Byzantium AAR part 3 - to unite the world with fire

Author: Rfasbr
Published: 2017-02-03

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Byzantium AAR

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

Byzantium AAR part 2 - Byzantium\'s hero journey

Images: 49, author: Rfasbr, published: 2017-02-03

This is where we left off
On diplo view to save you the border gore...hope i can fix that
And while I do have france and russia, which have colonies everywhere...
I still can see shit
Spain puts up a fight, but frenchmen just pour in
Still, i'm not a leader in this war, and I keep forgetting to flip province ownership..
While that happens, I keep an eye on possible PU targets
And GB is without an heir, yet again. No, must resist. I mean, their capital is hard to get to and my army sucks. Let alone my navy. We already established AI under PU is retarded, so I can't count on France.
See, queens tend to be built to last
Love my queens. Also the austrian heir could've died instead of the king - it would be too perfect.
Seriously, what was spain thinking?
Here's my prepping to sell roma to siena, so it would core
Didn't know about the event for catholics someone told me in the comments. Thanks!
Here's what happens
And here's my solution
You will be orthodox, dammit
Please, venice.
I'm still going to erase you.
Because Croatia is a competent vassal
And fabricates claims galore. Russia seems to have stopped and so does France
Like, see brittany?
France will not try to claim it for the rest of the game.
The spanish armada is scary this game
Even with glass bottoms
My pants acquire a brown tint
My heir died and my queen is 68 years old....Apparently, a noble from my own house would succed (but britain and moldavia are same dinasty, so wouldn't they inherit me? i'm confus). Or, I dunno, a croatian lineage would take over. I pray a lot.
Austria DoWs commonwealth
Good, because my war with them is going badly.
Things go well.
Except not. They're the military apex here. That 27 stack wipes out a russian 50 with ease.
Again, What? My queen gets together with a lady and out walks a baby boy with no martial prowess. Of course his claim is weak, but I take it.
Not this time, pretenders
Not this time.

Also, notice the battle screen. Their army is just too superior. But I didn't notice. I mean, I'm used to my army sucking.
Oh, really
France is mine. Pax romana pax infinita
but then I notice something
Like, both my PUs are hostile to me. I hate myself in other courts. What in the fuck? Serbia was the same - doesn't matter if I took the throne or not. Paradox please fix. My vassals don't hate me that much.
They're happy to be blobed.
First of many
Against my favorite punch bag, Spain
I keep expecting a declaration that never comes after this
So I ally (and RM) Sweden, just to have allies and give people pause
Central europe could do a number on me
Not the iberians tho
We wipe the floor with them
One is a military idiot
The heir is an idiot, but a huge one
You were orthodox before anyone else
Why would you take so long? But, come on...
And Done!
Take that, catholics!
Something I keep forgeting to show you
Just how many cultures are accepted, thanks humanist ideas. This gives me quite a lot less trouble.
I got some lands from spain, I'll make a vassal here
but I'll convert it to orthodox first
Like yemen
Still 4 provinces short
Lets take some more people?
But I back off, fearing I can't take austria yet....not yet
Why do I get CBs against my PU partner, paradox?
I mean, I should only get "Restore union" CBs when they break it. Otherwhise, this just hurt relations.
Also, something else paradox
Everything's fine with you guys trying to spice up the game by adding more provinces. But, in this case, you forgot to add a claim for bardyiah on the recover alexandria mission (which still pops up even if i'm only missing 1 province)
Yay, one more!
That stack sure is scary
But ottomans fell behind in tech and never recover
And GB goes at it again
connecting the empire
Since I hardly play nations that get colonial nations, this surprises me
I mean, this should be handled on the new world exclusively but noooo
This surprises me even more
Didn't know it could happen
Well, truce is up and everyone hates them
And I did some catching up no tech
I just didn't westernize
And they did, and this is the results - 2 whole techs ahead of me, and wiping me out. France is nowhere to be found.
Yemen can find its way into the fray
but france? nah
Finally getting rid of ragusa
I mean, helping it
I'm not suffering from lack of manpower
Just of how to apply it efficienctly
New events, just in case you didn't get them yet
First option is this. The first one is the only logical conclusion
See, my best general, with 100k troops
Gets defeated by 40k troops
I have to give up a little land
To stem the tide
Horrible, transilvania is released again, and wallachia
Oh, my balkans
Out of nowhere
Goddamn british colony against a french colony
Lets keep them afloat
While I try to unify more parts of italy
See, i forgot to do this
I answer, hoping to get those lands back
Surely, scandinavia's army better than mine
They already took the capital
Their armies are worst than mine
While france is still sitting pretty
My vassal
I forgot you. I declare on the blue contry for my vassals core
And again and again and again!
Thanks for the honor!
But I have no way to reach you
France is target of a coalition that I'm not
But I didn't forget yemen. Lets get some of its lands back from hedjaz
Like, all of them
Once, hedjaz was all of this and yemen was forgotten
Treaties are nice, right?
Also, border gore
I dare you guys to get byzantium written as ridiculous as this
...yay, more provinces for me to core
Like I wasn't behind in tech already, and no, france won't take them even for free
Oh look
I do it
But I lose before i'm able to declare war, because GB is my ally against ottomans
Not a problem apparently
The kind dies and the heir is too young. Also, almost all of them are George
So we go for another round
And wrap up the ottomans
So I can declare on britain
Troops in position
Russia almost done integrating
It bankrupts me because it pushes me over the forcelimit
But nothing can stop the invasion now
gee, I sure hope france helps
Here's a tactic straight from Vic2
There's always a problem in reaching london, in that GB will always keep a megastack home policing the shores after you. So, instead of a piecemeal amphibious attack, you cross from ireland with a megastack after transporting everyone, since you'll hardly have 150 transports to do it in one go. Let's see how it works. France is just fine watching, apparently...and GB's navy is absent, thankfully

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