Map Maker's City Game P2

Author: Samppwli
Published: 2018-02-04, edited: 2018-02-06
Lottery winners:
4 military units plus one next ERA unit, 200 gold, 3 free techs, 3 added population, border expansion
4 miltary units, 100 gold, 2 free techs, 2 added population, border expansion
3.u/CupOfCanada u/Limozeen581
3 military units, 1 added population

Next part will have special lottery rewards.

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Map Maker\'s City Game P1.2

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Welcome back,
Pawnee retreats from war against Jerusalem, so does Effingham retreat from Saint Louis who recently got lottery buffs.
This game's first elimination came last round when Pera invaded Phoenix. Boatmurdered declares peace with Zabrze.
ANCHORAGE derlacres war to Sri Jaywarden! Also Antioch retreats from raiding Zabrze.
TORONTO declaring war to Jerusalem!
DR. TEETH declares war to Pawnee!
Ebla not starting an attack to Pera, peace negotiated.
Anchorage heavily starving Sri Jaywarden, but attack seems to be lacking.
ELECTRIC BOOGALOO declares war to Toronto
BOATMURDERED and ANTIOCH declaring war to Zabrze!
EFFINGHAM declaring war to Toronto!
Double attack coming. Meanwhile Anchorage and Sri Jaywarden made peace.
Jerusalem and Toronto made peace.
EBLA starting a war against Sri Jaywarden!
This war again concludes a ceasefire.
Electric Boogaloo not interested in a war after all, makes peace with Toronto.
Dr.Teeth tired over long unsettled war, peace with Pawnee.
Ebla backing down again, peace made.
TRIPLE war against Zabrze!
With friendship in tact SAINT LOUIS and DUNKIRK declares war to Effingham! While Effingham makes peace with Toronto.
FIVE cities in war against Zabrze, now joining in Pera and Sri Jaywarden!
SIXTH city joins in, Ebla now in war against Zabrze!
Zabrze getting bullied.
LAST RECAP ON THE CITIES, next 50 turns in the part. Remember to post your lottery number, special lottery next time!

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