The Tide has Turned: Chapter 4, A New Hope

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Tide has Turned : Chapter 4, A New Hope
Mussolini continues his insane behavior of refusing to inform the German high command of any invasion made by the allies. The few panzer divisions forming in Germany are hastily sent down to save the Italians once more.
A old plan is pulled from the piles of plans that were never launched. Operation Gertrude is the invasion of Turkey. It is hoped that it will allow us to secure the desperately needed oil in the middle east. The problem is the extending of the front line towards the Soviet Union but Manstein is confident of the ability of the Wehrmacht.
German support is finally arriving. Among them are the Italians still under German command. Returning yet again to save their homeland from the foolishness of Mussolini.
Nature itself is aiding us against the foolish allies! Gott mitt uns!
Venice is reclaimed by the combined efforts of the Waffen SS and the Heer. The experienced soldiers of the Heer combined with the fanatical Waffen SS prove a strong combination.
The Allied invasion is quickly falling apart. When will the allies give up on their foolish invasions.
12.000 Scots attempts to dig into the mountains at Ala. The fighting is tough but they are besieged from all sides. It is merely a matter of time.
All over northern Italy allied troops walk into prison camps.
The losses are light compared to those on the eastern front.
Our industry is focusing heavily on the construction of the brand new ME-262. Soon this plane will reclaim air superiority from the allies.
The first of the brand new jet aircraft are deployed in Stuttgart. The city has been bombed for the last time!
The British run into some sea mines. Stay out of my straits!
The German high command sees the chance to take Zolotukhino from the Soviets to decrease the pressure along the front.
The Soviets instantly counterattack. The Croatian and Bulgarian troops are quickly pulled out. Proving useless against the Red Army.
We pulled back only to counterattack again! If the Soviets want a fight we will give it to them!
The fields of Zolotukhino are completely ruined. Tank wreckage's and craters litter the field making defending near impossible. Manstein gives the order to let the Soviets keep the field.
The Swiss are simply to close to the battle line. Their existence makes the transportation from France to Italy harder. Manstein has ordered their elimination. Although many of the higher up Nazis complained they lack the clout to go against Manstein. Why do they care so much for the Swiss anyhow? An investigation has been ordered.
The Swiss infantry break in mere hours. Old equipment leaves them hopelessly outmatched. A few old BF-109 Emils attempted to strafe Panzer column only to be taken annihilated by the ME-262's. Once again the Luftwaffe is in the air!
Zürich is taken without much of a fight.
Bern falls shortly after and with that the Swiss surrender. They will be treated fairly under a military government.
The British are starting to push into Siam. Japan is growing weaker by the day.
Suddenly a large American fleet appears of the coast. German Infantry hold them off but this time we will not allow the American navy to escape!
The entire German navy is gathered to attack the American fleet.
Constant air coverage is provided by the ME-262's while the Arado bombers give the Americans hell.
the USS Missouri is sunk for only some destroyers.
The American fleet is heavily damaged but stays to defend the transports. This will be their undoing.
More and more American ships sink. Now even carriers are being lost.
The Americans are persistent..
The entire American fleet sent to northern Germany is sunk as they try to escape. A bomb dropped from a Arado sinks the USS Boise and many others. The Luftwaffe is showing its strength once more!
Japan is finally suppressing the last of the Chinese.
More costly battles are fought on the eastern front. We cannot allow holes to appear in our line!
A minor offensive is launched around Kursk. We hope to straighten out the line to reduce the front length. The area to attack was decided based on the weak buildup of Soviet forces. Some commanders recommended a enormous offensive towards Moscow. But the German army is not capable of launching such attacks at this time. We cannot let ourselves be pulled into a huge battle as the losses in men and equipment would never be recovered.

I mean really who would be dumb enough to launch a offensive into a built up enemy force, letting their Panzer forces be destroyed? Not Manstein that's for sure.
The Battles prove a success. Kursk is retaken!
The first ME-262 wings arrive on the eastern front. The red air force will once again feel the wrath of the Luftwaffe!
Ponyri is bravely held by Croatian troops along with German armor support.
More Tiger battalions are deployed in the east. They will help hold the vulnerable parts of the front. In the hands of an experienced crew they are lethal killing machines!
Again the allies set foot on fortress Europe and again they will be repelled!
Another panzer corps is sent down to take back Greece.
Japan sure is lacking men in the south..
The situation in Greece escalated quickly. It would seem the British are aiming at destroying Bulgaria but German panzer forces will save our ally!
Yet again the British supply line is severed by a armored spearhead.
And in the Bulgarian mountains they will be destroyed.
The 20th panzer division which is starting to gain a reputation as a city liberator is moving in to add Sofia to its list.
Piss off
If only Mussolini could be so quick to resist allied landings in Italy maybe we would have a better chance in this war.
The eastern front. Holes poke in and out everywhere. This front is truly chaotic. Provinces fall only to be taken back a few hours later. The attrition is insane. Something must be done...
The supply situation is starting to improve with the reconstruction of the Soviet rails.
In the west 10.000 go against 10.000 and a few hundreds die. In the east 75.000 go against 75.000 and thousands die.
The battles never stop. Nor do the losses.
A soviet attempt to send boats over the straits prove disastrous. The waves claimed many Soviet boats and the men who were mostly from the steppe could not swim and so thousands drowned in the cold water.
Man I love seamines.
The supply situation in the east. We cannot pull back any divisions since they are all needed but we cannot let our men fight without supply. A impossible situation.
Mussolini declared that Libya would be retaken by the brave Italian infantry after "Being abandoned by the cowardly Germans." relations are strained to say the least.
I just can't seem to get enough supply to the front.
The first order for the new Köning Tiger is placed. These monsters will be destroy the communist menace!
Goebbels insisted of the raising of a German home guard and it is hard to stop the man when he has his mind set.
So the Volkstrum is all gathered up...
Walk walk..
The Italians thankfully face no resistance. Maybe they can do it after all.
The planning for Gertrude is finished and von Kluge is put in charge. The opening of a new front should relieve pressure all along our territories and spread out the supply more.
The eastern front is as chaotic as ever.
After they've been gathered up they are sent off to the barracks. We will not throw away the lives of our civilians!
For the first time in many years new Fallschirmsjäger are raised. Unlike the ones raised during the last few years these will actually be trained to jump out of a plane.
The army stands ready..
And war is declared!

Join me next time to see Operation Gertrude in action. Will it succeeded or will the extended frontage merely overwhelm the already stretched Wehrmacht? Give your thoughts in the comments.

I also want to say sorry for the insane delay I picked up the plague and spent two weeks dying. I am once again hoping to return to a weekly schedule but we will see and of course thank you for reading this chapter of The Tide has Turned.

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