The Reds Final: A Dithmarschen AAR

Author: Yoper101
Published: 2017-07-18, edited: 1970-01-01
I win. The end.

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The Reds: A Dithmarschen AAR

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The Reds Part 8: A Dithmarschen AAR

Images: 24, author: Yoper101, published: 2017-07-18, edited: 1970-01-01

I require some provinces to form the German nation as a proto-communist country. Today will be the last day I say that!
So let's get stuck right in! This war will be a big one. The Commonwealth and I are great powers number 5 and 6 respectively, but I will be fighting a war on two fronts. Burgundy will attack from the West, whilst Bavaria and Hungary attack from the East. I expect the Papal army to show up after a few months of fighting also, so I need to knock someone onto the back foot before then.

In an even engagement, my armies prove superior to my enemies forces, but I will be outnumbered for much of this war, thanks in no small part to Hungary.

The plan is to capture Thuringia right away, then to turn as much of my attention as possible to Burgundy, before turning back to the East to capture Munich.
The early days of the war see fierce fighting. The Communists are driven into a rage by the sight of their enemy's flag. 'How dare they use a quilt to represent a country!' They cry.
This dogpile turns out in our favour thanks to the timely intervention of Polish troops, but my plans have been delayed also.
We catch a small army our of position in the East. Burgundy will pay the price for their lack of vision.
My attempts to capture Thuringia continue to be delayed by enemy attacks.
The pope has finally reared his behatted head, but his full army has not reached the main areas of combat yet.
The balance of power is sitting against my alliance at the moment. I need to force somebody to surrender if I want to capture, let alone take any provinces in this war.
We continue to push enemy armies back from our newly acquired territory.
At last, we take Thuringia. However, my defence of the west is becoming more desperate.
We catch out a Bavarian army before the walls of Munich, but lack the numbers necessary to take the city.
An enormous battle with the Hungarians results in a Dithmarschener victory. I think having an army composition that fills up the back row with cannons is really helpful, especially when the game enters these late stages.
I see three armies moving in, and I think that I can take this one.
Mercenaries are called up from all around.
Ah! A wild BAVARIAN ARMY Appeared.
The wild BAVARIAN ARMY used numerical advantage!

It's not very effective…
Your GLORIOUS COMMUNISTS used call ally!

It's super effective!
The wild HUNGARIAN ARMY used baton pass!

It got away…
After that victory, things begin to go more my way in the east, but my defence in the west has completely collapsed with the arrival of Papal troops.
Commonwealth soldiers are sent to shore up defences and push into Burgundy.
I decided to check the peace options just our of curiosity, and lo-and behold, Hungary will surrender!
Now that a full third of the enemy forces have been reduced to nothing, I feel a lot more confidant about this war.
The enlightenment just spawned in China. Just a little side note, is all.
Back to the action and...


They've won already?
That was a big one! Hundreds of thousands of casualties appear on both sides, and apparently there was a naval battle somewhere too.
The Ottomans abolish slavery. How nice of them!

That button just turned green.

I promise it's not Rick Astley this time.
And there's the achievement.

BEHOLD! The Federal Republic of Germany!

We remained Communist the whole time. Hitler will be turning in his unmarked grave.*

*This is a good thing. He wasn't a very nice man.

Stick around for a few mapmodes, or skip to the end for my concluding remarks.
Dynastic. Yes, England has the same dynasty as Spain and Portugal.
So, this concludes The Reds: A Dithmarschen AAR. For my tiny number of regular readers: thank you and you're welcome. It seems that despite a roaring start, most people got bored of this one quite quickly.

I intend my next AAR to be a narrative based account in the new-ish version of MEIOU and Taxes. For those of you who read 'The edge of the World', it'll be similar to that. I've only got a vague idea of what actually I want to do with the campaign right now, but I can tell you that I am going to take inspiration from the music of the 1970's.

And that is all I have to say. Until next time: 'Do your Homework!'


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