Making America Great Again| A Millennium Dawn AAR: Part 4

Published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Part 3

Images: 21, author: NuclearWarlordGandhi, published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

President Donald Trump here. Back for another great part.I decide to feel generous and let Spain into back into NATO. I Love Spanish Food like Tacos and Tortillas. Also, they speak Mexican so I have a lot of translators.
I reform the Census so i can ask people how much the like winning which is the only thing that America does.
We continue to make our military great again.
Israel goes to war! Probably against a Kebab.
Yep Israel decides to wipe out it's inner kebab.
Some country's in the middle east declare war on each other.
Israel finally join's NATO. It is going to be so great, Trust me.
Well Fuck.
Ladies and Mexicans, WORLD WAR 3 HAS BEGUN! I knew some filthy kebab would start the war, they are not real Americans. This war is gonna be over so fast your head is gonna spin right off.
The Winning Side of WW3 and Russia's Faction.
A look at the yuuuuge scale of the battlefield.
Fighting breaks out in Poland. Poland is a great country, they always had our back's, like in Iraq. We have alway's had Poland's back, never got invaded under our protection.
We make a huge great thrust into Belarus. Considering Russia's faction, they probably like being fucked. Real Losers.
Our first division is About to cross into Commie Bear Territory.
Ukraine joins NATO as does.
Swedistan, come on I though no Kebabs.
Poland's shitty neighbor capitulates to Merica.
We being our final thrust into the ass known as Russia. They are real loser's they don't deserve to have a capital. They are not real Americans.
We take Moscow, proving that A. I am Not Hitler, because that fuckface couldn't even capture Moscow. B. That i am a great military genius. I am the smartest person i know, trust me.
We take Russia's second major city. This war is going so well, Is your head spinning yet?
St. Petersburg is nuked.
As is Rostov.
More Commies getting the Commie nuked out of them.
MOAR NUKES. Clinton said i couldn't be trusted with the nukes, she is rolling in her accidental grave.
We reaffirm our ties with the Non-Commies.
RUSSIA SURRENDERS! The War is Over and we kicked Russia's commie ass.
Just grabbing a little land.
Peace is made. Russia collapsed so fast. They are nothing but a bunch of losers. Sad!
A close up on the new borders. Look how cute Russia is now.
The World After WW3

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Finale

Images: 15, author: NuclearWarlordGandhi, published: 2017-02-03, edited: 1970-01-01

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