Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Nine: The Pyrrhic Wars

Published: 2018-08-12, edited: 2018-08-12

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Eight: The Stalemate Continues

Images: 105, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-08-04

Welcome to another part of CHG Mk.8! I am /u/Andy0132, and just like the part before, we open with a shot of the absolute fucking stalemate that’s the Geat-Norwegian border. However, it looks like Norway will finally make headway, by burning Hrefnesohlt to the ground. Splendid job at genocide, you murderous bastards. Also worth noting Norway now has Longswordsmen (21 strength) compared to the usual Geatish horsemen (12 strength), Tygn (16 strength), and spearman (11 strength). Oh, and Finland and Lithuania stop fighting to declare the Eastern Union.
Welcome to Novgorod, Novgorod! These persistent little bastards have managed to survive their near-extinction in Estonia, Samsalla, and Sweden, and now find themselves north of Norway, hopefully out of reach of the Lithuanian government. Only time will tell if it works.
As F U Litva dies to a Geatish invasion, SH looks fucking terrifying. Can someone please stop these guys from steamrolling the map? Also, Lodose/Hrefneshsolt ends the part in Geat hands, yet again.
SH continues to look terrifying.
SH starts the part with no less than 100 triremes. That’s a fucktonne of boats.
Over in Poland, where Bum Taqn just got himself and his various allies in the Polish government overthrown and executed through using his grand strategy of doing fuckall, they continue to exist!
Thanks for all the renames, Lego. As you can see, Southern Lithuania is depopulated and empty.
Welcome to Central Lithuania, home to low pops compared to SH, and an empty core. Oh, and some more excellent renames.
With the advent of the Eastern Union, the process begins as Lyda (and offscreen Inkeri) are transferred to Lithuanian hands. Note that here too lacks troops.
Like their Lithuanian fellows in the EU, Finland also lacks troops, and has a small, compared to SH, core.
Visit the picturesque Indonesian Archipelago, and the island of Dagobah!
Hrefnesohlt falls to low health, as the Geats seem on the verge of retaking the city!
They promptly do so, massacring half its citizens in the process. Casualties of war, after all.
F U Litva is now Geat! F U, Nov!
Yes, Nov still exists, with all of 1 pop.
SH big, SH stronk, SH has many boats.
The Geats’ lines have thinned, although the room temperature IQ Norwegian AI remains high on troops, if low on competency.
Norwegian longswordsmen smash to the gates of Hrefnesholt, and Norwegian Birkbeiners push to the gates of Hrefnesohlt.
Both attacks are easily repelled, as the Norwegian AI is about as functional as the Venezuelan economy.
Uh… Hrefnesholt and Hrefnesohlt recover a bit?
LITHUANIA BUILT ANOTHER WONDER! Ah wait, it’s shit, and all it does is reduce tile purchasing costs by 25%.
Oh hey, look at that SH settler by Sophie. Wouldn’t it be funny if SH settled up there?
Meanwhile, SH builds another wonder, except their wonder’s actually good, because that’s what SH does. For those who know fuckall about Civ V, the Alhambra provides a free Drill promotion to all units trained in a city, giving 15% combat bonus in rough terrain such as forest, hills, and forested hills.
The absolute fucking madlads, this is beautiful. Certainly one way to give Norway a middle finger.
Norway retreats. The Geats, out of desperation, send a settler to the front lines.
Finland enters the Renaissance! Now we can have things like condottieri, personal unions everywhere, and league wars!
Are there natural wonders on this map?
I don’t know what the fuck this is supposed to show, but it’s nice to have a change of pace from the Norwegian-Geat stalemate.

Gamerunners Note: HAH you thought you escaped it! Note the two scouts attacking the trireme.
Oh hey, Hrefnesholt is losing health.
Fun fact: There is literally no practical difference between this slide and the last, aside from slightly different position of general capes, foxes being at slightly different points, and the water shimmering a bit differently.
The Geats have embarked a settler in front of various galeasses and a city, successfully blockading it.
RIP you absolute legend, settler.
Say hello to Lodose and another duplicate slide.
Poland decides to invade Szczecin! Poland can screw off, though.
Fortunately, the gamerunner intervenes before Poland embarasses themselves by losing to a CS. Also, Hrefnesholt is about to fall.
Lithuanians are unhappy, SH is drowning in happiness.
Norway settles a new city, Hrefnesholt continues to almost fall.
Hrefnesholt flips, and flips back.
Hrefnesholt is now on fire. RIP Hrefnesholt.
F, and also the Norwegians are now into the Renaissance!
Pyrrhus will make Geat land a bitch for Norway to take, and burn it all down in the process.
Hrfenesholt looks like it’s about to fall. RIP Hrfenesholt.
Ah wait, Norway has no melees in the area. Also, we hit turn 180!

Gamerunners Note: Uh.. It burned Andy. It burned.
Poland being a bunch of forward settling shits.
Don’t sell Lauenburg, SH. It’s too hilarious. Also Norway founded a mountain city at Elverum.
Geats have made good work of Sweden tbh.
Welcome to beautiful Indonesia!
Here’s Finland and Northern Lithuania.
Inkeri is now Lithuanian, and Siauliai has been settled.
Say hello to Raseinai.
Palanga is now a city, and holy shit Vilnius actually follows the Romuva faith for once.
Seinai and Klaipeda are settled.
Gdynia and Swindica join Poland.
Behold the new SH-Poland border! I’m /u/Andy0132, and this concludes a painfully boring part filled with peace everywhere but Norway-Geats, and far more interesting massive bloodshed and slaughter if you’re Norway and Geats!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Ten: The Battle of the Baltic Sea

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