The Land of the Tsar. A Russia Victoria 2-HPM AAR Part 1 Beginning of an Empire

Author: Comwars
Published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01

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The Land of the Tsar. A Russia Victoria 2-HPM AAR

Russia is the biggest and could potentially become the greatest. Under Tsar Nicholas it shall prosper... hopefully.
Welcome to our great land! Most of it is terrible. We shall change that.
We have no factories, for we are a nation of peasants. We shall also change that.
We have hardly any technology. We are also can not read. Nown assss illetarate, kan knot spL goood. The Tsar will try to change that.
We are an absolute monarchy and conservative.(for now) Tsar Nicholas I rules over this land. He will not change this.
Portrait of Tsar Nicholas I
Farmers there, Farmers here, actually those are serfs. Also some heretics.
We are currently at war with these rebellious states. We shall crush them. Also allied with the ottomans. We will never break this bond with our Ottoman brethren.
We begin looking into the magic moving metal boxes known as trains.
We form an army to take down these filthy rebel scum.
We raise taxes just a bit. Also we raise Tariffs for loads of money
The Tsar recives some weird messages in his head. He chooses to not have any crisis.
The Tsar actually made a tactical lie. Actually the ottomans are so last January 1st. We also ally France, our true friends. #Christans4lyfe
We destroy one piece of rebel scum.
We destroy all the rebel scum. Long live the (Russian) Empire
Some Spoopy stuff there.
Ionian Islands knows innovates how artillery is made.
We figure out the secret of the train. It is powered by wood, coal and magic.
We try and discover what medicine is. We are aided by a many medicinemen.
We shall discover the greatest shrubbery in the world!
We decide to not to fight Britain. For we would propably lose
Why Britain.
S E V E N P E R C E N T. What an achievement in education!
britain no
Britain dooms us all episode 25 part 50 1/8
Rip in peace in peppers Pushkin.
We shall discover more shrubs!
Various things.
Lower taxes, FULL EDUCATION and a good administration.
Who cares about the workers when you can make the Dolla Dolla Bills.
France and the U.K Decide to have FUN with unsuspecting strangers.
Blue drippling on the green filth.
We decide to save the water encase of droughts and other cases in which water is needed.
J A N M A Y A N It's hip with the Peasants
Am I cool yet, guys?
Swedes fear Norwegian might.
It turns out that the behavior is normal for the average English person.
We can live safely everyday! It took a long time due to the medicine man performing for the dark gods.
We take a bunch of people from college and tell them to come up with something.
This means we can't have cool Generals with one body part like a hand or leg missing though. 0/10
- G g
Gonder calls for Aid.
The Tsar who feels very insulted, writes a letter to the ruler of the Trucial States claiming that he had many powers and was trained in a special type of warfare. His assistant trashes the letter and writes a proper one demanding an apology.
Some stuff the Ottomans do.
We found some of this stuff in one of the diplomat's cabinets.
The newspaper company writes a false report on a "Austria-Hungary" and are all shot.
U.K does things and goes to war episode 48 part 17 2/9
Tsar Nicholas I donates 40 WHOLE cakes for the peasants. That's as many as four tens and that's great.
Some apocolyptic and backwater place can't pay us our debts.
I don't even know why.
Salty Swedes
People are forced to mine coal, instead of mining fish from the fish mines.
The USA has been meeting with the Tsar to improve relationship. The democratic system of U.S has also been influencing some of the peasants, this couldn't possibly do anything to us. They are just some stupid people stuck farming.
The Dutch fold to peer pressure and declare an opium war. The Dutch will never ever be cool. Also spooky vampires.
We shall have the biggest piece of the sun.
We figure out what people of an ideology are thinking. This is good for allowing us to tell people to become intellectual.
We shall research how to make clothes and then fancily modify them.
We discover theorys about being old and as working as a team. The Tsar remembers something like this when he was a child.
Very Unimportant
Thank you for reading this. This is my first AAR and I hope you enjoy this and enjoy the journey that I will go through. Unlike a certain somebody, i won't fail on purpose to try and spice the story up. If I fail, it is due to me being bad. If I fail, you can watch my desent into madness.

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The Land of the Tsar. A Russia Victoria 2-HPM AAR Part 2 War, Rebellion and Science

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