The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 6, Back for Anatolia!

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Fleeing Phoenix

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 5, Look west young Phoenix.

Images: 37, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Hello and welcome back to The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 6, Back for Anatolia!

We start with a quick overview over our country and the terror of the HRE. We are currently stuck between
two major powers, namely the HRE and The Turks.

Here you can see our current techs aswell as the glory that is the Western tech group!
Thankfully our allies join in and this might just be what we need!
We claim the Defender of the Faith to get more morale against The Ottomans.
We peace out with Kazan to get Muscovy to go into Turkey.
Goodbye Austria, It's time for anschluss.
So many cannons!
We chase The Turks with force march hoping to crush them completly.
I got curious why there were scottish forces in Turkey. That explains why England exists instead of GB.
Dun dun dun!
We are back in Anatolia baby!
Why Burgundy though embargoing France was a good Idea I do not know.
Time to clean up southern Italy!
Oh god..
I miss the old split up HRE..
A small tip whenever a ally call you in against someone you wish to fight.
You simply go declare war on them aswell and accept the Call to Arms so they can't negoitate for you.
Poor Kazan.
I felt as though I needed to calm down a bit with my expanding since my AE was getting higher than I like it to be.
The Mamluks peace out shortly after, Kinda makes you feel bad.
A overview over the current world. It's a damn mess I got to say.
Seemingly everyone wants a peice of Kebab, guess it's pretty tasty after all.
Also awesome Gold Standard!
While The Commonwealth is getting screwed over by everyone else. Guess we are part phoenix part vulture.
The black sea will be mine!
We continue our great trend of average rulers..
Map gore anyone?
Pretty cool Mongol Khanate! Although fix your border dammit!
Some colonization views..
Thank you for reading The Fleeing Phoenix part 6! I am sorry for the mostly boring chapter this time. I can promise you that the next one is really action packed though. I will be uploading it soon, most likely over the weekend. As always I will see you in the comment section!

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix! Party 7, Oh god ze Germans!

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