A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 5 (Finale)

Published: 2017-01-31, edited: 1970-01-01

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 4

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Hello and welcome back to the final installment of A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR. Thank you for reading the series and I hope you all have enjoyed my first AAR.
In the east the Russians are pushing the Germans back with amazing speed.
The reich begins to crumble with the Soviets in the east, American-armed rebels in the west, and allied landings in the south.
The Balkans fall to Stalin.
Operation Glory will be the last military operation under President Vargas. We will knock out the last two countries standing in our way of a united South America!
War is declared on the first country.
Rebels rise and our newly formed armored brigades are dispatched to deal with them.
A Brazilian half-track hunting rebels (1945)
More rebels but victory on the front.
The Brazilian war machine cannot be stopped.
Our men are welcomed as liberators in Colombia. (1945)
We achieve the status of Veteran Army and rightfully so, as we are on the gates of Bogota.
Hitler is dead and red sweeps over Europe.
We lose in Bogota suffering 2,000 more casualties than the enemy but they are quickly replaced by reserves.
The rebellions are being reduced every day.
A military parade in Rio. (1945)
We lose in Bogota once more but begin to surround it.
Europe is communist.
A wave of red.
Third times the charm. We take Bogota and 50,000 prisoners.
On to Venezuela!
Soldiers during the Third Battle of Bogota (1945)
Italy, the last beacon of European fascism, falls.
Colombia surrenders to our glorious General Kroner.
One more war to unify the continent!
We land outside their capital with our marines and advance on it, suffering 8 casualties to their 432.
Marines during the Battle of Carcas (1945)
We suffer our biggest military defeat to date as the Venezuelans fight like heroes. But their bravery is for nothing.
They surrender to General Kroner and end our war.
9 years, 9 countries annexed, Millions of men dead on all sides. The war for South America is over, but the war for freedom is just beginning. The Soviets have conquered Europe, stamping out all liberty and justice. The brave men of the Brazilian military have done their part, and some made the ultimate sacrifice. 55,000 in Cherbourg, 7,500 in San Carlos, 4,000 in Lima- the list goes on. These are the names that will be remembered as victories for freedom. With a united continent behind us, Brazil shall lead the free world into the future against all those who stand against liberty. Ordem e Progresso!

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