The Second Saudi State: A Nejd Emirate AAR Part One

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The Second Saudi State: A Nejd Emirate AAR

Flag of the Emirate of Nejd (1836)
Hello and welcome to the first installment of The Second Saudi State, in which I will play as the Nejd Emirate and restore the House of Saud to its former glory. The Nejd Emirate is a nation forged from conflict and has only existed since 1824 - a short 12 years ago. Our first ruler Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad was assassinated in 1834, passing power to his son Faisal Al Saud. We shall begin the AAR only 2 years into Faisal's reign.
The Sad Saudi State
The Emirate is a small state wedged between various even smaller Arabian Sultanates with the large Ottoman Empire to our north. The Saudis and Turks are mortal enemies, as it was the Turkish leader Muhammad Ali of Egypt that seized Mecca and Medina from our great House. Now a Turkish puppet state - The Eyalet of Habesh and Hejaz - occupies our rightful land.
Unfortunately our army is little more than a rabble of cavalrymen. Faisal orders all but 3,000 cavalrymen to be disbanded. They will be replaced with infantry and militia to ensure Saudi victory in any upcoming wars of expansion.
A number of Arabian Sultanates appeal to the House of Saud for a military alliance. We accept, knowing that they may be of use soon.
A number of European scholars, explorers and philosophers are let into our country to help with technological advance focusing specifically on our army. This does not sit well with some of the more conservative citizens of our country.
The first victim of Faisal's conquests have been chosen. The Kathiris were once a mighty house but have since been reduced to a small area of land along the Gulf of Aden. They have no allies and only a token army of untrained militia. We will make short work of them.
A number of European states, specifically the United Kingdom who wish to grow their influence in the region, protest our war. We pay little attention to their complaints.
A young officer by the name of Uthman ibn Abd Allah has been chosen to lead the Army of House Saud during the war. Uthman made a name for himself during Faisal's military expeditions of the 1820's. He played a crucial role in retaking Riyadh from rebels after Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad's death paving the way for Faisal's succession.
Our army numbers only 6,000 but is supported by the entire country. A brigade of infantry is also currently being trained. This brigade shall be trained in European style warfare and armed with modern weaponry. They will form the backbone of our army during later wars.
War is declared in March. 3 of our cowardly allies refuse to support our invasion showing their true worth. The Kingdom of Bahrain is the only country to uphold our military alliance.
General Uthman quickly seizes the north portion of the country and approaches the capital city of Al Mukalla. The two armies face off in the desert to decide the fate of the Kathiris.
A cavalry charge led personally by General Uthman shatters Kathrini morale and forces them to flee. We lose 1/3 of our cavalry in the attack but pursue the fleeing army and cut down 3,000.
A small uprising is quickly quelled and the city falls into Saudi hands.
All members of the House of Kathiri are exiled or imprisoned and slavery is quickly instated in the newly acquired lands.
Reports of Turkish army buildup along our border reach Riyadh. Fortunately, the public eye is quickly turned down South for what will soon be known as the Lahej Crises.
British ships have been amassing off the coast of our ally Lahej for some time now causing fear and panic to spread throughout the region. Our army is put on high alert and marched South.
The capital city of Lahej, Al-Hawtah, is bombarded by British frigates on the 13th of January. The Sultan of Lahej sends requests for military assistance in the conflict. Faisal reluctantly opts to stay out of the conflict, knowing the the United Kingdom will easily crush the two Arabian states. Even though the Emirate remains officially neutral civilians, soldiers and members of the Abdali dynasty are all permitted to cross the border into Nejd to escape the war.
After Lahej falls, a number of French officers and soldiers request to establish a military mission in our country. Many of these men are veterans of the Napoleonic Wars that hope to one day exact revenge against the British. We gladly accept their initiative in order to strengthen our infantry brigades in training.
The Al-Rashid Emirate has been a potential enemy for the past decade however, the Ottoman Empire has propped up the Rashidi Dynasty with its military strength in order to spread its influence throughout Arabia. With the Ottomans at war with the Egyptians in the Oriental Crisis, Faisal decides now is the time to strike. It is either now or never for the House of Saud.
The general objective will be to occupy their country before the Turks can intervene. We call our loyal Bahraini allies to aid in the war.
Their capital city quickly falls but the Rashidis begin to siege our own. In a very controversial move, General Uthman is ordered to continue the occupation rather than relieving the Siege of Riyadh.
The Ottomans keep their focus on Egypt for now as they slowly begin to push south.
The Rashidis attempt to liberate their capital but are caught on the march by our army.
We slaughter their army and march north towards their last free province.
Our Capital has fallen under enemy occupation but has been slowly liberate by our Bahraini allies.
We annex Rashidi and General Uthman begins the march south to deal with their Zaydi allies.
The House of Rashid is banished and our nation lays claim to Hedjaz and Ha'il. The first step towards Arabian Unification is finished!
We accept a white peace from the Zaydis, officially ending the war.
Sensing their influence on Arabia waning, the Ottomans annex their puppet state of Hedjaz. Sultans throughout Arabia, including Faisal are infuriated by the move and vow to one day liberate the holy cities of Mecca and Medina from Turkish rule.
Riyadh Revolt of 1845
In 1845, a distant cousin of Faisal, Mushari bin Abdul-Rahman launches a revolt. This revolt is fueled by reactionary sentiment and over 6,000 citizens take up arms against the King in Riyadh. Faisal himself nearly avoids an assassination attempt and is quickly smuggled out of the city to Qatif. The army is sent in to put down the rebellion.
The city is stormed and Mushari is killed, ending the revolt. Thousands of citizens and rebels were killed as well as 107 Saudi Cavalry.
Military Reforms
To ensure this does not happen again, Faisal sacks a number of high ranking military officers with reactionary leanings. He passes a reform to update training methods to hopefully weed out any soldiers with questionable loyalty. These reforms are done in part with the French military mission to help model our training methods after those of the European armies.
Austrian-Prussian War of Honor
In Europe, a war breaks out pitting 4 Great Powers against each other. This war would claim the lives of over 500,000 mostly German men and end in a white peace.
The next country in our sights is Zaydi. We will surely make them pay for aiding our Rashidi enemies.
The European powers do not protest as much this time around.
This time, 2 allies join in our conflict. The traitorous Fadhli will be dealt with soon enough.
General Uthman smashes into the Zaydi army and wins a decisive victory.
Our allies are pitted against the combined Zaydi and Mahra armies. We do not aid them as we know the battle is already lost. After the siege is finished we march towards Mahra.
Their combined armies are now match for the Army of the Saudis.
It is decided that humiliating Mahra is the best course of action. Hopefully this will deter other Arabian Sultans from aiding our enemies.
We humiliate Mahra and annex Zaydi. We also gain 10,000 slaves overnight.
Our army is fully modernized with 2 European style infantry brigades. Faisal's reforms have proved to be very successful.
After 16 years of Faisal's rule the Emirate has expanded greatly. In spite of this success, the British now have a foothold in the Arabian Peninsula and the Ottomans grow even more threatening by the day. The Second Saudi State will endure! Allāhu Akbar!

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The Second Saudi State: A Nejd Emirate AAR Part Two

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