Mediterranean AI - Part 5: Arid Eliminations

Author: porkpotpie
Published: 2017-11-18, edited: 2017-11-18

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Mediterranean AI - Part 4: Desert Turmoil

Images: 89, author: porkpotpie, published: 2017-11-03, edited: 2017-11-06

Heyo, its been almost two weeks, so its about time for me to get another part of this game out. Welcome back to the Mediterranean AI game!

We got an astounding 20(!) votes for part 4, which is most excellent! Sparta took home the most votes, with 6 followed by the Iberians with 3. Serbia, Rome, and the Trypillians got 2, while Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, the Berbers, and the Golden Horde all got 1.

As always, the first slide is u/SeroSedSerio's excellent map. You can see the advances made by Sparta last part, as well as the conflicts in the Middle East and the Algerian/Moroccan border.
We begin this part similarly to how we did last part: with a shot of the Tuareg in trouble. The Numidians have declared war on them, and they're still at war with Algeria. Luckily for the Tuareg, they managed to make peace with the Umayyads last part, though not after losing two of their cities.
The Caucasus/Black Sea region erupts into more war as the Golden Horde declares war on the Kurds. Nothing is likely to happen in this war.
In the Balkans, the Serbians have recognised the threat that the Bulgarians pose, a bit belatedly, and make peace with what remains of Hungary.
Further south, it looks like the Albanians are in their final stand as many Spartan composite bowmen close in for the kill. I don't know how effective those horsemen will be at taking the city however, so the Albanians may stand yet.
In the Sinai, Egyptian forces are attacking the Nabataean city of Eboda, and are likely to take it soon assuming they can get one of their melee units out from behind their ranged units.
Look! Look! They've done it! Cyprus has settled a second city! Its on the left, and is pretty much a distraction from their capital.

In the Umayyad vs Others war, progress though the newly reacquired city of Tarhuntassa is slow.
In a moment of diplomatic brilliance Skanderbeg makes peace with the Spartan menace. Too bad for him Venice and Rome have declared war on him... Well... At least Venice won't be able to do anything, right?
In a war with little more than army posturing occurring, Luxembourg makes peace with Bavaria and gives away Arlon... Pretty poor showing from Ermesinde.
In Morocco, Morocco declares war on the Umayyads, as they are tired of being trapped in the corner of the map. The two armies look evenly matched though, so we'll have to see what happens.
The Byzantine army that was traversing Turkey finally springs into action as Byzantium declares war on the Hittites. With the Hittite army attacking the Umayyads, it should be a pretty easy conquest, but you know how the AI goes about it.
To the south, Eboda falls to Egypt. The city looks set to flip many times, unfortunately, and what's going on with the Rashidun army? Its in the way of Nabataean reinforcements.
Oh. That would explain it. The Rashidun declare war on the Nabataeans and have already brought Hegra down to the yellow.
Welcome to the AD/CE part of the game. Can you believe 4000 years went by like that? XD

It doesn't look good for Albania, as even more countries declare war on them. The Cumans aren't much of a threat, however the Bosnians are right next to Albania, and have a decent army for invasion.
The Hittite capital starts to take damage, and the Turks have sent some triremes to ram into Sidon. I'm sure that'll go well [/s].
Hegra looks set to fall already, as Rashidun troops start to take the fight to Petra.
I bet you forgot that the Alans and Hetmanate/Ukraine were at war, didn't you. Well, they've finally decided to do something about it.
We see the aftermath of a Bulgarian attack on Debrecen, and it may or may not successfully take the city. The Battle for Nis starts as well.
Napoleon is back to his tricks again, as he declares war on the Visigoths for the Xth time. Its likely that not much will happen as a result, again.
Deciding that there can only be one dominant country in Iberia, Spain declares war on Portugal. This war may actually lead to some action, as Spain's army is much bigger than Portugal's.
Moroccan troops advance from the west and south against the Umayyads, but the Umayyads have troops advancing to the north and from the southeast. Interesting deployments.
The Numidians have almost taken Ubari, which would greatly boost their standing in northern Africa if they don't score too many negative points as a result.
The Guanches are at war with the Garamantes, though their advance appears to have been repulsed.
In other news, the Ptolemies have done it! They've eliminated the Ayyubids, though they still have a worker and a trireme.

This is our second elimination, after the Romanians fall the Ayyubids (Rank: 57/58). The Ayyubids settled the northern coast of Africa but spread themselves too thinly. After losing their eastern possessions to the Egyptians, the Guanches took their furthest west city. The Ptolemies saw this sign of weakness and took advantage to eliminate them.
Return to the Caucasus to see that the Alans and Georgia have declared war on the Kurds. The Golden Horde have their UU, the Khamgaalagch, a lancer replacement that has a higher combat strength than Keshiks (Eh? Weird comparison unit) and pillages for free.
Next up an overview of knowledge. No comments here.
Kufa is surrounded by Moroccan troops yet has no damage, while Marrakesh has some damage and isn't nearly as surrounded as Kufa.
The Numidians have successfully taken Ubari, and it looks like everyone is ok with this for now.
We see the remains of the Tuareg empire. While they're not eliminated yet, they pretty much are, as it is unlikely that they can do anything from Zinder.
We look set to see the fall of Petra, last refuge of the Nabataeans. Who will take it?
The Byzantines aren't doing much damage to the Hittite capital while Georgian troops attempt to take Georgian cities in the north.
This could be what Croatia needs to establish itself, as they declare war on the remains of Hungary. I would take Ingolstadt instead and then Hungary, but that's just me.
The Bosnians are taking it slowly as they don't invade Albania. Sparta looks like its going to give it another go though.

In peaceful news, the Kurds and Golden Horde, Tuareg and Numidia, and Hungary and Bulgaria make peace. In warlike news, the Cumans declare war on Hungary.
Well that was a waste of time... Morocco and the Umayyads make peace.
The Berbers, seeing how the Guanches have failed but are trying again, take up the challenge of taking out the Garamantes. They've even brought the Nubians along for help.
Petra enters the red and both armies look set to take it, but who will be the winner and who will come out with only one city.
The Serbians look set to retake Cluj-Napoca, though it looks like they're going to use Nis as sacrifice though.
Georgia looks like they'll be able to take Sulamaniyah with little trouble, though they may have to make peace after capturing that city.
We can plainly see the reason that the Iberians have declared war on the Umayyads, though I don't know why the Cordobans are upset. Spain is failing to damage Portuguese cities.
Seeing that the Berbers have taken the initiative, the Guanches make peace with the Garamantes.
The winner of Petra is Egypt! Congrats to them. Apart from that worker, Nabataea is eliminated.

The Nabataeans (Rank: 56/58) settled a few good cities and Eboda, but were attacked early on by the Rashidun. With the loss of their second city, they tried to survive but were eventually double teamed by the Egyptians and Rashidun.
Sulamaniyah falls to the Georgians, and I spoke too soon about them making peace as their army looks like it could take Sanandij.
Byzantine forces have done very little damage to the Hittites. Its unfortunate, as the Byzantines will need all of the army they can get to remain competitive against the Turks and Bulgarians.
Looks like the Bosnian invasion of Albania has begun. We'll see how effective it is.
The Alans are still attacking the Hetmanate, slowly. Also, the Trypillians have built Alhambra which should keep them competitive militarily.
The Abbasids make peace with the Kurds, which will free up Kurdish manpower to deal with the Georgians.
Eager to capitalise on the distracted Ptolemies, the Guanches declare war on them. If many cities are captured, it could signal the arrival of a northern African power.
Wisely the Byzantines make peace with the Hittites. At least they tried?
Garama falls to the Berbers, effectively eliminating the Garamantes.

The Garamantes (Rank: 55/58) settled their one city and then stagnated. They had war declared on them by the Berbers where they lost their capital, then successfully defended against the Guanches, but lost to renewed action by the Berbers.
The Bosnians declare war on the Lombards, but it likely won't do much to distract them from taking over the Albanians. The Lombards make peace with the Croatians as a result.
The Georgians must have started acting like hot stuff after taking Sulamaniyah, as the Golden Horde and Turkey declare war on them. That should take some of the pressure off of the Kurds.
Now is the time Spain, press your advantage in men! Questionable war tactics are being used in Iberia.
A Golden Horde(ian) fleet is doing damage to Kutaisi. If they can keep it up, they may take the city.
In our first shot of the Nubians is quite a long time, Egypt declares war on them. Should be a pretty simple conquest for Egypt.
Seriously Luxembourg? You pick on the Lombards? Good luck I guess.
Many things going on in this slide. The final Albanian city takes damage from Bosnian invaders, Serbia and Bulgaria make peace with Bulgaria keeping the former Cuman capital of Cluj-Napoca, the Bavarians finally have a military near Ingolstadt, and a Moldovan army marches westward.
Average food production is up in one city empires.
Eliminated people and deserts in the bottom again.
The French appear to be doing decently, if you count WWI tactics as decent. They've reduced the Visigothic army at least...
Croatia is taking the fight to Hungary, but we'll have to see if they can take the city.
Kruje is in the yellow as the Bosnians get serious about taking the city.
The Abbasids and Phoenicians declare war on the Hittites, though only the Phoenicians will be able to damage them, assuming the Turkish army doesn't get in the way.
Apparently Israel is still at war with Iraq. I had forgotten as no action had happened in a long time. Rutba looks set to fall pretty soon. Rome builds Angkor Wat.
Hold! Hold the city! Kruje falls to red.
Crete is settled as the Umayyads and Hittites make peace.
Taking advantage of Israel's capture of Rutba, the Rashidun declare war on Iraq. They likely won't last much longer.

But the fall of Iraq and others will have to wait until next part. Thank you for reading, here is a poll, and after that stats from 8 turns ago!
The rise of Turkey continues. Fallen nations will be unselected for 'ease' of viewing the remaining nations.
Nice high population empires in the north.
Confirmation of the elimination of the Garamantes, and the citylessness of the Nabataeans and Ayyubids.
Production stats.
Things look pretty glum down here.
Nice military sizes.
Ah, here not so much.
No clear tech leader here.
The Hittites are clearly trailing though, amongst those still alive and not likely to die in the next part.
Just to see who will gain tech the quickest.
Things look bad down here.

Thanks for reading!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

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