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The Rat Race: A Total Warhammer 2 "Speedrun"

Images: 335, author: Shoggy, published: 2017-12-06

Have you ever asked yourself "What's the fewest number of turns it'd take to beat Total War: Warhammer 2?"

Probably not, because you're a sane, well-adjusted individual who has far better things to do with their time. Not me though, let's see if we can't managed to pull it off in under a 100 turns.

(Hope you folks aren't allergic to cheese, there's going to be a lot of it where we're going)

Game: Other games

Geistige Landesverteidigung, a Kaiserriech Swizerland AAR

Images: 34, author: Cowguypig, published: 2017-09-30

Game: Other games

Why the Mughals are OP 2 (a semi-educational HPM AAR)

Images: 69, author: klingonadmiral, published: 2017-09-22

From Westernization to GP. Second and final part

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Homage to Britannia: An HOI4 Kaiserreich AAR | Part Two: Connolly's Nightmare

Images: 91, author: Ceannairceach, published: 2017-08-05

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Bohemian Rhapsody part 2: Greased Lightning

Images: 9, author: Yoper101, published: 2017-07-22

Narrative-based MEIOU and Taxes AAR.

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Rise Like Lions (A British HPM AAR) Part 2: The British Civil War (1894-1898)

Images: 41, author: CargoShortsSensei, published: 2017-06-27

Game: Other games

Can't spell Nippon without OP part 6: Hell

Images: 84, author: Uvenam, published: 2017-06-15, edited: 2017-06-16