An outreichous tale, Chapter 1 - The beginning

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01

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An outreichous tale

Hello and welcome to An outreichous tale - The beginning . My name is Adolf Hitle.. Hiller, definitely Hiller. Anyhow this is my AAR for HoI3 with the HPP mod. Prepare for bad jokes and puns. But I hope the title already prepared you for this. Had to do something for the pre war years after all.
I stuck with the custom game start just to deploy my units since it's really annoying moving them all around ingame. I did not change anything else like neutrality or technology.
This is a feature of HPP or Historical Plausibility Project. This stops the stacking of resources as it gives modifiers of 10 - 30 %.
#Reoccupy the Rhineland #Manpower #M0NEY #datunity
Another mod specific thing. You can rebuild some ships ingame.
Finally something happend!
A look at my production que.
A standard look at a German Infantry Divison. Artillery in this mod is also split into 3 different factors. One being Horse drawn another being Truck drawn and finally a Mechanized one.
After having my rares drop like a rock I finally get rid of the negative modifier and I then begin trading rares with the Soviets.
Our first friend! I don't see what could ever go wrong from having the Italians be my sidekick!
The Anti-Comitern pact is basically a relation increase event you can make that people can sign onto. Other signers during the game so far were Italy.
More help to Spain!
It would seem our troops helped out! ST day! i.e Sieg Tag aka Victory in Spain day!
Okay Japan please stay calm with the genocide this time. Promise no Nanking! Japan?

As the AI seems unable to talk to me I do not invite him into the Axis. Let's see how the war in China works out.
(Japan can acutally lose in HPP)
Also specalist Training! Which I could not research due to Techs being needed in HPP. Man this AAR is like a commercial for HPP...
Ah I'm reunited with my Homeland! No wait that was the other guy.. Well more Manpower I guess!
The war in China continues on with Japan creating a puppet to keep peace in China.
Thank you, Thank you!
You know what. I WANT IT ALL. EIN REICH EIN VOLK EIN.. uhm is this being recorded? Really? Ehm sorry about that I have some führarious tendancies. Not to be confused with führerious.
It's cool the Czechs can say no and fight and France can get involved so it's quite the gamble but this time they chickend out.
Another feature of HPP is the fact that you get different amount of Leadership depending on how big your military is and your industry.
I think the Germans should have started earlier so let's do it properly this time. Ahead on time scheduele!
I love you USSR. Please give me more rares!
5 days after the war began Poland has already been split in half. The Polish divisons flee in terror before the mighty german Heer.
After 12 days Warsaw falls before the German Panzer divisons. 3 days later Poland surrenders to Germany. The French dare not assault the
Infantry defending the French German border. But now with the fall of Poland. Things are about to change.
Thank you for reading the First chapter of my new AAR. The future chapters should be more interesting. As the pre war years are boring and Poland just dies.

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