The 1 Tile Circuit

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The 1 Tile Circuit

Welcome to the 1-tile circuit! In this game every civ only has the one tile their city occupates and can't expand since I own every other tile of the map but they can traverse and carpet up my territory since I am at war with them.

Because each AI only has one tile its hard for any one civ to gain a giant advantage on their own and because the playground gets filled up pretty quickly, I am forcing world war every 50 turns, even if any civs are at war. Otherwise, this game wouldn't have a winner.

I've also supplied every city with oil so they can build planes. Finally, it's on quick speed because understandably the AI is very slow to research techs.

It's my first AI game so I made some mistakes so sorry in advance. Ok with all that out of the way lets get right in to the game!
Persia picks up the usualâ„¢ pantheon. With civs only having one tile these religious bonuses can be quite useful.
Japan is the first to reach the classical era as the playground starts to fill up with units.
Sejong builds the Great Library which as you all probably know gives you a free tech. But did you know it also gives you +3 science? Pretty insignificant in a normal game but when you only have one tile it means a lot. Expect to see Sejong have a pretty solid tech lead.
Turn 50 has come so its time for WW1! China and Zulu have a fair amount of units.
5 turns later all of the civs armies have evaporated and no cities damaged. It takes some time for a civ to get a big enough advantage to take a city, but trust me they will.
2 turns later total peace. Sometimes full peace isn't declared so I will show this screen and point out if any wars are continuing.
England and the Zulu somehow have more production than the others.
Ottomans found the first religion. This could give them an edge.
Never mind it's close to useless.
Sejong is pulling ahead in techs meanwhile Persia builds Stonehenge which guarantees them the other religion
Their religion is also useless especially pilgrimage since every city (including Persepolis) is solidly Islamic already.
WW2 baby! No civ seems to have any remarkable amount of units this time.
Sejong is the first to the medieval era as WWII rages on.
They also pick up a really good pantheon.

But more importantly, Venice is down to the red, Korea and the Ottomans both have a melee unit in range. Which one will take it?
And the Ottomans eliminate Venice! If they can hold onto it then they will be a really solid frontrunner.
Babylon gets a nice pantheon meanwhile Korea tries to take Venice from the Ottomans.
And then everyone makes peace except Japan and Aztecs which isn't really all that relevant.

As a side note I'm not causing the civs to make peace, they're all making peace on the same turn on their own.
Islam gets reformed and gets the actually useful tenet of Holy Warriors which allows them to purchase pre-industrial units with faith. Combined with all their faith boosting bonuses this is quite good.
WW3! Persia looks to have a big military, will they use it effectively?
Aaaand its over.

Ongoing wars:
Aztecs vs Polynesia and China
Babylon vs The Zulu

The Babylon v Zulu one could be relevant
WW4 time. This time the Ottomans look dominant which is bad news for everyone else's chances.
Kyoto falls into the yellow! Can the Ottomans increase their lead?
Nope, the civs make peace before anything can come out of that.

Ongoing wars:
Ottomans vs Zulu and China

That war could be relevant.
Especially with Suleiman's rather pointy stick. Monty meanwhile has a micro stick.
Sejong enters the Renaissance era as Ulundi takes some slight damage.
Sejong has a ridiculous tech lead, Elizabeth somehow is second with a decent tech lead of her own. Suleiman didn't even make the list.
WW5. Ottomans again look to be the dominant player here.
Suleiman still has a pointy stick.
Peace is made.

Ongoing wars:
Ottomans vs Zulu and China (again)

Once again this war could be relevant.
Woah hold on Ulundi is in the red! The Ottomans just need a melee unit.
The Ottomans take Ulundi! giving them 3 cities to everyone else's one. China makes peace with the Ottomans even though they could've taken Ulundi from them.
The first AI war declaration as The Aztecs DOW China, although there's no way anything will come of this.
WW6, can't we all just get along? Interestingly Sejong has musketmen while Monty is still rocking spearmen.
Tenochtitlan and Honolulu immediately drop to the yellow.
One turn later Tenochtitlan is in the black. In his desperation, Monty smuggles peace with China but it's too late.
Korea takes Tenochtitlan! Can they stand up to the 3 tile Ottoman Empire? Meanwhile, China can't decide whether to attack Honolulu or Ulundi.
Maybe not as England takes it instead. Ulundi drops to the red but there's no melee unit around.
Peace is declared with England in control of Tenochtitlan.

Ongoing wars:
China vs Japan

The civs are close enough for this to be relevant.
Suleiman tops the wonder list and Persia has 4 wonders however these are all religious wonders I neglected to show.
The Ottomans DOW Polynesia and Honolulu takes damage. Can they take it?

Sidenote: China and Japan made peace.
Honolulu drops to the yellow and is surrounded by pikemen.
In the red... Only Goku can save them now.
The Ottomans take Honolulu bringing them up to 4 out of the 11 cities!
Venice gets unpuppeted which is a massive deal in a game where civs only settle 1 city. As a side note England is fielding a pretty big army there.
England eager to not be left behind declares war on Persia.
After 1 turn Persepolis falls to the yellow.
England takes Persepolis bringing them to 3 cities vs the Ottomans 4. Can England pull this back?
The Ottomans decide Babylon will be their next victim but world war is in 2 turns and I will declare it even if 2 civs are at war because the playground needs to be cleared up.
WW7 comes around and Babylon is still alive.
Sejong has a 6 teach lead over England who has a 4 tech lead of their own over the next civs. The Ottomans are in dead last and by a decent amount too. It must be hard having a 4 tile empire.
2 turns in the war Babylon reaches the Renaissance era but something tells me it won't last all that long...
Indeed England takes Babylon and Honolulu drops to the yellow.
However, the Ottomans are on the offensive and take Babylon.
England strikes back by taking Ulundi and Japan of all civs takes Honolulu.
England takes Honolulu from Japan is peace is made. England now has 5 cities to the Ottomans' 3.
Korea and the Ottomans are still at war.
Korea takes Babylon from a further disgraced Ottomans. Tenochtitlan is annexed.
Peace is made before any progress is made however.
I missed the notification but Korea enters the Industrial Era so here's proof. Also, the wonders civs built are listed here, the only notable one I didn't screenshot earlier is Japan's Statue of Zeus.
Korea builds Himeji Castle but they should build an army instead.
England declares war on the Ottomans!
1 turn later Venice is in the yellow, things aren't looking good for the Ottomans.
Venice is taken! However, the Ottomans should be easily able to flip it back.
Indeed they do but now Istanbul is in the red.
And England takes both cities! What a fall for the civ that looked to be the frontrunner of this match.
China in a bid for relevance declares war on Japan. They can certainly take Kyoto but they only have 10 turns until world war.
I missed the notification but England declared war on Korea. Seoul is already in the red and even though Sejong has riflemen they decided to go on a picnic instead of defending their capital.
Seoul falls and Babylon starts taking damage. Japan reaches the Renaissance era as the siege of Kyoto heats up.
Babylon falls and down goes England's last competitor. It's just a mop-up from here. Kyoto falls into the yellow but China only has 3 turns left to take it.
3 turns later Kyoto is in the black but still alive.
Time for England to colonize these civs.
Immediately Kyoto falls to England, robbing China of a city capture. Beijing is already in the yellow.
Beijing falls and England wins! What an incredible comeback. The Ottomans looked dominant in the early game and got up to 5 cities at their peak but their bad tech and England's good tech allowed Elizabeth to get a victory.
The circuit now completely enveloped in the glorious English colours.

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