A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 4

Published: 2017-01-31

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 3

Images: 63, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31

Hello and welcome back to the fourth installment of A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR. We last left with 5 countries annexed but 1 corps lost in Europe.
Operation Inca is devised, using the campaigns in Argentina and Bolivia as a guide. The 4o Exército and 2o Exército will launch joint attacks under Lt. General Kroner and force the Peruvians back to their capital where we will crush them. Our navy will engage their fleet and our bombers will support our advance.
General Morais returns to Rio with our fleet after the disaster in Northern France. After the war he will face a court martial for his negligence but for now, we assign him to command our reserve corps.
Our cavalry reach French Guiana and meet up with some British paratroops who are undergoing jungle training.
War is declared on Peru and Operation Inca begins.
Our bombers will be a crucial piece of this operation, as they will soften the enemy's defenses, paving the way for our infantry.
We win our first engagement and our marines advance.
We are beaten back from our positions at Putina and suffer 2:1 casualties. Luckily the 6th Division is able to arrive in time and hold the line.
Brazilian riflemen at the Battle of Putina (1943)
We trade a massive victory for a small loss with the Peruvians.
Our caissons go rolling along.
The Peruvians take over 1,000 casualties at Cabanaconde and are forced back.
21:1 casualties. The advance continues.
A victory on land and two in intelligence. The Americans' blueprints save us much time.
Victories as a rebellion breaks out. We will crush them swiftly.
The front as of January 1944. The Americans continue to provide us free technology.
27:1 casualties in Cuzco. We call off the attack on Lima until the rest of the corps can reach the front.
General Castro's men are sent to deal with the rebels in Uruguay and Paraguay.
We inch ever closer to their capital.
A Brazilian marine unit. (Avacucho 1944)
We launch an attack on Lima but underestimate their defenders.
We will recover and make one final push.
We take 7,700 Peruvians as prisoners at the battle of Camisea.
Lima is bombed and our marines make quick work of the garrison there.
A Brazilian bomber pilot before takeoff. Battle of Lima (1944)
The capital falls, we expect their surrender soon enough.
In one last desperate attempt the Peruvian Army throws whatever they can muster at us, but are defeated.
They surrender on April 21st 1944. 6 countries have now been conquered.
A cache of surrendered Peruvian weapons. (1944)
A division of Dutch marines come to aid in quelling the rebellion. I assume they finally got bored marching around the jungle for 4 years.
The Germans are at the Gates of Leningrad. The Soviets hold valiantly and make Herr Hitler pay for every kilometer.
Moscow is 400km from the front. A panzer breakthrough here could force a Russian surrender.
The landings at Lyon continue to gain ground, albeit rather slowly.
A quick glance at our lands.
Our two corps meet shortly for planning.
General Kroner (2o Exército) and General Marinho (4o Exército) planning Operation Galapagos (1944).
General Kroner is placed in command of both corps and devises a strategy which will cut the capital of Ecuador off from the sea. He hopes to starve them out.
The invasion forces are bogged down by Romanian, Hungarian, and Italian troops.
New technology. We will construct a rocket test site in Rio.
War is declared. President Vargas is slightly offended the Ecuadorians do not think of us as their highest threat.
The first phase goes smoothly.
A mortar team shelling Ecuadorian positions during the Battle of Guayaquil. (1944)
General Kroner seizes an opportunity to take Quito while their army retreats to the sea. In less than a month their capital falls.
An artistic representation of the Winter of 1944. The conditions are harsh in the mountains but our marines are battle hardened veterans.
50 days from deceleration to annexation. General Kroner has proven to be one of our best. In the East, Romania falls to Stalin.
The Germans have been pushed back. The Soviets have taken East Prussia.
Our first armored division is created (beefed up with some technology from the generous Americans).
The 1st Armor Brigade undergoing training. (1944)
General Silva of the Armored Division and General Morais of the 1o Exército, posing for a photo shoot. (1944)
And with Christmas fast approaching, Brazil turns its hungry eyes to the north.

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A Cobra Vai Fumar: A Hoi3 Brazil AAR Part 5 (Finale)

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