CityNameManager+ Test Run 2

Published: 2019-11-14, edited: 1970-01-01
More shots from a recent test run of my new expansion for Dawn of Civilization, City Name Manager+.

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CityNameManager+ Test Run

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CityNameManager+ Test Run

Images: 91, author: LacsiraxAriscal, published: 2019-11-09, edited: 1970-01-01

We're back again with some City Name Manager+ test shots, and we start with the Aztec invasion. As I said in my initial post, I've only really focused on the Old World - there are some New World tweaks here and there, but I still don't really know how to treat non-Spanish invasions of Mexico. Case in point!
Back in the Old World, the Mongols take Pyongyang, renaming it Pingrang (the Chinese name). You can see Chit Khot to the north - that's Mongolian for Chita, and while I'd love to avoid Russian-founded cities... well, sometimes, you just can't. Nomadic societies aren't well represented in Civilization after all.
Holy smokes, Holy Rome decimates Poland, though I notice here I haven't got the Holstin name modifier working properly (it's fixed now).
And Russia invades Erivan, renaming it Yerevan. Lovely.
The Mongols collapse, and we can see Chit Khot become Shete - that's a Buryat name! Qara Qorum also becomes the more modern Mongolian rendering Kharkhorum.
The Mughal Empire conquers Chittagong, renaming it Islam Abad. You'll also notice their leader's only gone and renamed the capital after himself.
The HRE capture Buda and Ragusa, renaming them Ofen and Ragus respectively.
Poor Portugal. Don't think they'll be doing much naval exploring this game.
It's always nice to see Tibet break out, and they've started by capturing Dunhuang, renaming it Tunhong.
North America is settled - you'll notice some new city names popping up here, namely Popham and Petit Manchac. I'm a little worried France never actually settle Nouvelle-Orléans' actual tile, 1SE. But I'm not budging from my placement - where's New Orleans if not the Mississippi's delta?
Tibet also captured Qara Qorum, renaming it Helin. Sadly that one's just a Chinese exonym, not Tibetan.
A nice look at Mughal India. What's going on with the territory at Katiq, though?
France captures Kaminaljuyu, which I have defaulted to Guatemala when conquered by a European power. Not sure how I feel about it. Beats having Kaminaljuyu exist for eternity, and I'm definitely fine with Spain renaming it Guatemala, but... hm.
England meanwhile settle the evocatively named George.
Bordergore galore as China settle around Tibet, founding Ronglu (known today as Niya).
Some more North American settlements - check out Cuper's Cove on Newfoundland, both that and Popham are early English settlements now depopulated. Given neither exist now, both will change name when conquered by America/Canada.
Spain aren't having great luck; they found their newest colony of Ushuaia only to have Puerto Montt, Trelew and the two capitals of the River Plate declare independence.
China shatters again. I don't think I got a good look at independent China before, but here you can see Xifu and Gwongjau, as well as a Mughal Korea - don't see that every day!
Tibet immediately take advantage, conquering Xi'an, now Shean.
Ooh, something weird going on here, but it does demonstrate something useful. When the Inca become Peru, they start to take Spanish names - that's not my change, it's from the original CNM file. Only thing is, it usually happens on rebirth - and they've certainly not been reborn here, so I'm not sure what's happening. In any case we can see the recaptured Chan-Chan becomes Lima when conquered by a Spanish speaking nation. I was very keen on having Lima crop up in more games than it currently does, and this seemed like the perfect way of doing it.
Spain begin settling California, starting at Yerba Buena.
And Indonesia's collapse allows us to see the independent Bandar Brunei, as well as Ternate losing importance to nearby Tidore.
It's Turkey who's managed to get the Conquerors Event against the Inca this time round - odd, as they're otherwise a 2 city rump state that's vassalised by Russia. Shame, as I have some great rename data for Tiwanaku... but not for Turkey. Guess you'll have to try that out for yourself!
Japan takes Hancheng, renaming it Keijo.
Mexico has collapsed, leaving England with Mazatlán, while France lose Petit-Manchac (which becomes Vermilionville, as it did in history - it eventually becomes known as Lafayette near the end of the 19th century).
France's capital has also given us an independent Haiti, whose name is of course in Haitian Creole.
The Mughals recapture Hancheng, which is by now known as Seoul - or Siyol, to the Mughals.
A nice look at some of the new Congolese cities. The Congolese city list is very hard, as the Kingdom of Kongo's actual territory covered about four or five in-game squares. But I've improved it in places - Matamba is the capital of the related Kingdom of Ndongo, while Nsheng is the capital of the less related Kuba Kingdom. Butembo and Mayumba are sadly a bit too far away from this cradle of civilization to have any significant historical urban centres that I could find.
Russia sweeps through eastern Europe. Thank goodness, Orekhov to Sankt Peterburg is working - if it hadn't I'd had to have rethought how a lot the mod worked! We get the Russian rendering of Bialystok, Belostok, as well as right in the corner the ancient Russian city of Galich. There being two very important cities with this name did cause a few problems - it's a problem that seems to come up in Russia a lot, actually. Novgorod, Rostov, Pereyaslavl...
The Indian colonisation starts. We can see Portugal found Goa as usual, and conquer the Kingdom of Kandy, replacing that city with Colombo.
They also take Canton as expected, while the Mughals take Hangzhou, renaming it Khinzai, their rendering of the common exonym attached to the city rendered as Quinsay in English.
The Netherlands spawn in, declare war on the HRE and immediately get their heads handed back to them on silver platters, rebasing to their Tasmanian colony. They still have a few generic 'land' names down here, thanks to, well, never really settling Australia in our timeline (but it being firmly entrenched in their settler map in DoC). They will now be renamed when conquered by England, however.
Europe has become Germany vs Russia as the HRE sweep through Greece. They decide on Mistra (Mystras) as a better capital for the Peloponnese.
England conquer more of India, taking Sulemein Nagar and renaming it Bhuj, as both Tamils and Mughals collapse.
Oh dear. Portugal settle this tile a lot. I have no idea what to do with it; Portugal didn't settle here. Any ideas?
Oh, here's another thing I've changed since the screenshots - I sorted French rename data for Hanoi, but forgot to factor in the earlier name data for Hanoi, Thang Long (and Dong Do, which is on yet another identifier). That's all fixed now, and we'll see Hanoï no matter what.
The Vikings are reborn, and I'm only really showing this shot to show off the renamed Oslo, now bearing the name Christiania. It will return to being Oslo at a later date.
Russia decidedly win their power struggle with Germany, making it as far as Switzerland. God, it's like every shot I see another thing I want to tweak - I think Zheneva is a better rendering of the Cyrillic than Zhyenyeva, so I'll edit that now.
The Great Plains are filled in, with an independent (and soon vassalised by England) America settling Columbia, MO of all cities. I'm guessing it was originally St Louis, but St Louis is 1 tile SE, no question - it's south of the Missouri River.
Mexico declares independence. Sigh, I really wish there was some way of setting their language to whoever their most recent conqueror was (England/France in this instance) but that is beyond my power. We can see the Spanish renames for all those Aztec cities though, many of them direct translations, like Mazatlán and Navajoa, and others shifting slightly, like Chalchihuites to Durango.
And Colombia also spawn in! This gives us a great look at some more of the New World rename data. Do you remember when the Inca founded a city in Colombia in the last slideshow? I hastily added some name data for Colombia in response, based on Muisca cities and other pre-Columbian cultures. And here we see the Muisca capital of Hunza is renamed Tunja.

Meanwhile Tucume, or at least the Tucume that autospawns, is renamed Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador. Not its capital though - Quito is the city 2 tiles north, which is still buildable. As I say this only applies to the Tucume that autospawns, because it actually spawns in a little north of where Tucume actually is. Same goes with Chan Chan, which spawns in a little too far south - only the autospawned Chan Chan is renamed Lima. If the Inca found these cities themselves, in their correct locations, they instead become Chiclayo and Trujillo respectively. Maddening, but more accurate!
Mexico conquer Tik'al, renaming it Flores.
Surprise! That game started to move very slowly with little war or collapses to keep up the interest, so I started a new test. Praise be to Babylon for founding a city that isn't Nineveh, going for Arbela (or Arba'uilu to them).
And as for Egypt... ah. Hmm. Something's amiss here. I've been adding Coptic name data for them, for if they respawn as non-Islamic, and I've clearly not quite implemented it properly as after 150 turns they've all suddenly changed name. Still, at least I can show off some of the Coptic name data, which you'd see very rarely otherwise!
As for China, I've gone a bit rogue - as they routinely settle the same cities every time, I've moved all their cities a tile out every time they've settled. Although that said they settled Xiadu, Gaoyao and Yongzhou themselves! We'll see what happen to this different crop.
Oof, Babylon lose 4/5 of their cities to the Persian spawn (after having Ebla deleted to make way for Phoenicia). Gotta feel for Hammurabi here.
I did the same with India as I did China, so we'll get a gander at a few different cities this run. Kalyani's the capital of the Chalukyas, one of central India's most important dynasties. Bharuch is historically one of Gujarat's most important ports (perhaps Khambat, one tile NW, gives it a run for its money) and likewise Tamralipta is a legendary Mauryan city that long predates Bengal's other important cities. And Deogarh is the ancient name of Uch, known to Alexander as Alexandria on the Indus.
Speak of the devil, he has a good stab at Mesopotamia and Egypt, taking the Egyptian city of Pi-Ramesses and establishing a centre at Avaris.
A neat look at Carthage and their bizarre city of 'Y - try as I might, I couldn't find a better romanization than that! Punic romanization is a little all over the place though. Shalat gets razed later, which is a shame, as its the modern city of Salé and I was looking forward to seeing it eventually become Rabat... but alas.
'Y is taken, becoming known as Iol Caesarea.
And Greece take the Phiom Oasis, renaming it Arsinoe.
Well, so much for the Greeks! As we hurtle through the eras we see the Greek city of Damastion shift to the very nearby Ulpiana, which in turn will shift to the very nearby...
Prishtinë! The capital of Kosovo, of course. I did say I wanted to get as many countries represented as I can (beyond some Caribbean ones, I think I might have got them all?) A few of them take very specific circumstances to appear, but hopefully you'll see some interesting independent nations crop up from time to time.

Side note... if anyone knows whether Prishtinë or Prishtina is a better label, do let me know... same goes for Tiranë and Tirana. As far as I can tell both have specific grammatical uses in Albanian, but I can't figure out which I would use in this context.
Egypt collapses, giving us some nice new endonyms. The change from Tombos to Tungul is something I've only just implemented and is coming in the next update - I think having Dongola around for most of history is more important than preserving Tombos, as it was probably the most important city in the history of Sudan.
As China hits the medieval era we see a few of their city names update - Wu becomes Suzhou and Gaoyao becomes Zhaoqing.
I always love seeing Classical wonders cropping up in Mesoamerica. You rock that amphitheatre, Danibaan.
The Maya settle a completely ahistorical city in Colombia, but for once I've second guessed them (well not really, they seem to settle this city more games than not). Annoyingly it's the tile I'm least happy with, which is hardly surprising given it represents a region of Colombia that even today is lightly populated. It's hard to tell if Mompox existed before the Spanish conquest or is simply named for the chieftain of the area when Spain conquered the territory - sources tell me different things. It's as good as I can get sadly. The other tiles are better. Promise.
Indonesia found a city they don't normally settle, Sambas. It can head one of three ways as history progresses - stay as Sambas, eventually drift to Singkawang (which replaced it as a major urban centre in our timeline) or be changed to Kuching if England conquer it. Or be razed, I guess. There's always that.
Arabia conquer Egypt, the way Arabia do. How do I feel about Faqus being Faqus for all of history? I'm not sure. Maybe it should become something different if conquered by England. It's hard to know how hands-on to be with this kind of stuff - Faqus is certainly still a fairly important city today, but nowhere near as important as other cities in the Nile Delta.
China collapses again, but the Turks actually grab Suzhou - their exonym data in China comes from Uyghur, where I could find it. As for the rest of China, we can see all those region languages in action... except for Yongzhou. I just can't find any way to transliterate Chinese into Xiang on the internet. Infuriating.
And for our final slide today we get a looooooong old aqueduct, as well as the Pali name for Pagan, Arimaddamapura. Pali's an ancient North Indian language which was also used in Classical Burma for a long time, serving as a lingua franca and liturgical language for Theravada Buddhism - so it seems very appropriate for Indian rename data in Burma, at least in this era. In any case that's all for now, see you later!

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