The 1 Tile Circuit Mk. II: Empire Building

Author: restinpizzas
Published: 2018-04-13, edited: 2018-04-13
The sequel that tries and fails to live up to the original.

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

The 1 Tile Circuit

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Welcome to the 1 Tile Circuit Mk. II! Thank you guys for the support for the first 1 Tile Circuit, i'm blown away by how much positive feedback it got, I hope this one lives up to it.

This game has the same rules as last time except that now there's 21 civilizations duking it out on the circuit and this time most of them are modded. Every 50 turns I will declare world war to help carpets be cleared out so new ones can be formed and so civs can gain an advantage.

The theme of this was to have different modders be represented by 1 civ that they've made, I leaned a lot to adding those by community members of this subreddit and CBR but have added civs from the big lads as well.

Sorry to those who I didn't add a civ for, there were only 21 slots so I had to make some tough choices as well as me forgetting some civs (i'm kicking myself that I forgot Metis and Ezo).

This game is much much longer than the previous so strap yourselves in, get some popcorn and make yourselves comfortable. Anyways let's meet our competitors!
Firstly we take a look at the lower left corner of the map, on the bottom row from left to right we have:

- Pedro II of Brazil representing Firaxis in Rio De Janeiro
- Ching Shih of The Canton Pirates representing Scissor_Fingers in Canton
- Stephen I of Hungary representing JFD in Budapest
- Sakamoto Ryoma of Shikoku representing Homusubi in Kochi
- Idris Alauma of Kanem-Bornu representing DMS (MC has a different civ representing them) in Ngazargamu
In the lower right corner we have:

- Siaosi of Tonga in Nuku'Alofa representing ExplosiveWatermelon
- Alaungpaya of Konbaung in Shwebo representing EmeraldRange
- William Barak of Kulin in Coranderrk representing Colonialist Legacies
On the right side we have:

- Mahmud ibn Sabuktigin of The Ghaznavids representing TopHatPaladin
- Olosohpa of Nan Madol representing Gedemo in Nan Madol
- Nemequene of The Muisca representing Leugi in Hunza
- Cahuachi of The Nazca representing MC in Cahuachi

(Side note: Nan Madol can't build settlers so are usually inept for AI games which is why they're a perfect addition to this game where they actually have a chance for victory)
Up top we have:

- Pygmalion of Phoenicia representing LastSword in Tyre
- Roy Bates of Sealand representing Viregel in HM Fort Roughs
- Lorenzo of Tuscany representing Sukitract in Florence
- Abbas I of The Safavids representing Light in the East in Isfahan
- Xo'on Uhan-Té of Selk'nam representing Grant in Kauwes

(Side note: Sealand are just like Nan Madol in that they cannot build settlers and were included for the same reason)
Finally, on the left side, we have:

- Jamalul Kiram II of Sultanate of Sulu representing Cardboardmech in Bauang
- Bombogor of The Evenks representing SenshiDenshi in Tura
- Millard Fillmore of The United States of America representing MFLC(Millard Fillmore Literature Club) in Washington
- Owain Glyndwr of Wales representing Urdnot_Scott in Cardiff
We start with a picture of the wealth of each civ. Something i've realised between last game and this game is that gold actually matters in this game. When you have a gold deficit it eats into your science which is why there was such a large gap in tech last game.

Muisca and Nazca like shiny things more than the average civ.
Tonga and Wales already have a gold deficit which will be bad for their science.
Nan Madol gets the first useful pantheon and grabs a really great one giving them +1 culture, faith, gold, production and science.
Phoenicia (Tyre) is the first civ to the classical era.
Evenks (Tura) pick up a pantheon that can be useful if they decide to build any early wonders, many of which can have a big impact in this game.
Speaking of, Tuscany builds the Great Library and nets themselves that juicy +3 science. Expect these guys to be strong in tech.
Nazca (Cahuachi) pick up a pantheon giving them extra science for cities connected to the capital. Any cities directly bordering their capital will be automatically connected so this could help Nazca build a big empire and still have good science.
Nan Madol builds Stonehenge guaranteeing themselves a religion. Meanwhile, carpets are starting to fill up the playground.
Canton declares the first war against Hungary! Wow, i've done several test games of this format but this is the first time i've seen a civ declare war before turn 50.

Meanwhile, Nan Madol puts their Stonehenge to use and founds Protestantism.
Their extra bonuses will give them a lot of faith which on its own isn't that important but it can be depending on how they decide to reform their religion.
Budapest is taking heavy damage! Will we have our first elimination already?
Indeed we do! Hungary is eliminated in 21st place.
Muisca manages to found a religion of their own 6 turns after Nan Madol founds theirs.
The bonuses aren't very useful however (Don't be fooled by that food bonus as that only applies to EXCESS food).
Brazil declares war on Canton but unfortunately for them turn 50 has arrived which means World War!
World War 1 commences! No civ looks to be particularly dominant.
In the first turn of war both Cardiff (Wales) and Tura (The Evenks) both take damage. Can their attackers keep on the pressure?
Not really as the wars die down. Meanwhile, Kanem-Bornu builds the Statue of Zeus.
Like in last game I will show this slide when the peace declarations come around and point out whatever continuing wars there are.

Total peace is declared this time with no cities changing hands.
Nan Madol completely enhances their religion. Jesuit Education may be somewhat useful for science.
Tuscany is unsurprisingly the first to the Medieval era.
Sealand builds the Terracotta Army yet ironically has the smallest army.
Muisca reforms their religion and grab Religious Fervor which can be very useful IF they make it to the Industrial Era.
Something I will do differently this time is every 100 turns I will show the tech stats.

Nazca are somehow keeping pace with Tuscany.
Wales meanwhile has terrible tech, The Safavids and Selk'nam also have worryingly bad tech.
WW2 arrives and once again no one looks to be particularly dominant.
Despite that, Ngazargamu(Kanem-Bornu) falls in the yellow and Kauwes (Selk'nam) starts taking damage.
Full peace is made before any cities change hands.
But don't worry as we get WW3 immediately! There's still nobody with a stand out army.
Shwebo takes some damage but more importantly, Ghazni (Ghaznavids) falls into the yellow! They only have 1 spearman protecting it.
And yet Shwebo is the city that falls which allows Tonga to join the illustrious 2 city club. But can they hold it before peace comes? Konbaung is eliminated in 20th place.

Cardiff seems to be taking some damage.
No they can't! Nan Madol(!) takes the city from them. Now can THEY hold it?

Cardiff is in the red! There's a melee unit right next to the city so it may fall!
Cardiff falls to The Safavids who get a second city a bit far away from their capital. That means Wales is eliminated in 19th place.

Meanwhile, Nan Madol looks to hold on to and has brought Ghazni down to the red! Can they get 3 cities?
Pedro storms into Cardiff to take his rightful clay although the city is immediately bombed into the black again. Ghazni is also brought into the black but The Ghaznavids have brought a defence force.
Millard Fillmore keen to not be forgotten takes Cardiff from Pedro. It hasn't been damaged yet so he may keep it. Interestingly he might be able to take Ghazni too as he has a melee unit next to the no health city.
Full peace is declared however with no extra exchange of cities. Fillmore and Nan Madol were the winners of this war.
Only 6 civs have an excess of gold which means everyone else is suffering a science penalty.
Phoenicia (Tyre) build the Hanging Gardens which ensures that Tyre will be the biggest city on the circuit. Can Phoenicia use this to begin their snowball?
Canton and Phoenicia both have pointy sticks although Fillmore and Pedro aren't too far behind.
Sealand and Shikoku have no need for armies apparently.
Turn 200 stats time!

Tuscany has created a 3 tech gap between them and The Nazca.
Safavids have extremely awful tech which is bad news for them since Tuscany is their neighbour.
WW4 time! It's interesting to note that Phoenicia, Tuscany, and Nazca are the only civs with pikemen.
Coranderrk immediately drops into the red! Kauwes takes damage like it seems to do in every war.
Ghaznavids take Corranderrk! That eliminates The Kulin in 18th place. Can they rise from the brink of death to victory? Meanwhile, Kauwes is taking more damage than usual which is troubling.
Kauwes is in the red...
Canton somehow takes the city eliminating Selk'nam in 17th place. This also means Canton is the first civ to 3 cities.
Nan Madol takes Coranderrk to join the 3 city club meanwhile Canton is struggling to reinforce their new capture.
Evenks take Kauwes from Canton ending their short time in the 3 city club.
Full peace is made which guarantees Nan Madol's lead for now.
Only 4 civs have any meaningful treasury and they all are the tech leaders.
Tuscany enters the Renaissance Era before many civs make it to the Medieval.
Sealand true to their name creates a great admiral in the sea of snow. Godspeed Ferdinand Magellan.
WW5 is declared! It seems it's still too early for anyone to appear dominant.
Noooo Sealand don't go! Ferdinand Magellan this is your time to shine.
RIP Sealand. Tuscany takes HM Fort Roughs eliminating Sealand in 16th place.
Evenks manage to take the city from Tuscany but can they hold it?
No they can't. Now Phoenicia owns the city.
Full peace is made with Phoenicia owning the city
Tuscany unsurprisingly founds the World Congress, I
had accidentally disabled this last time, whoops!
Turn 300 arrives and Tuscany still has a 3 tech lead but Nazca are pulling away in tech as well.
Evenks have terrible tech.
WW6! Damn Fillmore that's a fairly big army.
Fillmore uses that army to start damaging Rio.
It's in the yellow... Will Fillmore actually eliminate THE Pedro II?
Fillmore gets his revenge for not getting into CBRX by killing the god of Mk II himself! Brazil is eliminated in 15th place.
Full peace is made again. Fillmore and Nan Madol are currently in the leade with 3 cities each.
Looks like Phoenicia is running into money issues now that they have 2 cities.
That doesn't stop them from declaring war on Canton. Phoenicia does out-tech Canton but they need to commit to this war pretty heavily to win.
Fillmore emboldened by killing Pedro moves on to his next target: The Safavids. Fillmore does still have a pretty large army so he may pull it off.
Coranderrk is unpuppeted which means Nan Madol effectively has double the production as everyone else.
Isfahan starts to take damage...
And it falls! The Safavids are eliminated in 14th place. Fillmore is the first to reach the milestone of 4 cities.
He also unpuppets Rio and Cardiff giving him triple the production of everyone except Nan Madol.
Phoenicia having long abandoned their war with Canton declares war on The Ghaznavids. Total war is in 4 turns however.
WW7 comes around, Ghazni starts it off in the yellow which is bad news for The Ghaznavids.
One turn later it's in the black. Fillmore's colony of Isfahan is being besieged by Phoenicia meanwhile Rio is under siege by Canton. Nuku'Alofa(Tonga) and Nan Madol both fall into the yellow.
Ghazni falls to Nan Madol! Although Nan Madol the city is still under siege. The Ghaznavids are eliminated in 13th place. Nan Madol are now the only civ with 4 cities as Fillmore has lost Isfahan to... The Muisca??? ok then. Rio falls to the yellow as it looks like Fillmore's empire may fall apart.
Isfahan falls to Phoenicia who did all the work damaging the city before Muisca sniped it earlier.
Then it falls to Tuscany. Rio is in the red!
Rio flips! Can Fillmore hold on it to it still or will Canton be able to take it again before inevitable peace?
Peace comes with Fillmore still in control of Rio.
Canton declares war on Tonga and have a fierce army behind them. Other things to note here is that Rio is repuppeted since it was captured and Shwebo has been unpuppeted.
Phoenicia mad at Nan Madol for stealing Ghazni from them declares war to gain their rightful clay... plus maybe a few cities.
Nuku'Alofa falls! Tonga is eliminated in 12th place. Can Canton return to their former glory?
Nan Madol is in the red. If the frontrunner loses their capital...

Ghazni is unpuppeted.
Phoenicia the mad lads they did it! Nan Madol loses their capital! Currently, there's 4 civs with 3 cities.
Nan Madol flips their capital back but damn that's got to hurt. Phoenicia is only a melee unit away from recapturing too.
They manage to find one and Nan Madol falls again.
Phoenicia moves on to damage Ghazni and Shwebo but the time for world war has come.
Nazca actually lead in techs now somehow. Everyone lower than the Muisca are struggling in tech. In particular, The Evenks and Fillmore have atrocious tech.
Now that there's less civs alive I can show military too! Canton seems to top the charts meanwhile Nan Madol has had their military obliterated by Phoenicia.
WW8! Interesting things to note here are Fillmore's and Canton's rather large armies and that Tuscany has musketmen while other civs still have spearmen.
Tuscany immediately use their good tech to bring Kauwes to the red.
Nan Madol breathes a sigh of relief as they make peace with Phoenicia.
Kauwes is taken! There are now 5 civs with 3 cities. Rio takes a scratch of damage.
Tuscany isn't content with 3 cities however. They immediately pounce on Sulu bringing Bauang to the yelllow!
Bauan falls eliminating Sulu in 11th place. Tuscany looks to be the new top dog.
Peace declarations are made but Evenks are still at war with Canton and more importantly Tuscany.
Tuscany has a fairly large and advanced army on Tura's gates. Bauang is annexed.
Only 2 turns later Tura falls! The Evenks are eliminated in 10th place.
Fillmore worried about his new threatening neighbour is keen to not be left behind so declares war on Canton. His military advantage is fairly overwhelming so he should be able to make progress.
5 turns later Canton falls!
With his objective complete Fillmore makes peace and immediately annexes Canton.
Tuscany is apparently intimidated by this so they declare war on Nazca interestingly are the only civ who out-techs them. They will be a tough nut to crack.
Tuscany begins to damage Cahuachi meanwhile Fillmore moves on to his next target: Kanem-Bornu. Unfortunately for him a rather large Shikoku army blocks his path.
Cahuachi falls into the red... Ngazargamu still hasn't even ben scratched.
Nan Madol decides to join in the empire building and declares war on Canton. Nuku'alofa should be doomed.
RIP. Nazca are eliminated in 9th place. Tuscany is now up to 6 cities.
Turn 450 comes so WW9 is declared. Kanem-Bornu and Canton seem to still be doing fine. Shikoku has a batch of musketmen near Fillmore's territory, will they try to take him down to become the new Tuscany?
Phoenicia takes Cahuachi and revives Nazca!
Unfortunately since it is world war they are forced to participate.
Peace is made but wars still rage on. Nazca is still at war with everyone and Fillmore is at war with Tuscany and Shikoku.
Fillmore actually looks to be in a bit of trouble as 3 of his cities take damage.
Shikoku peaces out but Tuscany has brought Washington into the red...

Nazca makes peace with everyone.
Washington falls! Will Tuscany take down the number 2 to avoid a repeat of the Ottomans?
Canton falls... Cardiff is in the yellow...
Cardiff falls as well and now Fillmore is reduced to Rio.
RIP Fillmore, this just proves that he isn't the best Italian CS. Fillmore (USA) is eliminated in 9th place (Nazca got revived so they move up). Tuscany now has 9 cities which is just under half the cities on the circuit.
Phoenicia is the first to Industrial era. Seeing how important tech is in this game maybe they can still turn it around.
Nan Madol declares war on Canton again and this time remembers that Nuku'alofa exists.
It falls just after 2 turns. Can they take Budapest as well?
Well regardless Canton is dying as Tuscany declares war on them.
PLOT TWIST! Shikoku declares war on them at the last second and snipes Budapest for themselves. Canton is eliminated in 8th place.
Nan Madol keen to show they can still stand up to Tuscany attacks Kanem-Bornu.
2 turns later Kanem-Bornu is in the red and Tuscany interferes again hoping to snag the city instead. Shikoku snipe hype?
Sorry Homusubi but Nan Madol takes the city. Kanem-Bornu is eliminated in 7th place. This makes them the second civ to reach 5 cities and they don't even have their capital.
Phoenicia is next in the new wave of empire building as they declare war on Muisca. Hunza immediately drops to the yellow.
One turn before total war Phoenicia takes Hunza eliminating Muisca in 6th place.
Turn 500 stats!

The once dead Nazca lead in techs meanwhile Nan Madol trails behind the others.
Tuscany has the lead in soldiers but Shikoku is almost even with them.
WW10... jeez guys you really don't get along huh. Nan Madol seems to be the only civ not using musketmen.
Tuscany starts on the offensive as they blitz into Budapest and damage Ngazargamu.
Nan Madol however, has other matters to attend to as they take Hunza from Phoenicia. This puts them in a weird scenario where they own both cities neighbouring their capital but not their capital itself.
Hunza flips back to Phoenicia but Nan Madol is trying to take back their capital instead.
Nan Madol flips!
Nan Madol returns to their rightful owner as peace declarations flow in.
Nan Madol is still at war with everyone but Shikoku. This didn't end well for The Evenks and Fillmore when this happened to them...
Regardless Nan Madol is still on the offensive taking Hunza again.
They make peace with The Nazca but Tuscany has come to play.
Or not. Nan Madol makes peace with both Tuscany and Phoenicia. Nan Madol now has 7 cities to Tuscany's 10. Do I smell a comeback?
A new set of wars occurs as Nan Madol attack Shikoku and Tuscany attack Phoenicia. Meanwhile Nazca builds the great wall to try to improve their ranking as much as possible.
4 turns later HM Fort Roughs falls to Tuscany while Kochi has only taken minor damage.
Although now the situation is reversed with Phoenicia peacing out with Tuscany and Kochi in the red.
Nan Madol takes Kochi eliminating Shikoku in 5th place. Nan Madol now has 8 cities to Tuscany's 11 (over half!)
Here we see Phoenicia's master plan in action, having revived The Nazca they gained their votes and hence could usurp Tuscany as host.

As a side note, I thought the WC would be more impactful but since every civ hates each other by this point they don't trade anyway so embargoes aren't that impatcful.
Turn 550 rolls around and WW11 begins. Tuscany for some reason has stopped building musketmen and is building pikemen.
Tuscany begins on the offensive taking Kochi.
Several peace declarations come in, current wars:

Tuscany v Nan Madol
Tuscany v Nazca
Nan Madol v Phoenicia
Ngazargamu is the next city to fall. Is Tuscany about to win or can Nan Madol still bring this back?
Ngazargamu flips back and the two sides make peace. Tuscany now has 12 cities to Nan Madol's 7.
The big two then focus on the two city states still around. Cahuachi takes some damage.
Nazca literally has all the money in the world.
But all the money in the world can't save them from Tuscany. The Nazca is eliminated again, this time in 4th place.
Turn 600 stats!

Phoenicia and Nan Madol gained 1 tech in 100 turns, Tuscany gained none.
Nan Madol surprisingly has a decent lead in military.
WW12 begins and graphical glitches begin to occur. Cahuachi is still in the yellow so Nan Madol could take it.
It falls into the red and Nan Madol peaces out with Phoenicia.
Cahuachi falls to Nan Madol!

Nan Madol was briefly damaging HM Fort Roughs but the two sides make peace.
WW13 comes, this is getting ridiculous...

To the left, you can see the conglomeration of great people. Mostly run by Tuscany companies it features a Phoenician great musician and was engineered by a great engineers from Phoenicia and Nan Madol. Religious leaders from Nan Madol and Tuscany convene here to try to organise world peace. Even in world war, the convention goes strong.
Oh yeah, there's an AI game happening. Ngazargamu falls back to Tuscany, Tuscany has peaced out with Phoenicia already at this point.
Ngazargamu flips back to Nan Madol and Phoenicia smuggles peaces with Nan Madol too.
Peace is made again with just Ngazargamu flipping. Nan Madol now has musketmen.
Turn 700 stats!

Phoenicia and Nan Madol both gain 2 techs while Tuscany gains 1.
Nan Madol has a slight lead in soldiers over Tuscany.
WW14... what do I even say on these slides anymore. Maybe I can point out that Nan Madol's army is pointing the wrong way for some reason.
Ngazargamu once again falls to Tuscany meanwhile Nan Madol seems more focused on killing Phoenicia.
Nan Madol goes back on the offensive against Tuscany and flips... Kochi? Ok then.
Ngazargamu falls back to Nan Madol.
Kochi soon follows. Nan Madol is now fully focusing on Tuscany instead of chucking military at Tyre.
Budapest falls! This is the furthest Nan Madol has ever gotten.
The two sides make peace. They now both have 10 cities.
Nan Madol begins to damage Tyre.
But turn 750 comes so WW15 starts.
Budapest immediately falls back to Tuscany
Nan Madol makes peace with Phoenicia to deal with Tuscany.
Budapest is flipped back and the two sides make peace again.
Turn 800 stats arrive! Phoenicia and Tuscany both gain 1 tech while Nan Madol gains 0.
Nan Madol has a decent lead in military meanwhile Phoenicia seems to have gone full pacifist.
WW14! Give it up for WW14!

After the two civs stalemating for a while I decided to keep forcing war between the three so if civs make peace I will re-declare the war
The start of the eternal war goes the same as the others with Tuscany taking Budapest.
Kochi swiftly follows.
Peace is made but I force war again.
Ngazargamu falls and now things are looking worrying for Nan Madol, who have their army still pointed at Tyre...
Nan Madol finally decides to defend themselves and takes back Ngazargamu.
They then manage to push back all the way to Budapest again.
After much flipping Nan Madol makes new progress by taking Canton!
Nan Madol and Tuscany make peace again and this time I honour it because the two civs have stalemated for a while now and the reason is obvious. ( note: Tuscany took back Canton and Budapest)

Every time a civ makes progress is because the other civ focuses on attacking Tyre but they don't do enough damage towards it before they turn their attention back to the other civ.

I think we can agree Phoenicia isn't winning unless I give them many hundreds of turns to get a ridiculous tech lead so for the sake of the game finishing i'm leaving them at war with the two powers. I hate to do this but the alternative was another 500 turns of stalemating when the game could crash at any moment (I've had multiple crashes by this point already).
Tyre falls into the yellow...
Nan Madol takes Tyre! Phoenicia is eliminated in 3rd place. At turn 900 the final war will be declared, either 1 civ will win or there will be a stalemate.
Tuscany reaches the Industrial era! Phoenicia reached it back at turn 471...
Not long afterward Nan Madol also reaches the Industrial era.
They both tie in technologies.
Tuscany has a slight lead in military.
War is declared (Technically WW15 if anyone is interested)! Tuscany has 11 cities to Nan Madol's 10 but Nan Madol has more annexed cities. This could go either way (or stalemate).
Nan Madol starts off on the right foot taking Budapest.
Canton goes straight afterwards. Tuscany meanwhile is on the offensive on the northern front attacking Tyre.
Rio falls! Nan Madol is making new ground meanwhile the attack on Tyre seems to have died off.
Tuscany fights back however and takes back Rio.
But it falls again and Tuscany has no units on the front.
Cardiff falls! Tuscany now has half the amount of cities as Nan Madol.
Knock knock its Nan Madol with lots of men(with muskets), musketmen. "Open up the city. Stop having it be closed." Said Nan Madol. There was really nothing they could do so Nan Madol took Washington.
Tura is the next to fall and it's clear Tuscany is collapsing
Bauang is next and now Tuscany only owns cities at the top of the circuit.
Another point of view of the war but this time from the view of the citizens of Tuscany. This is what they see in their nightmares, the man who has slaughtered many of their loved ones. You can see it in his eyes that Olosohpa has no mercy for the inferior peoples of Tuscany.

(no hatred towards Gedemo here but you gotta admit this LS looks kinda goofy)
Nan Madol thrusts forwards into Kauwes.
Then Isfahan...
Both of Tuscany's last cities are in the red...
Nan Madol wins! This is the best timeline. The game was so shocked that it didn't even give a victory screen.

Thank you all for reading this all the way to the end and I hope you enjoy seeing the new circuit in Nan Madol's admittedly really nice colours.

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