EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational #9 (1675)

Author: kamichi
Published: 2018-02-11

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EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

EUIV - Amaranthine Invitational #8 (1625)

Images: 56, author: kamichi, published: 2018-02-04

It's 1675 and the SCRIPT has been FLIPPED. You may be wondering what happened to the 1650 writeup. The answer is that I found doing asynchronous writeups (ie, session runs 1604-1633, have to do writeups in 1600, 1625, etc) to be very difficult and tedious. The last session ran from 1633 to 1675, so that's what we're going to look at as a whole.

## Campaign runs @ every Sunday at 9PM UK time ##
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It has been a while since we had an indepth look at what's going on religiously. There's not much to report on, but people were curious and there are a few interesting things to note. The Centres of Reformation disappear once we enter the Age of Absolutism (I think?), so any further conversion is purely voluntary. As such, the Reformation never did fully take hold of Epiphany and Grunhammer like it threatened to, leaving Lahndahn and Switzerland as the only 'major' Protestant powers.

Orthodox Christianity is becoming a long forgotten fairytale swallowed up by Norse expansionists. Catholicism is creeping into Africa from the north and south, and let me show you just this one thing...
what internal issues we have no internal issues here in denial valley please move along
Institution chat has always been a staple of these writeups, so I'm pleased to inform you all that the age of Institutions themselves is nearly over. Most major players are fully up to date. Global Trade and Manufactories spread like wildfire, especially within rich, developed countries. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are only two player countries which don't have Manufactories: Kabus and Denial Valley, who have had a few other things to think about.
The only slowcoach is the Printing Press. You can see it popping up worldwide now, because it spreads extremely slowly in capitals of countries with a Diplomatic tech level of 15

I'm actually pretty surprised Kabus don't have it. No wonder they're dead.

Next up is the Enlightenment in 1700, which signals the end of the Age of Absolutism and the beginning of the Age of Revolutions. The Enlightenment can spawn anywhere in the world, subject to a few conditions it's not worth going into. It spreads geographically like the other Institutions, though any province with a University, or the capital of a country with Innovative ideas will get it far quicker. Equestria: leader of the enlightened world?
I'm certainly not an expert on the score system, but I'm going to put together some uninformed guesswork for you here.

The year is 1675. There are a maximum of 146 years remaining in the campaign. Let's call that 1752 months, although it isn't really. The most score that any country can get in a month, before modifiers, is 2.49 (0.83 from being rated #1 in Admin, Dip and Mil). At this point in the game, after modifiers, the most score per month seems to be 5.43 (1.81 for each category). I don't know where that number comes from, that's just what the ledger tells me.

That means the highest score any country can attain is their current score, plus roughly 9500. Obviously, you have to take into account that any country in the top 10 will continue to accumulate score.

Taking none of these calculations into account (I'm a historian, not a mathematician), I'm sticking with my initial complete guess that only our current top 7 really have a chance of winning. I could see Patria climbing the charts, they have a lot of potential, even as played by the AI. Realistically, though, I see three potential winners: Epiphany, Austurstrond and The Savage Men. The top two have already emerged from the pack and there's nothing to suggest they won't stay there, short of complete Kabus-esque collapse. The Savage Men have an unprecedented ability to expand and I feel like they'll rocket up the charts once they've consolidated their Turkish gains.

In summary, I've told you all nothing. For your own reference, and perhaps someone can do some educated estimations:
One last thing before we get to the country round-up. If you're anything like me and have somewhat lost track of all the friendship and betrayals, here's an up to date diplomatic map. Note the arbitrarily named New Entente (Epiphany, Legendia, Free Scotland) and the Norse League (Lahndahn, Nordischreich, The Savage Men) - they're new 'blocs' which could end up radically altering the centuries old diplomatic landscape.

Technically you've got a bloc like situation with Jeohia, Sonyeo Sidae and Ninjakorutsu (a Sonyeo tributary, not ally) but who even cares about East Asia.
673 -> 429
65 -> 41

Amaranth are no longer the dominant force within Malaya, if they ever truly were. That title has been taken by some combination of Demak and Samudr Lee Katha, whenever the latter feels like expanding that little bit more.
Ruler: Rey the Great
649 -> 329
96 -> 52

Cut down in their prime. Arkansas' multiple defeats against Takeela weren't the killer, it was their other neighbours piled in too, with Qumis and Georgia the prime beneficiaries. Arkansas had previously been characterised by being extremely difficult to actually invade, with very attritional National Ideas and stupidly mountainous terrain. However, now they've been pushed back to the fertile river valleys of Mesopotamia and the flat deserts of Northern Arabia, they can't use terrain as a force multiplier any more.

More to the point, I've gone into the game and had a closer look at Arkansas and they're bankrupt. Fighting constant two front wars against overwhelming forces will do that to you. Nobody wants to ally them (apart from Kabus, who have more pressing issues), they can't pay their troops, and Qumis' new acquistitions serve to suck all the trade out of Arkansas' home node in Basra. They're pretty much finished as a realistic force.

All because of a stab in the back from Kabus.
Ruler: kamichi
1 -> 0
10 -> 0

i don't know what anyone expected
Ruler: RevReb
74 -> 192
5 -> 20

It was all part of the plan, so Raja Muzzaffar Tabe would claim. Australia Minor have now truly arrived home, with their capital sitting near modern day Melbourne, thus making them truly Australian. I'm unsure of the exact rules, but in order to move your capital into a Colonial Region, one must go down to a very low number of provinces on your home continent before it becomes an option. Clearly Australia (no longer Minor) have been playing the long game.

I mean, look at them. They become Australia Proper and experience a massive resurgence. It's clear as day in the stats as it is on the map. Some naysayers would call it 'coincidence.' Some naysayers would say 'entirely due to Amaranth's hilarious ongoing collapse and the benevolence of Samudr Lee Katha and the NPO.'

The naysayers are clearly wrong.
Ruler: Shamed
606 -> 925
78 -> 101

perfidious austurstrond

I feel like Austurstrond have played their hand wrong. They stayed out of the League War which their allies then lost, while Austurstrond themselves swept up the remains of Lurtzland and Medvedstrana, which was clearly a good move in terms of score gain and becoming the eventual winner. However, the League War led to the empowerment of two major score rivals: Epiphany and The Savage Men. Epiphany are outscoring them currently, and The Savage Men are about to take a massive bite out of Kabus.

While Austurstrond's supposed cravenness gave them some amazing provinces (Moscow (42 dev), Ostergotland (30 dev) Oslo (29 dev)) they now have very few avenues of expansion left open. They could continue to push east into Siberia, but there's very little of use there - and it would ultimately set them against Qizil Bronxo. There are a variety of ambitious moves that a human player could take (I would be gunning for the British Isles) but the AI is unlikely to take them.

Because of this, the fate of this game in general, and Austurstround in particular, depends on if, when and how the Norse Bloc breaks down.

PS. As a final side note, I looked closer at what Austurstrond are actually doing. They're on a massive manufactory construction spree but more pertinently they're utilising their otherwise useless Exploration ideas to fabricate claims on Tullucan, the one Aztec state which hasn't yet been swallowed by Free Scotland. It would be one hell of a powerplay to enter the EU4 colonial game as we approach the 18th century.

PPS. I've only just noticed. There's a Savage Man on the throne of Austurstrond. This is not a drill.
Ruler: OoohYou
391 -> 301
37 -> 32

Bengalistan are just about holding on to the majority of Bengalese trade, meaning that they still have a healthy income despite their massive territorial losses. They're currently at war with the impressively sized but underdeveloped Chuannan, the impressively titled but militarily bereft Mandateless New Pacific Order, all in an attempt to seize a bit more land from Luang Prabang.

They should win, and they should burrow further into Indochina, but all that does it provide more jungles for Takeela to fight through whenever they take their next stab at Indian hegemony.
Ruler: Denial
24 -> 224
5 -> 42

I live, I die, I live again, then rebels steal my capital and my allies, then Malta - OF ALL COUNTRIES - swoops in for the kill. I think that's how that quote goes.

Denial Valley benefitted hugely from the collapse of Kabus as they essentially got their whole country back. Better - they somehow converted to Hinduism and allied with perennial rivals Tolkmaria, as the previously subjugated Africans took their revenge against their Turkish oppressors. While Tolkmaria prospered, Denial Valley struggled with Geziran separatists. I don't know where they came from, but what I do know is that the combined stack of rebels reached nearly 100k men towards the end, as they focussed on occupying Cairo, Alexandria and the surrounding fertile Nile delta.

Eventually, Denial Valley broke, as Gezira formed its own country with all the territory it managed to grab. Tolkmaria switched alleigance to the new government ruling from Cairo, leaving Denial Valley friendless. Malta jumped on the opportunity and the shark, and that war continues now. Bereft of its urban manpower, it's a war Denial will lose. More worryingly, their truce with Gezira runs out in a few months.
Ruler: Epiphanus
963 -> 1136
57 -> 70

I regret to inform you that Epiphany are at it again. Killing Neroland and taking Erit Lux's rightful avenues of expansion that is. This current war was declared for Pirineos' province of Provence (yea), but we all know it's going to end up with Neroland losing their last foothold on Iberia.

Epiphany continue to go from strength to strength. They have the largest force limit at 196, and they haven't even taken Quantity ideas. The ideas they have taken are all fantastic and were taken at the right times. They're now finishing off Diplomatic ideas which will help with both expansion and consolidation of their leading position. They continue to have solid, well placed and useful allies. Even now, they still have several bountiful avenues of expansion: into Germany, into Lahndahn and into Northern America.

They have both the most score and are gaining score at the highest rate, without even taking into account the score boosts one can get from wars, which Epiphany seem to be in constantly. It's going to take a drastic change in fortunes to stop Epiphany running away with this campaign.
Ruler: Ardus
182 -> 24
25 -> 3

We've been here before with Equestria. Now that the various regional powers are solidifying their positions (TSM, Austurstrond, Qizil) I feel like it's unlikely we'll see another Equestrian resurgence. I'd love to be proved wrong.
Ruler: SolarS
437 -> 512
25 -> 27

I feel like Erit Lux have missed their chance to fulfil their potential. They had the highest income in the world off the back of dominating Italian trade, but they never used it to fund expansion. Or rather, they tried, but were cut off by their own ally, Epiphany, who have now come to share Luxian domination of the Genoa node. On that note, Epiphany are now taking land on Erit Lux's border, while Lux themselves were busy fighting a losing war against the Norse Bloc in a doomed defence of Grunhammer. The one piece of good news for Erit Lux is that Switzerland are on the rise, but are only allied to Lahndahn. Smash the Swiss, take Milan and Tirol particularly - as the AI seems to want to do - and it could jumpstart Erit Lux's campaign.

A further note on trade: with the increased colonial presence of Lahndahn and Free Scotland, more and more trade is flowing towards the English Channel, rather than Genoa. Likewise, with The Savage Men now establishing dominance over nodes to the East (Constantinople, Aleppo), that trade value won't ever reach Italy either.

Right now, Italy is a waning force, both economically and militarily, and kept relevant by its French alliances. That can change, but based on the last two centuries of history, it won't.
Ruler: Mello
260 -> 241
29 -> 27

Speaking of missed opportunities, Free Scotland have done very well to get themselves into a secure diplomatic position, and they need to hold onto their alliance with Epiphany with all their might. However, their main enemy, Lahndahn, have done the same, and are no longer easy pickings for the New Entente. A weak economic base at home means that Scottish Mexico and Freest Scotland have become rebellious. Both colonies actually have more development than their owner (263 & 303 respectively vs 241).

What Free Scotland dearly need is a turnaround in fortunes regarding the British Isles. There are various diplomatic permutations that would allow them to do so, it's just a matter of jumping on the right opportunity once it arrives.

aka it's never happening.
Ruler: Devilyn Caster
3 -> 28
23 -> 228

i don't know what anyone expecte- wait what why is there an actual country here.

Through a combination of Kabus' collapse and, I think, Takeela forcing Arkansas to return Georgia's cores, the Devil's Playground is back on the map in a big way.

They find themself at war with Qizil Bronxo and associates, in defence of their newfound ally Sind Sagar. It's a war that Georgia will lose, but Qumis and Qizil shouldn't end up taking too much land from a non co-belligerent (Versailles cries in the background). The rebels in neighbouring Kabus are indeed Georgian separatists, which combined with the aforementioned's war against The Savage Man, means that Georgia could be expanding even further soon - with no interference the occupied provinces will start defecting in 15 months.
Ruler: Ardus
364 -> 293
30 -> 25

Grunhammer have looked better. As expected, the Norse Bloc piled in, but 'only' ended up with Nordischreich taking their border provinces, those four provinces holding a massive 80 development. Switzerland, by themselves, jumped in to sweep up the pieces. Weakened by consecutive wars, Grunhammer's army isn't enough to push back the Swiss, but it could be enough to mitigate some damage. Regardless, they're going to lose another big chunk of land to the West.

Honestly, there's no real hope for them - they blew it by sacrificing their few remaining allies in claiming the throne of Cordoba. Now they're literally surrounded on all sides by more powerful countries who all want their share.
Ruler: Jeoh
422 -> 489
40 -> 45

god i don't even want to look at you right now
Ruler: Archon
620 -> 438
62 -> 43

Over this past session, Junlin genuinely frustrated me to the point that I tried not to look at what was happening in China, with only occasional glances for the sake of maintaining some kind of detached unbiasedness. As is plainly evident, the campaign has developed not necessarily to Junlin's advantage. For the past 50 years between writeups, Junlin, Sonyeo Sidae and Jeohia played the same game they always had, with the latter two ganging up on the former, taking pockets of worthless land but with no big territorial swings.

That changed with the ascension of Xiurong Robatishvili in 1668, and the end of the Archon dynasty. She inherited a war against an ally-less Sonyeo Sidae and Junlin armies held the line despite being outnumbered. Then Jeohia declared a separate war in the south. At this point, the Junlin armies withdrew to fight Jeohia, correctly assuming that, with New Pacific Order assistance, they could defeat the Orangists. Then, of all countries, Ninjakorutsu declared their own, independent, war of reconquest to reconnect their Manchurian holdings. Finally, Gansu and their ally Fujian, both former protectorates of Junlin, declared their own war.

We're now approaching the end of the Quadruple War, as only Gansu and Fujian remaining engaged. They're likely to take a huge chunk of Junlin's southern holdings, really eating into the Beijing trade node. It's not all over for Junlin, as even now, they have diplomatic options. They've been beaten down enough that Qizil Bronxo doesn't see them as an immediate threat, but not so beaten down that they don't see Junlin as a worthy ally. With effort, Samudr and even Takeela would share that opinion. It's something worth keeping an eye on, I'm just going to keep a respectable distance for the sake of my own health.
"I'm not collapsing," Kabus continue to insist as they slowly shrink and transform into a Dead Nation. Losing the League War destroyed them: it ran up war exhaustion, it obliterated their manpower, it led to them stabbing their allies in the back, and finally, it shifted the balance of power between the Turks and the Greek decidedly in The Savage Men's favour. The Greeks first took the coastline to cripple both trade and naval potential, and now they're back for more.

Kabus are a complete and utter spent force.
Ruler: Tribute
444 -> 513
29 -> 33

The big what-if of this campaign: what if Switzerland had waited for Lahndahn to become leader of the Protestant League once again? Then they would have demolished Free Scotland and potentially changed the tide in Northern Europe. As it is, Lahndahn actually did quite well off the League War. In addition to Nordischreich, they finagled their way into an alliance with The Savage Men, which serves to protect them reasonably well from the varied Catholic alliances looking to kill them.

Their biggest diplomatic weakness is their continued alliance with Switzerland, who have no other allies of note. They're sitting right in the middle of Europe, surrounded by more powerful enemies who all want their share. If I was Lahndahn, I would be abandoning Switzerland to their fate to make sure I don't get dragged into an unwinnable war and forced to annul my actual important alliances.

That, and Switzerland deserve to be beaten up.
Ruler: LegendoftheSkies
377 -> 452
36 -> 45

Legendia finally found a novel and lucrative avenue of expansion - into the gold mines of South Africa. They easily beat back Quelimane and their allies with superior military tech, despite being outnumbered and ostensibly out of supply, and now own a chunk one of the richest regions in the world.

Honestly, I'm shocked they actually did it. If they roll back in for round two, in between being Epiphany's new lapdog, then they could secure the remaining Gold mines and the world's largest source of Ivory, a very lucrative trade good (joint highest base price in the game, with Cocoa, Silk, Dyes and Gems). The Zanzibar trade node also draws directly from Malacca, meaning that Legendia could ultimately help push the profits of the Spice trade back to Italy.

Legendia maintain their alliances with Epiphany and Free Scotland (the new Triple Entente??) as well as definite Best Friends Forever Malta, so diplomatically, they're in a far stronger position than I'd have thought given the campaign so far. They probably won't help Legendia to actually expand given the distances involved, but at this point, anyone that won't flinch when The Savage Men turn their eyes West would be welcome.
Ruler: DarthLurtz
405 -> 197
39 -> 18

The Norse vice has closed on Lurtzland. Austurstrond from the sorth and the PRD from the south are chomping down on a Lurtzland sandwich. Can I think of any other metaphors for the destruction of Lurtzland? Yes, but you get the point. The Norse traders, believe it or not, are actually holding onto 45% control of the Lubeck node, and so are still making some decent profits. However, they have no allies and of those who would be willing to side with them, none of them would actually dissuade the Norse Bloc from finishing them off.
Ruler: Voytek
152 -> 106
10 -> 13

Medvedstrana, moreso than any other country this game, have done such an amazing job of migrating to avoid eventual destruction. They only possess one (1!) of their starting provinces, yet still they live on in a manner reminiscent of the true Steppe Nomads which came before them. I mean, they're now running out of space to expand into and so the
Ruler: Nero
206 -> 172
17 -> 23

I genuinely have no idea what might happen with Neroland. They're about to lose their last Iberian holdings, but their capital has already moved to Colonial Mexico. But even there, they're fully occupied by Free Scotland. Their colonies all want to revolt, but now that Neroland's capital itself is in the New World, couldn't Neroland just take them over directly and become a powerhouse? Who knows? Not me, but probably a decent amount of you reading this who are silently shouting at your screens right now.

Answers on a postcard please.
Ruler: ninja colt
162 -> 327
20 -> 36

i was already struggling with there being two east asian countries nobody cared about and now a third has managed to revive itself and entrench itself on the wrong side of the struggle for china. goddamnit.
Ruler: Mistra
484 -> 583
40 -> 44

I feel like the most likely split in the Norse Bloc is going to come when Nordischreich or the PRD feel like they could take each other on while The Savage Men are busy fighting elsewhere and Austurstrond wimp out. They've rivalled each other, are building claims on each other and could technically declare war at any point. It's gonna happen, I feel it in my bones.

It'll be the most interesting thing to happen to Nordischreich all game.
Ruler: Anarch
520 -> 659
78 -> 100

Patria are sneaking up all the rankings. They've been left alone to burrow their way into Africa, while Patrian Brazil has expanded with very little major competition. They have decent militaristic National ideas, which when combined with Defensive and Quantity make the Patrian army one of the best in the world. When (if) they inherit the realms of Cordoba, they'll have the largest share of the Sevilla trade node, allowing them to bring in more profits from their American and African escapades.

That they're not still allied with Epiphany is a concern - and I don't know why they're not. Epiphany like, trust, and would accept an alliance offer from Patria. It's a no brainer to me, because otherwise Patria could have the most powerful country in the world lining them up.
Ruler: RevolutionaryRebel
5 -> 0
1 -> 0

where even were they
Ruler: Gobb
70 -> 127
8 -> 9

I'm not sure Pirineos were on the list of countries that we might have expected to finally finish off Versailles, but somehow they snuck in there. Unfortunately, this means they've taken over Versailles' role as Epiphany's punching bag and are now dead again.
Ruler: iosif
527 -> 614
49 -> 55

Honestly, PRD snaking their way up the Baltic coast to completely cut off their now rivals Nordischreich is a pretty great move. Shifting trade north and away from the Saxony node is directly taking money away from Germany for PRD to keep for itself.

A wrinkle to the mutual Nordisch-PRD rivalry is that if the PRD were to declare war on Nordisch, then Epiphany would be called in as Holy Roman Emperor.

PRD need to make sure that they're next up to beat down Grunhammer, otherwise they'll be completely walled in by their fellow Norse 'Bloc,' whether they're allies or rivals.
Ruler: rsox
541 -> 614
81 -> 91

The most notable thing about Qizil Bronxo is their massive list of enemies. Gansu, Takeela, the PRD, Tolkmaria, Sonyeo Sidae and Ninjakorutsu have all declared the former tribal federation as a rival. Perhaps this is why the Red Broncos have been so passive. They're maintaining their swirling, ever changing cloud of Central Asian minor countries like some kind of shield around them, but not doing that much expansion for themselves. It's understandable: if they had annexed their minor allies instead, they'd absolutely be a force to be reckoned with, but they'd be very much alone in the world, with nobody to help them against the oncoming hordes from India and the East.
Ruler: LegendoftheSkies
464 -> 588
39 -> 50

My problem with Samudr is that they've just had such a boring game. They just joined themselves to Takeela at the hip, helping the Golden Scourge attain dominance, while only increasing their own dependency on them. At the very least, Samudr are now putting their naval ideas to good use and getting into various Indonesian adventures, but the fact is, that's the only place they can even expand to, because Takeela took everything else.
Ruler: Denny
242 -> 268
21 -> 22

In this campaign, Schwarzwald are essentially playing the role of early modern Switzerland: highly trained armies that aren't enough to win major wars by themselves, but they have a habit of popping up everywhere. Like Paris. Defending Pirineos brough Schwarzwald against the largest army in the world. They took their capital in an attempted decapitation strike, but by now Epiphany are so large as to be effectively immune.

Genuinely, having looked back through the province history, this is the first and only time Paris has been occupied in this campaign. The war was always a lost cause, but again, Schwarzwald manage to make losing look really impressive.
Ruler: King Brandon
491 -> 594
61 -> 70
Ruler: tequila
1011 -> 1207
86 -> 107

This is NOT a drill, we have a Moldavi on the throne of the most developed country in the world, albeit Kaveri Moldavi is just a Regent for Udaysangh Suryavansha. It's all looking pretty rosy for Takeela. They dropped Sind Sagar as an ally and picked up Tolkmaria instead, which is a net gain if they're looking to push west into Arkansas and Kabus (and they are). They have a new avenue of expansion to the north, into their former ally. The path east also remains open, as Bengalistan continue to dominate incoming Indian trade.

With the collapse of the Islamic Triumvirate and no real competition from the east, Takeela are currently looking unassailable. Unassailable isn't enough to win a score victory in this campaign however, so I hope to see some risks taken in the name of expansion in the coming sessions.
Ruler: csm
795 -> 925
82 -> 97

The new Chief of the Savage Men, Boethios Savage Man, is an 18 year old 5/0/6 Tactical Genius. Truly the second coming of Alexander the Great, as the Hellenistic Norse forge a path through Anatolia again. TSM's National and Diplomatic ideas means they can take a ludicrous amount of development in any peace deal. In this case, they could actually take all of Anatolia, if they could somehow deal with the overextension (they can't).

They're the only major power left with easy and bountiful avenues of expansion. They have Religious ideas, allowing them to Crusade against bordering heathens and heretics. They already have borders with Qizil Bronxo, Georgia, Kabus, and might soon border Gezira/Denial (whichever one wins their civil war) and Arkansas.

I hope we're going to see The Savage Men on a warpath to propel themselves up the scoreboards, and unlike every other hope placed in the AI, it might just happen.
Ruler: tolk
345 -> 485
61 -> 79

Last time out, I wrote that Tolkmaria's only hope of revival was a Kabus collapse. At that point, I had seen Kabus' first defeat by the Norse Bloc, but the collapse still hadn't happened, so I'm just going to call myself Nostradamus from here on.

Tolkmaria have been completely rejuvenated. They've won two wars against Kabus in a row to recover back to their full starting borders. They've dumped an ailing Denial Valley as an ally, picking up Gezira, in addition to Takeela, putting them in a very secure diplomatic position. With Legendia neutering Quelimane in the south, Tolkmaria suddenly find themselves back at square one: they are the dominant power in the region and can choose their own destiny. That said, it didn't work out too well for them before.

NB. Tolkmaria are a proof of concept that getting beaten down to the point that your main rivals no longer see you as a threat can lead to a resurgence powered by allying those very rivals. Junlin should take note.
Ruler: MagicalTrevor
162 -> 0
8 -> 0

After centuries of war with neighbouring Catholics, in the end, it was Pirineos who ended Versailles. I couldn't believe it either.
Ruler: quinoa rex
85 -> 128
9 -> 14

Vikingar live again. Throughout this campaign I've been begging every beleaguered country to reach out for new allies, and Vikingar actually did. Their alliance with the PRD protects them from Austurstrond, and has actually given them some of their German cores back. If they manage to annex Iceland, they'll even have a nice little fortress to defend should the Norse Bloc turn on them. Again.
the boys are back in town

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