Byzantium AAR Part 4 - learn to fear Roman armies again

Author: Rfasbr
Published: 2017-02-03

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Byzantium AAR

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

Byzantium AAR part 3 - to unite the world with fire

Images: 80, author: Rfasbr, published: 2017-02-03

For the sake of continuity, here's where we stopped
Right after the beggining of operation "Bring Roman Britain back into the fold"

Just 15k troops in Ireland, like they don't care about it
While those 70 keep blocking any attempt of landing with only 30
So, as I said, I need to gather my stacks somewhere (ireland) and bring them to London crossing the strait en masse

Except, oh no...GB's navy is here
I've finished ferrying my stacks but look at that
Its ridiculous, muh navy
While that goes on I get myself a base in the Isles
Just because I could, also less attrition
Creating more stacks at home
I forgot to reblob my rightful clay. Too much going on with GB, colonies and shit. Also on russian asia
Finally diplo tech 22
Also, my manpower is never a problem
They want a white peace...
I mean sure, I can't cross, and their armies keep getting pushed back
They may rule the waves, but my army is now a serious contender and quite easily dispatches their troops
Well this is useless
And I start taking stab hits from not accepting peace
So I do
And send enough gold to enough pockets to reinstate a RM
Then, France can start being integrated!
But another army tech advance
Time for more offensive with imperalism CB
It makes it much cheaper to acquire land
And now I just roll with the 150k troops I retransfered from GB
The game crashed
So I took this partial screen. My name ain't written, except on italy
Alright spain!
Beaten so hard its no longer a rival
Agh, the king died, but not the heir
Don't think I forgot you, GB. Still got my eyes on you
99 army tradition nets me the best generals
Funny, I used to get the worst of the worse
Didn't retake Konya because it was their capital
Unghhhh I don't retake it for the rest of the game because I forgot
Miami is a christian kingdom
And I somehow got a province there. Must've been on one of the GB vs Spain wars from earlier
I'm feeling good about my army
Time to retake the commonwealth clay
As usual, it happens!
People, keep your royalty alive, please!
84 transports, loaded with troops, sitting outside their borders
Scandinavia is my ally. I'll war and just park there, using the strait to cross much more quickly
Wait for it....
Those 184 ships need to make a pass, they're protecting trade...
And It's on!
I make a rush from the north to london with a huge stack, splitting off some to siege ireland and the north. I go for norfolk because it's a marsh, so I get a defensive bonus there
I've got only one stack and my best general to hold
Waiting for me to ferry troops, since now I can park load -> park unload troops, which is much quicker than disembarking
You were roman once. You will be again
I won't be able to integrate them but...
It's mine
While cleaning up, they get a heir
Which I'll relegate to the sword. Not the first babies I've killed this game.
Getting some lands out of mantua.
Never manage to get all of it tho, too much warscore
And modena simply does not give up
Union, UNION!
Oh, sure, lets hit Austria
A colony declares war on a spanish colony, and I get leadership
Oh, again...
No, wait. A vassal of GB declared an IMPERIALIST WAR against Spain
With no hope of ever reaching Madri. If not for me, of course. But if they were leaders they wouldn't be able to ever complete the war (after I got out)
Good for you!
they only had 1 province
After scandinavia peaces out without giving me any land
I drag austria into a war again through Trier
So i can get that nice piece of land and hungarian cores back
Russia reforms!
Rebels! But, where
Oh, there
Behing my colonial nation, Alyeska
wish I could clean up brittany
But they moved their capital to brazil and I have no navy
Newfoundland drags me into a war against scandinavia
Which I'll use to reform denmark
Honestly, the world's a mess
But I got almost no unrest, so it's really the rest of the world. Absolutely not my fault
France is done integrating!
And I inherit everything
Still, even the new world is a mess
Just in time for the finish
Here it is, gents!
Thanks for following the journey
diplo vision
Still, where is my name
Oh, its here
Half the ME is mine and adal's, rest is kebab land
Asia is an ungodly mess
If i could have, I'd RM'ed someone to fix it.
I do have colonies in asia!
But they're pretty...fucked up
New world
Britanny has a huge ass colony
And coptic had a nice representation. A shame I couldn't erase it

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