The Tide has Turned: Chapter 5, The Luftwaffe Strikes Back

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Tide has Turned: Chapter 4, A New Hope

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The Tide has Turned : Chapter 5, The Luftwaffe Strikes Back.
Hello and welcome back to The Tide has Turned. We begin with the start of Operation Gertrude, the conquest of the Middle East!
Crossing the straits will take some time but with bomber support from the Arado bombers we will crush the Turks!
The Luftwaffe has grown great once more! Pictured to the left is one of the many ME 262's now guarding the skies over Europe. No more bombers will be allowed into the Reich!
The straits have fallen. Onward!
5 days later Turkey capitulates and with it the nation of TRKL is born. The new government did not wish to comment on the absurdity of the name. But one source blamed the problem on "Game mechanics" OKW is currently investigating.
The Italians are facing no resistance in taking back Libya. Mussolini is of course hyping it up as the great work of the Italian man.
The Kreigsmarine will not be like the High seas fleet of world war 1. They refuse to sit out the war!
For the first time the Tirpitz opens up on an enemy ship. With hundreds of ME 262's blocking out any carrier borne aircraft the Tirpitz is free to wreck havoc on the American ships.

Pictured is the Tirpitz in action!
The American fleet flees into Kiel where it is bombed constantly by the Luftwaffe. No escape!
It seems the vultures in Denmark think this is their chance at freedom. They will be destroyed. Pictured to the right is the 'Peoples Militia' as they call themselves. Clearly this is the work of communist sympathizers!
Go away Brazil. Nobody likes you.
Cleaning up some Danish partisans that rose up along with an American landing in northern Germany but now with the Americans gone the Danes are screwed.
Some Canadians do try to help out but just like their cause it is hopeless.
The Axis is growing strong. With nations like ROML and TRKL on our sides we will be unstoppable! This also signals the start of Operation Gertrude. Which will seize the middle east from the Allies.
The Danish partisans are stuck in the middle of Jylland. No evacuation will be able to reach them.
The progress of Gertrude and the Italian progress in Africa.
Our men are yet again close to Moscow but we lack the numbers to take the city. We must somehow win a war of attrition without taking losses ourselves.
We really do need oil.
Sometimes I can really understand why Hitler hates the Russians so much.
The Red Air Force attempts to aid the partisans but are chased away by Me 262's
Palestine is being overrun!
Men of the 164 Afrika division seize the Saudi Arabian capital. They have been through countless battles in the deserts and are true veterans!
Our forward Panzer units have crossed the Suez and now struggle to hold a beachhead. They lack the forces required to form a full front behind the Nile. But by using mobile defense they will hold the line!
Soldiers from TRKL decide to help the Italians instead of helping out the Germans fighting to defend their border. Sometimes it feels like all of our allies are against us.
American troops seize Amsterdam but the Köningstigers are already fighting to retake the city.
Our Panzer forces push on towards Persia. We will free them from C&C! (Capitalism and Communism)
Somebody should tell the Americans they need a port for supply.
The Fall of Cairo, what once seemed like a dream is today reality.
Baki is seized with the majority of oil wells still intact. The Russians truly are incompetent.
A Köningstiger brigade is sent to aid the Finns. Our one staunch ally who has yet to go full retard.
Persia is once again set free and rejoins the struggle!
Today signals the start of our great air offensive. We will bleed the Russians white with our bombing runs! The leading bomber is the Arado 234 shown to the left.
But Junkers also has a bomber that is being used. The Ju 287 and Arado 234 will terrorize the Soviet infantry.
Our Fallschirmsjäger get their first taste of action. But the Soviet forces stationed there surrender within the hour. It turns out they have been without supply for over half a year. How they have not all starved to death is beyond the knowledge of OKW.
Literally 80 thousand Italians are halted by a British infantry division...
The Soviets try their own airdrop.
Which is behind 30.000 battle hardened German infantry. It is quickly smashed.
American troops seize Amsterdam but the Köningstigers are already fighting to retake the city.
With the arrival of the Hitlerjugend division the British will be driven back! But where are all the British troops?
Another 20.000 trapped men.
It is amazing how we only get reports of landings from when our border police spot British troops moving into Austria. The Fallschirmsjäger are readied for some real action!
In Africa our men linkup with the Italians and drive away the last British troops.
Venice is seized by our Fallschirmsjäger. At first the Italian civilians though we were Americans due to the special helmets our Fallschirmsjäger wear. But they quickly broke into cheers when they realized the Germans had freed them again. The people of northern Italy are growing used to German troops saving them.
Giovanni Messe has managed to get us some Italian infantry and lots of supplies for support. Thank god for that man!
Our Armored forces breakthrough and split the British in two.
More Panzer divisions arrive.
And the British are rounded up yet again.
The Japanese seem to be completely out of manpower (look at the strength bar)
Another Armored division captured by our men. Their Shermans are driven away to be put on fields in Germany. We of course have no use for such obsolete designs.
The bombing offensive is unending and doing some real damage to the Soviet manpower pool.
Our manpower is stabilizing as the eastern front is being relatively calm.
More Americans are driven away from the northern Germany.
Alright.. You did okay for once.
Well I think all Germans know about our Jet aircraft by now..
The current status of the eastern front.
Here you can see the status of the Luftwaffe. The light blue is the ME-262's and they yellow our bombers. The Luftwaffe is once again dominating the skies!
The Soviets are starting to have problems reinforcing their units which means their manpower is running out! But really after 10 months of being bombed constantly all over the front who wouldn't be? We are just lucky we got all the oil from the Middle East or we would have ran out a long time ago.
Our spies support our theory. The Soviets are out of manpower. But they still field millions of men out on the front line and our men at the front still lack supplies and fuel not to mention the lack of reserves that comes with fighting over a 5000 km front line. Can the Reich scrounge together enough of an army? Can the Soviet Union finally be defeated? Will Germany stand triumphant? Join me in the next chapter of The Tide Has Turned to find out.

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