Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Ten: The Battle of the Baltic Sea

Published: 2018-08-26, edited: 2018-08-26

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Nine: The Pyrrhic Wars

Images: 91, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-08-12

Hello, it is Colombia, otherwise known as /u/thesaltiestbanana, and I am here to give you hard hitting commentary about what I am going to assume is a part that will be filled with surprises, judging by the title. I am here because no one else is here, rather apt after the megaevent planned by Rose. Anywho, right off the bat we see the Geats being attacked Hrfenesholt, but the one on the coast, by caravels.
Here we see what remains of the might Novgorod Horde, being clamped in by the Lithuanian army, as well as the sporadic barbs that have spawned way up in the Norwegian land. We also see the S-H Tourist Force having a lovely vacation in Elverum.
Here is a good look at the Polish Core, if you can call it that, with a little barb issue of their own. Nothing major, as they clearly need to pay attention to the STRONG NAVY to their north. S-H boats coming in hot.
Also of note that Poznan is well defended while Plock is not, but even better is that Lithuania doesn’t have an organized force to fight their surprise enemy.
I’m guessing that these are the cities merging-I mean gifted to Lithuania from the Finns. Stockholm also looking pretty phat.
Novgorod is now in the red, and this seems like the end is nigh for the Russians. They had a good run, but if there is a God for them, then they best start praying. Barbs have also not been taking care of.
Hrfenesholt is now in the red from the naval assault, but now they have their own four boats to attempt to slow their roll.
We now see a battlefield that is closer to home, with Stettin, but the C-S, the battlefield. Boats have taken a bit a damage, but not much change.
Iwo Jima has been flipped, and oddly enough, the S-H AI is on the attack, descending on Olsztyn. Poland has its own navy now, and Lith is still nowhere to be seen.
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Who would have seen this coming. Novgorod has been flipped, but don’t F just yet; something may still happen with those yellow pikemen.
The S-H navy has withered out on the home front, but other than that not much. Two Polish cities have taken a bit a damage, but nothing more.
Plock is now under attack by the Poles, and Iwo Jima is likely to be Polish now. Konigsberg is now also starting to aid in the capture of Poznan. Lith nowhere to be found.
That coastal city there still hasn’t flipped, and it seems that Norway has retreated. Fuckin’, what y’all doin’? Also Avaldsnes exists.
Imagine just razing the last bits of an ancient civilization. God damn. That is a big F from me dog. Be free pikeman. Flee before being killed along with the rest of your people.
Now it has been flipped into Norwegian hands, but probably by the next time we see this city it will be back in Geatish hands. At least y’all have got something down tho.
Iwo Jima is now Polish, there has been a bit more damage to the Polish coast, but the S-H navy has withered out. Big RIP. Lith still nowhere to be found. S-H triremes poised to take back Iwo Jima tho.
I guess the big thing here is that 5 barb musketmen have spawned on the border between the Geats and Tonsberg. Who gave them guns?

Gamerunners Note: I think the Norwegian unhappiness spawned rebels that had more guns than the entire Norwegian army.
Lodz has been settled, and Gdynia is now in the red. Come on boys, take it like you mean it! Except probably not with just two yellow triremes.
Was-was that city just razed? Norway, get your happiness together. I would argue that was a bit of an important city. For the Geats though, I’m sure y’all can just RP all those people going to Falkoping.
Gdynia has been flipped. Who would've thunk it? Not like it is going to stay that way, but just shows S-H superiority.
Gdynia is soon to be flipped with no S-H units, Poznan is still safely protected, but Plock is soon to be Polish. No sign of Lith still. Also it seems that Finland and Lith keep on trying to peace out.
War has been forced again, but if you just so happened to forget about doing that Lego, that would be much appreciated. Also we see S-H’s unique unit, the Odalbode. “Replaces the crossbowman. Deals more damage (33%) against ships, and when garrisoned on a fort or in a city produces gold and gives a small chance to grant a food yield each turn.” says mod creator Lungora.
Gdynia has been saved by the bell, much like the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight. Plock is now in the yellow, Poznan is still empty, and Lith is still nowhere to be found. A bigger thing to note is the emptiness of the Polish core.
Finland has arrived to take the fight to the S-H sea, and now the clash between this two powers can now officially begin!
Not sure what I’m supposed to be looking at, except that Norway has a ton of units around Tonsberg, I guess.
Gdynia is now Polish once more, Plock is still in the yellow, and the S-H pressure has been lessened on the coast; I assume that all the boats have gone north to fight Finland.
Now there is Lith! We missed you buddy ol pal. You come right on time to assist the losing Finnish fleet, and it seems that the scales will be tipped in your favor.
A bold settle by the Geatish AI, with Vista is right on the Norwegian doorstep.
Yep, as predicted, the Lith help has really helped Finland, and the S-H now takes its turn to start losing a battle.
Plock is in the red, and it seems that this will be the last time that it will be in that lovely S-H red, replaced by that horrendous Polish red.
Lith has built Machu Picchu, which is good for that gold aspect, with +5 gold and +25% gold from city connections.
Damn it, Plock has flipped. All you S-H nibbas, can I get a big F?
The Norwegian navy has returned, and is about to take the newly settled city of Vista, presumably to raze it.
I feel like this battle has dragged on for a bit. S-H has brought in reinforcements, and Lith is on the retreat it seems.
Iwo Jima seems like it is going to be flipped again. Being passed around like a blunt in a college dorm. We finally see the Lithuanian war machine being activated, probably to go and enforce peace all over Poznan.
Vista has been flipped into Norway, for the first and probably the last time, as it will probably be a black mark on the ground.
S-H is back again to try and flip Gdynia, this time with no opposition it seems. Is this the extent of Poland’s might?
Hoo boy, that Lith mass is coming right for Poznan, isn’t it? Well, we have four units there, so it might be good enough to last til the end of the part.
Iwo Jima is ours, I guess, not that it makes much of a difference now.
Gdynia stays Polish, but we have a nice picture of Civ V sea tiles, courtesy of Lego. Very Pretty!
Stuff actually happens this slide, as Gdynia is once more S-H, but its like one pop, so expect a lot of flip-flopping. Also TIL “flopping” has 2 p’s
Yep, it is razed, and Geats has citadeled Norway, but with a new settler coming. Also, we see here a S-H Jehovah Witness? Y’all want some Je-sus?
Vista 2: Electric Boogaloo
The calm before the storm, with the Lith menace closing in on Poznan and Iwo Jima. Big yikers, Scoob.
I’m guessing that Vardo is the city that Lego was talking about. Well, I guess that Geats are finally making some progress.
Vista is soon to be dead 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Welp. Here it is. Here. It. IS. Lith has finally arrived to enforce Polish Autonomy™.
Lego, imma need you to give me a bone here.
Yes, yes, the Norwegian center is very pretty Lego.
Some fat cities here on the Norwegian East Coast.
I’ve just now gotten the memo that these are just slides of all the civs and cores, so I’m just gonna bounce. It has been a pleasure to be with you in this narrative journey. This has been Colombia. In and Out.

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