An outreichous tale, Chapter 2 - Achtung Panzer!

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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An outreichous tale

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An outreichous tale, Chapter 1 - The beginning

Images: 27, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Welcome back to An outreichous tale - Chapter II, Achtung Panzer!
Here we see the redeployment of our army from Poland to France.
But let's get back on track, in HPP you can go down two different trees for your army. One being professional and another being drafted. You then fire events to mobilize which opens up new policies.
We modifiy the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which means we get more Poland and they get Lithuania
The Changes of the deal.
Operation Gul a plan to encircle all the forces of the low countries to prevent their escape into France.

The Red arrows will surround the enemy while another force of infantry will split the pocket in half. It relies heavily on our Panzer Divisons.
The Panzers begin their dash through the Ardennes already surrounding big parts of the Belgian Army.
An overview also showing our general advance through The Netherlands.
With that the pocket is closed. Now our infantry is rushing to reinforce our Panzers. The pocket must not break!
Belgium having lost half it's army and the rest soon to fall refuses to surrender.
Another overview showing our counterattacks to stop the French from freeing the Belgian forces.
A week after their refusal to surrender the last Belgian forces surrender before the Wehrmachts onslaught.
Amsterdam falls the same day with German infantry surrounding them on all sides.
What is this Paris is undefended? Forward Panzers!
The brave French cavalry charge the Panzers over a river to protect Paris.
Phew, Turns out the Brittish have plans for throwing Indians at our ports in northern Germany.
The last brave Hollanders surrender before The Wehrmacht. Not the first nor the last to fall.
Now the French army stands alone and all along the front they are in utter panic. Even leaving parts of the Magiont line undefended.
20 days after the first German soldier put his foot down in France Paris falls.
Italy being the whimps they are only dare to join in now. Not wanting to risk losing.
Many small pockets like this one has led to the surrender of many French soldiers.
The French army can no longer cover the entire border, Panzers breaking through everywhere.
And so the nation that nearly beat all of Europe into submisson stands down before the Wehrmacht.
Yes you may be my little slave France. I expect a regular supply of wine and frogs. Lots of frogs.
The Brittish forces make a mad dash towards the coast but none make it out alive.
The month long Battle of Kiel finally ends. A lot of Indians from the 2nd 4th and 18th Indian infantry divison are dead.
Good day Danskejäve.. Danes, danes yes danes.
Japan seems to be making short work of China but then again the front is getting broad.
Just the sheer sight of our Panzers make Denmark surrender.
I want your land, your ports and your future oil.
The capture of Oslo is more than enough to make Norway surrender
And so the world trembles before The German Reich. Where will The Wehrmacht turn next? England, The Balkans or perhaps the damn commies who won't give me rares!

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