EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational #8 (1625)

Author: kamichi
Published: 2018-02-04

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EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational #7 (1600)

Images: 61, author: kamichi, published: 2018-01-19

The last session was a time of great revival, a time of great devastation, a time of great betrayal. The foundations of the diplomatic world were shaken to their core in the last 25 years.

It's a shame it all happened two weeks ago and I can't remember anything about it. This will be a much reduced writeup since I've spent the last two weeks writing about Nazi Germany (they were bad) rather than this campaign (it is good). You'll get all the stats and whatever I can put together from the screenshots which I also took two weeks ago.

## Campaign runs @ every Sunday at 9PM UK time. (8PM on 4th Feb because of Superbowl!) ##
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It was the best of times (for Epiphany). It was the worst of times (for everyone else). In 1604, newly minted leader of the Protestant League, Switzerland, declared war on the Catholic League leader Epiphany. By 1612, millions of people were dead, a few pockets of territory changed hands, and Catholicism remained the official faith of the Holy Roman Empire.

I don't have the time, or really the will, to write big long screeds this week, but I did have the foresight to make savegames right at the start and at the end of the League War, so we can compare devastation, manpower and territorial change within Europe.
Like here, we can see PRD and Epiphany rocketing up the casualty ranks as their boys took one hell of a beating. Relative to the size of their army and compared to their rivals, The Savage Men have done amazingly well to only take ~160k losses while being on the front line of the fighting. This might become relevant later, I'm just saying.
Here's the most effort-laden section of this whole writeup. If you're not familiar, this is a much edited Devastation map-mode, which graphs which provinces took the most punishment from looting and enemy occupation.

In hindsight, it's impressive that Grunhammer managed to hold on as long as they did, with half their country under constant occupation. It also shows how important Patria and Legendia were in devastating Kabusi Egypt (relevant later??) as well as the group effort to force out The Savage Men by sieging Greece. You can see how impressive Erit Lux's forts are, given that Venice achieved Prosperity (green) during the war, despite being on The Savage Men's border.

Schwarzwald, Lurtzland, Austurstrond and the British Isles all saw the benefits of staying out of the war (or, in Free Scotland's case, only sending their army without any real home threat).
And finally, the state of everyone's armies in 1612. Such is the scale of this conflict that Samudr Lee Katha have the third largest land army in the world. Everyone ran out of manpower (apart from Patria). Everyone hired mercenaries en masse (apart from Patria).

Epiphany are down at less than half of their force-limit, and half of that is mercenaries. They'd be in trouble if they hadn't already subjugated and allied their neighbours. The same can mostly be said for the PRD, for whom mercs make up nearly their entire army. Moreover, I checked the Army Professionalism stats (which can be used to get more manpower) and the PRD have absolutely nothing. They're down and out for a long time, military, though they'll be protected by perfidious Austurstrond and The Savage Men. All this means is that Lurtzland are granted another stay of execution.

Most interestingly, Kabus are now in a lot of trouble. They've lost both their main allies and have merc'd up harder than anyone but the PRD, so they need to rebuild as quickly as possible, because now that the League War is over, The Savage Men (who, as we noted, did particularly well loss-wise) will be after their land again.

Let's leave the future implications for the future and get into the country round-up.
Ruler: kamichi
683 -> 673
69 -> 65

no comment
Ruler: Rey the Great
600 -> 649
91 -> 96

The Great Betrayal. The Stab in the Back felt around the world. In 1623, Takeela returned to Arkansas, with steel in their eyes and revenge in their hearts. That's fine though, it's okay, because Arkansas is allied to the #1 Great Power and all around military machine that is Kabus. Then Kabus left Arkansas high and dry to face the oncoming storm themselves. Qumis are piling on too, to add insult to grievous injury.

I feel like Arkansas will do alright for themselves. They have massively defensive national ideas, massively defensive terrtain, and the diplomatic wherewithal to land on their feet post war. Kabus, on the other hand, just left their best friend on the field.
Ruler: kamichi
0 -> 1
0 -> 10

The price of The Savage Men's capitulation in the League War: releasing noted nonentity Ashwinder back into the world. They're definitely going to survive for a long time, surrounded as they are by three major powers and allied to *Versailles*.
Ruler: RevReb
167 -> 74
13 -> 5

The slow march backwards continues. It should be noted that Amaranth themselves are beset by enough rebels and war that they haven't been coming after Australia Minor, it has been Demak and Amaranthine Australia, who are somehow more competent than their founders.
Ruler: Shamed
544 -> 606
73 -> 78

actual horrendous cowards, do NOT befriend
Ruler: OoohYou
404 -> 391
37 -> 37

The Great Eastern Migration continues.

When I say migration, I really mean death. Or deterioration. What I'm saying is that Bengalistan are finished.
Ruler: Denial
20 -> 24
4 -> 5

Picking up another province through rebels means Denial Valley is back in business. Or they're dead because Kabus are no longer guaranteeing their independence, it's one or the other.
Ruler: Epiphanus
880 -> 963
57 -> 57

let's take the most powerful country in western europe, give them free reign to colonise wherever they want and make them hereditary holy roman emperor yes how could this go wrong
Ruler: Ardus
209 -> 182
29 -> 25

I can't wait for the end of this campaign so I can look at the development line graphs to chart just how much of a rollercoaster campaign Equestria had.
Ruler: SolarS
409 -> 437
22 -> 25

yes, hmm, let me just check my notes here......... erit lux.... yes.. took three provinces lmao

If I remember correctly, it was Erit Lux and friends vs Versailles & co. Erit Lux, somehow, got nothing from Versailles, but took three provinces from Legendia, who were then immediately forced to fight on the side of their tormentors in the League War.
Ruler: Mello
322 -> 260
43 -> 29

This massive loss of development is just Free Scottish land being transferred to Scottish Mexico. What we see now is Free Scotland's actual base development of 260. Incidentally, Freest Scotland (Eastern America colony) has 252 development and will be constantly attempting to break free from here on out.
Ruler: Devilyn Caster
0 -> 3
0 -> 23

I mean, obviously the devil was never going to actually die.
Ruler: Ardus
389 -> 364
33 -> 30

Grunhammer are dead. I've said it before, but this time I'll be right. They're dead and they have only themselves to blame. They lost three provinces to Switzerland in the League War, including the best gold mine in the game in Tirol, but that's not the worst part. The worst part is that they're contesting the throne of Cordoba, which was bequeathed to the ruler of Patria. Patria, an ally of Grunhammer's only major ally Erit Lux.

So now Grunhammer, ally-less, are fighting the two lesser thirds of the Triple Alliance, while completely surrounded by Norse countries who want their land and who they don't have a truce with since they got knocked out of the League War early on.

Ruler: Jeoh
421 -> 422
40 -> 40

imagine becoming Emperor of China. The Holder of the Celestial Throne.

imagine losing that title to the New Pacific Order

imagine become a Sonyeo Sidae lapdog for the next few centuries

i can't. jeohia don't have to.
Ruler: Archon
628 -> 620
67 -> 62

Did Junlin look this diseased in the last writeup? I genuinely can't remember, but what I do remember is that at some point they were forced to disgorge various Ninjakorutsu provinces, as well as re-ceding most (but annoyingly, not all) of Korea's northern border following another two on one bullying from Sonyeo and Jeohia.

I bet you can't guess what's going to happen next.
Ruler: Lebubu
1097 -> 1215
132 -> 150

Despite the numbers advantage, Kabus' massed legions were not able to turn the tide of the League War. In their 'weakened' state, they turned their back on long time ally Arkansas, and now they just have Qizil Bronxo to call on. Kabus are still the most developed country in the world and own the largest army, which means they're completely safe and that nothing bad will happen to them.
Ruler: Tribute
482 -> 444
32 -> 29

Much like Free Scotland, I believe Lahndahn's 'losses' are to their own colonial nations, with New Lahndahn just about established in Maine and New Hampshire. Unlike Free Scotland, Lahndahn have the trade power and base development to actually make American colonies useful.
Ruler: LegendoftheSkies
379 -> 377
36 -> 36

I really had to hunt to find out where the new Legendian provinces were. Zimbabwe, as it turns out.

The fracturing of the Triple Alliance is unironically fantastic news for Legendia. They still need better allies, but the risk of an imminent beatdown is slightly lessened.
Ruler: DarthLurtz
401 -> 405
38 -> 39

It's honestly shocking how much development Lurtzland still have.

later edit: actually I do remember something about Lurtzland from last session. They went on a series of Peruvian safaris and now have a colonial nation in Lurtzland La Plata.

Of all places.

I mean, it's technically possible to route trade back to Lubeck. Cuiaba -> Lima -> Panama -> Carribean -> Chesapeake Bay -> Gulf of St Lawrence -> North Sea -> Lubeck. That's not what Lurtzland are doing though.
Ruler: Voytek
274 -> 152
23 -> 10

It's honestly shocking how much development Medvedstrana still have. But really though, that's an average development of 15 per province. 42 of that is Moscow itself, now bordered by Savages to the south and Austurstrond to the north.
Ruler: Nero
235 -> 206
21 -> 17

First to land in California. Dude. Technically it's possible to route trade back to Sevilla, but I already made this joke with Lurtzland and nobody's going to read this entry anyway.
Ruler: ninja colt
118 -> 162
17 -> 20

Ninjakorutsu have become a far more effective expander since becoming a Sonyeo tributary. They just sit there doing nothing and are magically granted 'their' lands back.
Ruler: Mistra
474 -> 484
40 -> 40

Boo these guys. I can't wait for The Savage Men to decide that only the strongest Norse may survive. Hint, it's not going to be Nordischreich.
Ruler: Anarch
443 -> 520
66 -> 78

Patria seem to be going from strength to strength. They have a personal union over Cordoba and so are going to end up with a good chunk of the Sevilla trade node, especially if they can snag Lisbon from Neroland (before Epiphany do).

Behind the scenes though, all is not well. The Triple Alliance is no more as the link between Epiphany and Patria was broken. Patria's only ally is Erit Lux, which makes a Legendia & allies land grab in Africa a hell of a lot more feasible.
Ruler: RevolutionaryRebel
0 -> 5
0 -> 1

who did this

and also why
Ruler: Gobb
49 -> 70
5 -> 8

The Pirineos revival continues at pace with a move into the massively contested Gulf of Mexico coastline, which won't draw anyone's ire and backfire on them at all.
Ruler: iosif
512 -> 527
48 -> 49

The PRD exist solely to annoy me now. Austurstrond are far better villains. The Savage Men are far better fighters. Nordischreich are also there. This campaign would be far more nicely poised if you gave Nordischreich to Schwarzwald and had them ally Grunhammer. Then the PRD would be of actual relevance, having to actually fight to expand, rather than just sitting in the middle of the Norse Bloc, taking an odd province here and there.
Ruler: leet guy
34 -> 0
1 -> 0

rip leet guy, killed not even by junlin, but a junlin tributary. i'm sure there's a political analogy to be drawn there, but i shan't be doing it.
Ruler: rsox
493 -> 541
76 -> 81

Toghrul Rsox has decided to become the Great Khan. That's the only reason I can come up with for why Qizil's borders are so horrendously snakey.
Ruler: LegendoftheSkies
468 -> 464
39 -> 39

Samudr Lee Katha are in a spot of bother. After losing provinces to Arkansas, they've now split from Takeela and have no feasible major allies. They still have a good relationship with Takeela, but once they're done beating on Arkansas, who's to say the Golden Scourge won't look south?

Ruler: Denny
236 -> 242
21 -> 21

if we could just combine Schwarzwald and Switzerland (into Schwarzland so i don't have to bother correcting my commentary mistakes) then we'd have a pretty cool and good country in central Europe, offering a balance against the Norse Bloc.
Ruler: King Brandon
481 -> 491
58 -> 61

Time for the weekly suggestion section. What takes up most time by far is actually these writeups, and it's worse for updates like this which don't dovetail nicely with a session (I'm writing about 1600-1625, the last session was 1604-1633). Easy solution: next campaign's writeups will be for the end of each session.

The reason I did it every 25 years for this campaign was to collect stats evenly, but there's absolutely nothing stopping me from doing that out of sync with writeups.

Honestly, right now, I'm kind of looking forward to the next campaign moreso than finishing this one, but I know I'll change my mind once the stream returns.
Ruler: tequila
933 -> 1011
80 -> 86

Takeela continue to go from strength to perfidious, overwhelming strength. They have no allies of particular note but they have both the quantity and quality in their armies to stand alone against any one, even any two of their neighbours. They're advancing into Arkansas now, but they'll probably be back for Bengalistan soon.
Ruler: csm
690 -> 795
73 -> 82

Losing the League War has not slowed down The Savage Men in the slightest. Despite all the expansion - into Medvedstrana this time - their capital of Constantinople remains right on the border with Kabus. Someone ought to do something about that.
Ruler: tolk
446 -> 345
75 -> 61

Not only were Tolkmaria beaten down in three simultaneous wars, Kabus have taken enough land to cut them off from their revenge on Ethiopia. The only real hope Tolkmaria now have is that Kabus very completely and very suddenly collapse.
Ruler: MagicalTrevor
202 -> 162
11 -> 8

Hey, Versailles are doing great. They started off with one contiguous country but now they have three separate countries, which is three times as good.
still there, still just about hanging on due to having no actually good provinces that other countries want

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EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational #9 (1675)

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