Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Finale

Published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR

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Making America Great Again| A Millennium Dawn AAR: Part 4

Images: 31, author: NuclearWarlordGandhi, published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

Hi God-Emperor Donald Trump Here with another part of Making America Great Again. I start by focusing on the Army because those SJW's i drafted are dying to fast and are losers so i need to focus more on training them to stop calling the ones who fight the enemy racist.
Algeria who we are still at war with get a nice serving of nuclear fist.
What is MAD Anyway? It's for losers i can tell you that.
I just don't care anymore. Nukes are great. They kill so many people your head will spin.
Nothing like the smell of Spider-Kebabs in the morning.
Korea and Mongolia are losers. They Declared War on us. Well Then.
South Korea is not a classy nation. They got their tentacle hentai and pokemon go. Not real americans. Sad!
Sadly all great things must come to an end but ours has to end soon as an assassination attempt on Donald Trump Succeeds and he dies. He had a great life ended by Ted Cruz following in his father's footsteps. F to Pay Respects.
"Yo Bitch, I'm about to die so I need you to execute Protocol: Get Rekt." Famous Last Words Of Donald Trump, Spoken to Mike Pence.
As Trump Dies, so do millions of people in CHINA!
Iran promptly gets annihilated.
The German Cucks get nuked.
And so do the kebabs of Swedistan
We do end up nuking the middle east. Its great.
And an American Pilot, flying a B-2 over Mecca presses a yuuuge red button and says "Deus Vult Bitch" As Mecca is disintegrated. And Thus As Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden are gone, Trump's mission of eliminating Islam is complete and America is made great again. Trump dies happily knowing that he fucked the world up irreparably.

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