The Fleeing Phoenix! Party 7, Oh god ze Germans!

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Fleeing Phoenix

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 6, Back for Anatolia!

Images: 35, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Hello and welcome back to The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 7, Oh god ze Germans!

Here is a normal nice overview over our current state. We have some
territory we need to link up and things to get in order so let us get to it!
More diplomatic heirs. Christ I hate my heirs.
England doing English stuff. You know dictatorships and stuff... This was acutally triggerd by the civil war event. I wonder if their leader is called Dan?
Anyhow more military tech! We are still somewhat catching up although we are close now!
And so The English Civil War ends. Seems there is no Dan...
I have trouble picking a new idea group but nothing in the Diplomatic Idea group intrests me and I find getting behind in Military Tech is bad.
We Romans don't need no kebab!
The wars must go on! There is land to be reclaimed!
Step 1. Beat enemy army.
Step 2. Chase said army.
Step 3. Keep beating untill dead.
Step 4. REJOICE!
Step 5. Carpet siege!
Tons of land!
More peace deals, although not quite as interesting.
The war that lasted years! Oh did I say war? I meant battle!
Now this is warscore!
We get money and I release Hesse to mess with The HRE a little.
This is why you don't super expand to much, if you do it this way you can acutally vassilize things without war! Weird right?
This Riga is just insane and Sweden is kinda scary aswell, Denmark is also guarenteed by The HRE.
So about that heir thing. I take it back!
Hah! Yeah right... Get out of my lawn you not holy not Roman and not a empire Holy Roman Empire!
More tech!
Kinda derped here and vassilized them for Tripoli. Still got money though!
The HRE gave up on The Turks so without further ado...
Okay seriously Muscovy stop that.
We have came a long way from taking 20 something ducats from Albania huh.
More lunch money! Boy I'm going to get fat with inflation at this rate.
France you silly bugger you!
Oh nevermind this will be easy! (Note how low manpower The HRE has.
200+ relations and then rival and insult? Paradox please!
Yeah I need to stop getting my hopes up..
This should help somewhat!
Still angry? Okay well I'll just stick with the alliance I guess..
Let me introduce what I like to call box Kebab. It's pretty!
Back on track!
A free stab event? Christ my awesome heir might even live!
Oh come on buddy let it go already!
Sorry about the borders, capitals you know..
I'm back baby!
Well there goes the alliance..
We are just flying through the military tech!
Oh France!
The Commonwealth broke the PU!
Really Muscovy? Christ how much vodka did you drink? Nevermind I don't wanna know. Friends?
So The Ottomans are being ripped up by rebels Byzantium is strong. Christ I should change the name of The AAR! The Fleeing Kebab has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Anyhow thank you for reading The Fleeing Phoenix and as always I will see you in the comments!

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