust we fight back! When other people throw down their weapons, we throm them at our enemies!' After T.A's speech the people rejoyced. With Parivii in Germanic hands the war would be over soon.
After giving his speech to the masses and making sure the people did not learn about Ballomirs involvement, T.A. realised how great he was. (He really isn't) Who ever needs a son? (He still has no son i think he's infertile.)
The battle was won, but war was still going on. With their armies defeated, some Celtic tribes wanted peace. There was a catch though. The Celtic tribes that wanted peace knew that peace would be betrayal in the eyes of the alliance of Gaul. So they wanted oen thing that everywhone wants, gold. With the people being hungry for peace. T.A. accepted the deal.
Soon the alliance of Gaul fell apart. Only the Arveni were still openly at war with the Germanic tribes.
Having acces to a big population they would muster one big army about 5 thousand big to defeat the Germanics. They met the Treveri horselords in their own territory and lost. With their grand army defeated and horse lords roaming and plundering their country the Arveni wanted peace.
(We didn't even pay money!)
The war was over, but problems were arising once more, the provinces of Nervii and Parisii were under Eburon control, but the people were Celtic not Germanic. They even worshipped different gods! With nationalist warriors threathening to rise up against T.A. rules needed to be made. After a meeting with the council. T.A. (The council) decided to make up this rules:
-Foreign tribes have to give less sons to the tribe.
-They also pay a little bit less of taxes.

This rules stopped an uprising, but the nationalist sentiment wasn't gone yet.
With the uprising out of the way, the tribe started to recover. Lots of sons died in the last brutal war. Those who had fallen were burried in the field of peace. This field became a symbol for the brutal war that wass fought.
Although the war just ended, plans for the future were already made. Bellovaci a tribe with no allies would be a fine addition to the military tribe of the Eburones.
With the help of the high priest T.A. asked the gods for help. The gods responded nicely giving signs that next spring would be bountifull. Greatly increasing the babies made that year. (Unless your name is Theodoric.)
With an big increase in wealth and a shortage on manpower. Replacements were sought. These replacements were found in mercenaries. These mercenaries were veterans of war, being stronger than the average soldier. Mercenaries would be the center of the army for a long time.
With the tribe expanding their influence over other regions, new thanes were sought to to rule in T.As name. One of the candidates was Cailtram Divicid, being a religious man he didn't spent much time with women or friends, but instead devoted his life to the gods. Through his faith he became a man who would never give up. But his greed could become his downfall.
A. Elitovid was a different man, having little social skills since he was a boy he never got any friends. This loneliness made him work hard to achieve his dream, dreaming to become a rich official one day. Becoming a thane was a big first step.
It was at night when everwhone was sleeping, that there was a man walking in the dark. Tulius was his name. Killing was his job, the only thing he could. Being a small man made his useless to commanders. And with his intellect nobody could ever take him seriously as a priest. So killing was his only option. Tonight was a great night for his career, normally he killed commoners: a priest who called the local merchant a demon, a hunter who stole farm animals and a local baker, but tonight he would kill someone important, he would kill a leader. A few hours later he sneaked in to the tribe, passed the fortications and walked in to the local townhall were their leader was sleeping. He was lucky, the guard passed out from drinking to much ale. After entering the room of the leader he raised his dagger. It was then when he striked dagger deep in to the bed. With a smile he saw blood dripping around the bed, not a single scream was given. At that moment the door slammed open, he couldn't believe his eyes. In the dooropening stood the man he tried to kill! When he looked at the bed again he saw he stabbed a dog!
Soon the man started calling for help. Tulius knew he needed to flee, that the operation failed. Because of some luck he returned alive to T.A. informing him the operation failed. T.A. looked him in the eyes and started smiling. 'He failed, he failed! This is great news, now we can attack them!' Screamed T.A..
Tulius was perplexed 'What just happend?' He thought to himself. Returning home he muttered a few words to himself: 'I hate my job.'
The Bellovavu had no chance defeating the Eburon army that had expanded with experienced mercenaries. It was expected the war would be over soon and that the province would make a fine addition to the tribe.
And it was right. In the first battle the whole army of Bellovaci was destroyed. With the army gone Ballomir started sieging the fortress.
The province was apparently a home to barbarians who coexisted with the Bellovaci. They hoped to defeat the agressor, with no succes, thanks to the superior troops we got! (We just have more troops)
The war was over quickly. The tribe had once again expanded their borders. (Free core, yay!)
To fuel our warmachine we needed tributaries. T.A. sended envoys to his neighbours offering support in favor of protection. The neighbours laughed, T.A. did not.
Atrebates was one of the neighbours that laughed at us, little did they know that our army reached a whopping 8k. (Yes i expanded it a bit.)
Damn our factions really want to expand. Luckily, so do i. Lets ride to war once more!
With the tribe having won a war. Celebrations broke out across the country. Well not everywhere in the country.
In the province of Nervii there was no party. There was a plot. Wanting to re-establish celtic rule the people of the province revolted. Ballomir was quickly called to march to the province and defeat the rebels. The province neighboured the capital after all.
Some would call it an april fools joke, but it wasn't , on 1 april 5k troop rose to attack the province. Demanding the tribe of Nervii to be released. T.A. wouldn't dare to do such thing. Why would he give up a province where he fought so hard over? Besides wasn't he the best ruler in the world? What ruler gives up? (He really isn't the best ruler in the world.)
The battle that followed was a slaughter around, 2 thousand celtics were killed. T.A. was happy. But the celtic people were not, they learned an important lesson that day. That you must watch out for the Germanics.
The next tribe T.A. laid his eyes on were the Biturgies, alone they posed no threat. But were the previous victims stood alone, the Brituriges had allies. Could the alliance of Gaul be reformed? Most likely no, but it is not impossible.
Free stuff!
Barbarians became a nuisance to the Eburones, they disrupted trade, agriculture and dared to attack the walls of the tribes themselfs!
After being a general for a decade, Ballomir finally got the respect he deserves. The council decided it was time to honor Ballomir with a triumph. T.A. was outraged but nobody cared. (Ballomirs loyalty was dropping dangerously low.)
But barbarians are still barbarians, they were soon crushed by Ballomirs forces.
Things are looking great for the tribe, with a strong economy and strong army they can soon conquer a big region for themselfs. But will their be a time that they encounter stronger enemies? Will they survive confrontations with the civilisations around the big lake? The truth is: I have no idea.

Thank you all for reading! These were part 2 (Remastered) and part 3! I am sorry it took so long, turns out i am a slow writer with not much time on his hands. (and i had no idea how imgur worked) I hope to see you all next chapter!

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