Mediterranean AI - Part 6: Rivalries are Reassessed

Author: porkpotpie
Published: 2017-11-29, edited: 2017-11-29

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Mediterranean AI - Part 5: Arid Eliminations

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Heyo! Welcome to part 6 of the Mediterranean AI game, I'm u/porkpot and I'll be narrating as usual.

18 votes were case since the last part was posted, and 7(!) of those were for Egypt. The usual core of Iberia fans was present again, with 4 votes, and Rome, the Guanches, Serbia, Sparta, the Golden Horde, Georgia, and Turkey all got 1.

We start this part, as is usual, with u/SeroSedSerio's excellent map. You can see where Cyprus settled their second city, finally, and the destruction of several nations last part.
Last part saw the elimination of 3 empires, and this part looks like it will start with the beginning of another. The Berbers declare war on Qaddafi, tired of his mocking green in the yellow of the desert.
Towards the end of last part the Guanches declared war against the Ptolemies and this part they take to fighting for Alexandria. The Guanches are defending the formerly Ayyubid city of Aswan, though the attack against the city is scattered and weak.
In one turn the final Iraqi city falls to red, protected by either a Kurdish or Alan scout. Too bad the Iraqi army can do nothing to save themselves from elimination. At least the Iraqis have made peace with Israel, right?
The Kurds are taking the offensive in their war against Georgia as they attack Damascus. They should be able to take the city, presuming they keep their melee units in the fight. The Abbasids and Umayyads are fighting as well, though it looks like the Abbasids have a slight advantage with their more modern siege equipment.
The Golden Horde keeps attacking Georgia, which must be helping the Kurds by distracting the Georgian army. Also, the Hetmanate/Ukraine and Alans make peace. Nothing was happening in that war, so its just as well that they have.
We witness the final stand of Albania, u/SilentForza's unfortunate pick for the win.
The Croatians continue to push on against Hungary, damaging Esztergom. I wonder where that Moldovan line of musketmen is going?
Napoleon actually manages to damage Toulouse, which is surprising. The French and Visigoths have been at war many a time, but little has happened in those previous wars.
Portugal appears to be struggling, as Spain damages Porto. Portugal should probably build an army, but as they say its always too late to build when you need, you must build before to have when you need it.
Iraq has lost their final city, and lets be honest, they won't be able to get it back with their army, so they're effectively eliminated!

Iraq (Rank: 54/58) was a rather quiet nation, settling peacefully in the desert until Israel took Basra and Rutba and the Rashidun took Mosil and Arbil. They founded Nestorianism, but Israels Judaism has become the dominant religion in the region.
The Guanches have taken Alexandria off of the Ptolemies, and look set to take the fight to their capital. This pleases me, as Guanches is easier to type than Ptolemies...
I think we're about to witness a real meatgrinder in western Europe, as Luxembourg and Venice declare war on Switzerland. The Swiss army is pretty strong, so expect many sacrifices to the Blood God!
Its done, Albania has fallen to the Bosnians. They could still settle if they get their settler to open areas, as those still exist, but the chances are slim so they're eliminated!

Albania (Rank: 53/58) had 2 good cities and Durres, but they made the unfortunate mistake of existing to the north of Sparta, and Sparta decided to exercise their freedom of Leg Day to take 2 cities. Sensing weakness, Bosnia swooped in and eliminated the Albanians. Albania also had a good colour scheme, so I'll miss that.
Frightened of the Guanchean(?) army, the Ptolemies make peace and offer Ptolemais as a sacrifice. Interestingly, the Ptolemies control their capital and two formerly Ayyubid cities.
Spain takes the fight even more to Porto, but I'm just using this slide to point out that they have their UU, which is the same as Vanilla Spain's. Also, the Asturians are sending their army somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
The Kurds successfully conquered Damascus, as the Abbasids push into land surrounding the Umayyad capital. Sanandij is a Kurdish exclave, though I don't know for how long that will be true.
To the north, the Golden Horde has taken Kutaisi off of the Georgians. The Georgians should probably defend their capital, though I doubt that the Horde can move their army south in time to actually take it before a new defensive line is established.
Return to Iberia to see that the Cordobans have control of Gibraltar, and that the Iberians have taken Isfahan. Porto is in the yellow.
Surprise, the Sicilians have settled Malta. Surely nothing can stop them now!
The Abbasids have made peace with the Nabataeans, which is good, I think. Anyway, you can see Israel's UA at work (they randomly receive any type of unit except great people, which they may receive later). It may be a little OP at this stage of the game, but knowing the future like I do, its not too big of a deal as it speeds up the game in this area a bit.
Esztergom falls to the Croatians, reducing Hungary to one city. Hungary has fallen quite quickly, unfortunately for them and their supporter(s) (if any).
The Numidians declare war on Carthage, though if I had to root for someone at this point on army alone I'd say that Carthage would win thanks to their knights, but it'll likely be an even match.
Increasing the Nubians troubles, the Rashidun declare war on them as well, so they have to fight against Egypt to the north and the Rashidun to the east.
The Byzantines declare war on the Phoenicians, who have settled a city in the Aegean Sea. Sparta is also sending an army north, I wonder who will be forced to join Leg Day this time?
In the Middle East, the Abbasids and Umayyads make peace, with the Umayyads surrendering Fortress Sidon. Unfortunately for it, Sidon hasn't been much of a fortress, as it was taken by two powers...
The noose closes around Qaddafi's neck as Berber forces approach the Libyan capital.
Porto finally falls to the Spanish, leaving Portugal with only Coimbra to rely on for survival.
The Byzantines have successfully taken Akko, but find themselves at war with the Turks and Bulgarians. Considering their previous wars, Byzantium looks like it could be in trouble. Also, the Romans build Machu Picchu and make peace with the Swiss.
Just like that, Qaddafi is eliminated by the Berbers. We didn't see much of this war, as there wasn't much to see.

Libya (Rank: 52/58) settled their second city and then lost a few wars. Nothing really to say here, as they didn't do much and survived because no one else took them out sooner.
Rashidun forces have crossed the Red Sea and look set to invade Nubian lands. Egypt looks hesitant, but they are a good distraction. The Rashidun UU is the same as Vanilla Civ's.
After their successful attack on Iraq, the Israelis appear to have a taste for war, so they declare against Phoenicia. They'll be able to capture Byblos pretty easily, but Berytos will be a bit tougher to take.
Carthage is taking the offensive against Numidia, but their offensive looks too weak to take Cirta.
We see Serbia's UI, the Fruska Gora Monastery, granting science, culture, and faith. Not bad I suppose.
Turkey has prepared a substantial invasion force against the Byzantines. Should be a good roll.
Unfortunately for Venice, their ability to found cities won't save them against Rome's first war, as they decide to unify the Italian peninsula. A smart idea by the Romans, as Venice has sent their army off in an attempt to invade Switzerland through the barrier that is the Alps.
Napoleon is still attacking Toulouse, as the city falls into the yellow. It looks like Asturia is looking to get into the action, but I'm not sure.
Spanish troops are attacking Coimbra, last bastion of Portugal. The Cordobans, however, have settled a canal city linking the Atlantic and Bay of Biscay to the rest of the world's water bodies. Apart from the Red Sea.
After regularising their borders, Georgia and the Kurds make peace. Probably a wise idea, as the Georgians have other things to think about and the Kurds should probably rebuild to prevent future wars from happening too soon.
Padua has already taken damage, as Roman combined arms tactics damage the city. They've successfully flanked Padua, but need to watch out for relief forces attacking out of Venice, as well as the powerful Venetian ships of the Adriatic fleet.
Is it going to happen? Is Napoleon finally going to take the city?

Find out next time on the nex- Hah, nah, this part isn't over yet.
Really guys, another waste opportunity? Damn...
Thank goodness, through the border gore of the Balkans, at least the Serbians and Trypillians have made peace.
The Bulgarian army has started to take the fight to the Byzantines, as they attack Adrianople.
They did it! Napoleon takes Toulouse!
But of course, with the large Visigothic military in the area, it flips right back.
Dammit Israel, now is not the time to convert Byblos...
Georgia is taking the fight back to Kutaisi, though they'll need more troops to take it back.
Padua is in the red, though the real action will come from the northwest. The Swiss army is all but eliminated on the field, and to add insult to injury the Bavarians have joined the coalition against them.
Padua is now in the black, and Bern is now in the yellow. Amazing what a bunch of composite bowmen can do in the age of gunpowder, eh?
Hungary has made peace with the Cumans and the Croatians, which is good I guess.
The Trypillians declare war against the Hetmanate. The Hetmanate looks smaller, but the Trypillians have had trouble invading them in the past.
Little progress has been made against Adrianople, though the Turks have started to attack Nicea. I'm pretty sure this is a Crusade, as the Islamic Turks attack the Jewish/Bird Figure Cultish Byzantines.
Ok, maybe Israel's UA is a bit OP... My bad, I didn't think it would proc this often... Sorry Phoenicia.
Padua falls to Rome, and Toulouse flips back to the French. Bern is in the red. A lot of empires not doing too well in this slide.
Nothing happening near the Nile. I'll let you know when it does though.
Byblos still stands, and the Nabataean worker is pushed out to sea.
Kutaisi may be retaken by the Georgians, and for some reason the Alans have a small force near Tbilisi.
Venice recaptures Padua with an extremely damaged trireme, and the Swiss are no more.

Switzerland (Rank: 51/58) was hampered by their geography. They were boxed in by Luxembourg to the north, Burgundy to the northwest and then west, and the Alps to the east, southeast, and south. They managed to found a city to the south, but traded it for peace with Burgundy. They then stagnated until elimination.
Well, having a large army is nice, but knowing what to do with it is nicer still. Byblos still stands.
The entire Portuguese army consists of one composite bowman. Things are looking rather grim for the Portuguese.
The Roman attack on Venice breaks off to recapture Padua. I like how Venice has raided Corsica with a swordsman.
Finally, Egypt starts to attack Nubia, bringing Napata to half health. Also, the Umayyads and Iberia make peace. I guess it really was all about that one island.
Byblos finally falls to the Israeli onslaught. That took way longer than I thought it would.
Georgia recaptures Kutaisi. The war will probably stagnate now, apart from maybe a few flips...
Nicea is damaged to the yellow, which is unfortunate as there isn't much Alexios can do about it.
Back to northern Africa, the Guanches declare war on the Ptolemies again. Are they looking for the elimination, or the formerly Ayyubid cities?
I had forgotten that Lombardy and Moldova were at war... So much for that. Anyway, Rome recaptures Padua.
I'm pretty sure that this is the final flip of Toulouse, so I'll call it here, with the elimination of the Visigoths.

The Visigoths (Rank: 50/58) settled a lot of cities early on, which they soon lost to the Iberians (probably why they're so popular). They managed to take the French city of Paris a few times and warred with Napoleon often before the French leader got tired of their crap and took them out for good. They would have done well if they had had a larger army in the beginning.
The Berbers declare war on the Tuareg along with the Umayyads. The last Tuareg city doesn't look set to hold for long, but at least they're at peace with the Vandals. The Umayyads are at peace with the Cordobans now too.
The Ptolemaic army around Cyrene appears to have melted, while the navy attacks Ptolemais and the Guanchean army skirmishes around Dvin.
Napata falls to Egypt, and the Rashidun cross the Sinai for some reason...
Kutaisi falls to the Horde. I wonder what the Alans are going to do with their large military?
Nicea is down to the red, as we bring this part to a close.

Thanks for reading! Here's a poll, please vote!:
Unfortunately, the further and further we go into this game, the further delayed the stats are. Here is a score chart for 10 turns ago.
The Rest of these should be up to date though, I hope.

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